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20 Of The Most Impressive Guiness World Records Held By Canada

#20 is actually OUT of this world, lol.
20 Of The Most Impressive Guiness World Records Held By Canada

Guinness are the most recognized record-keepers in the world, and the history of the Guinness World Records is a pretty interesting one.

Back in 1951, after getting into a heated argument about which European game bird was the fastest one night at the pub, Guinness Brewery manager Sir Hugh Beaver realized there were probably a lot of these types of debates happening around the world. It led him to the idea of  a book that could help settle these drunken deliberations once and for all.

The Guinness World Records have always fascinated me, so naturally I wanted to know which ones Canada held. Here are the results.

The Largest Maple Leaf In The World

Of course, Canada holds this record. The largest maple leaf ever found was 53 cm wide and 52 cm long. It was discovered by a family in Richmond, BC in 2010.


Photo - newbabywallpapers

The Most Disliked Video In The World

I'm sure that if someone were to ask you: "What's the most disliked music Video in Canada?" you'd probably answer, "One of Justin Bieber's videos". Well, you'd be right. The music video for "Baby" has nearly 5 million dislikes on Youtube.


The Most Winter Olympic Ice Hockey Gold Medals In The World

This is a pretty cool dual record to hold. Both the men and women's Olympic hockey teams have the most Olympic gold medals. Is there such a thing as being TOO awesome?

(Men / Women)

The Highest External Walk On A Building In The World

Although not listed on the official Guinness World Record site, we found a few sources that claimed the Edgewalk of the CN Tower is the highest full circle external walk on a building. It is located 356 meters above ground.


The Largest Jazz Festival In The World

Forget Canada, I'm claiming this record for Montreal alone. We actually made it in the Guinness World Records for the biggest Jazz festival in the world.


The Oldest Baseball Field Diamond In The World

This really surprised me because I naturally assumed the oldest baseball field would be in the US. But apparently it is located at Labatt Park in London Ontario and it's been open since 1877.


The Largest Parking Lot In The World

Once again, you'd think this record would be held by the US or China in one of those country-sized mega-malls, but the world's largest parking lot actually belongs to the West Edmonton Mall. It holds 20,000 vehicles.


The Slowest Growing Tree In The World

I'm not exactly sure how they calculate this, but supposedly, the slowest growing tree in the world is a cedar near Ontario that only grew 4 inches in over 150 years.


The Longest Coastline In The World

As the second biggest country in the world and the county with the most water, it's no wonder we also have the world's longest coastline. Suck it, Indonesia!


The Largest Hockey Stick In The World

C'mon, did we really need to set this record? We don't need to prove we love hockey. I know it, you know- the whole world knows it! Still, this is a pretty funny record to hold.


The Longest Ice Skating Trail In The World

In Canada, we have a ton of amazing frozen trails to skate on, but none is lengthier than Lake Windermere in BC. It's almost 30 km long.


The Largest Man-Made Leaning Tower In The World

Another Montreal record ftw! The tower sits at a 45-degree angle and supported by a gargantuan concrete slab buried deep underground. You can even rent rooms at the top!


The Largest Snow Maze In The World

The only crappy part about this record is that you have to rebuild it every year. This amazing snow maze was created in Fort William Historical Park in Thunder Bay.


The Largest Dome Igloo In The World

The largest dome igloo in the world was built in Grand Falls New Brunswick, 9.2 meters in diameter and made out out of 2,500 ice blocks.


The First Ever UFO Landing Pad In The World

I don't think we had much competition when it comes to this record. Probably because no other country would ever spend money on a UFO landing pad. Question is, what if the alien ship is too big for the pad? Details.


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