20 Photos Of Montreal's Craziest Cat Lovers

One cat is never enough.
20 Photos Of Montreal's Craziest Cat Lovers

Photo cred - Andréanne Lupien

Seemingly all of a sudden, Montreal became one of the world's premiere locales for cat lovers. Montreal boasts not one, but two cat cafes, held a cat film festival, and has a huge population of incredibly devoted feline supports. You'll find photographic evidence below in Montreal-based photographer Andréanne Lupien's Crazy Cat Lovers image series.

Heading right into the homes of the city's most devoted cat lovers, Lupien's photos capture these Montreal feline-ophiles in their natural environment, which is surrounded by a pack of cats, obviously.

Not just for old spinsters, owning a bunch of cats is apparently a common practice among a diverse number of people. If Lupien's photos demonstrate anything, it's that anyone, regardless of age, gender, or occupation can be obsessed with cats to a crazy degree. Maybe "crazy" is a harsh word, but still, you gotta wonder what goes through someone's mind when they decide "yes, I do need a 13th cat."

Check out Andréanne Lupien's Crazy Cat Lovers photo series below, and see more of Lupien's work on her official website and Facebook page here.

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