You Can Drink Your Way Through Quebec's Harvest Season On These Wine Road Trips

Fall is the best season for wine.
Quebec Wineries To Visit This Fall 2019

Right now in the Quebec wine region of the Cantons de l'Est, it's grape harvesting season, which means there's no better time to road trip to a Quebec winery or go on a wine tour and get out of the city.

That's why I'm here to present you with 20 wineries that are actually part of La Route des Vins, which travels through the Brome-Missisquoi region of Quebec's famous Cantons de l'Est.

La Route des Vins is an unreal Quebec road trip that stops at 20 wineries, allowing you to see the best of what this region has to offer.

Many wineries are also cideries, which means even more amazing tasting to experience.

Plus, because we're in harvest season, several of the wineries on this list also hold harvest events, where you can experience a lavish meal, pick your own grapes or participate in the harvesting process.

You don't need to be on a bachelorette trip to go on a wine tour — and you don't need to make a full road trip out of it, either. A lot of these wineries are super close to each other, so pick a couple and just stop by a few!

Though, of course, don't be an idiot — don't' drink and drive!

Without further ado, here are 20 Quebec Wineries you should visit this fall before winter eventually comes and ruins all the fun.

Vignoble La Grenouille

Why: Take in sight of the mountains in Vermont at this family-run winery in Estrie.

Where: 434 chemin Plouffe, Cowansville


Château de cartes

Why: Family-owned and operated, Chatêau des cartes offers both wines and ciders with attention to detail.

Where: 1285 chemin Bruce, Dunham


Clos Saragnat

Why: Straw wine and certified organic ciders, including an ice cider, all on a unique and rustic farmyard-vineyard combo.

Where: 100 chemin Richford, Frelighsburg


Domaine des Côtes d'Ardoise

Why: The first and oldest vineyard still in operation in Quebec, the winery is still going strong, with wine and cider to try and 11 beautiful hectares to explore, which feature monumental sculptures along the way. (Featured in our cover image.)

Where: 879 rue Bruce, Dunham


Domaine du Ridge

Why: A huge terrasse and room to play pétanque, what more could you need? (Featured in our cover image.)

Where: 205 chemin Ridge, Saint-Armand


Le Vignoble du Ruisseau

Why: A relaxing stream, a covered bridge, countless maple products and at least 7 grape varietals makes Ruisseau a must on your wine-tour.

Where: 4500 chemin Strobl, Dunham


Léon Courville

Why: Open year-round with stunning views of the Lac-Brome Valley, and Lac-Brome itself, the higher altitude means that Léon Courville enjoys its harvest in late fall, so now is the best time to visit!

Where: 285 chemin Bruce, Lac-Brome


Union Libre

Why: Union Libre is serving up cider and wine (and an ice cider, seen above) on a sprawling and rustic orchard-vineyard.

Where: 1047 chemin Bruce, Dunham


Val Caudalies

Why: Get yourself wine, cider or fortified wine or house-made sweet or dry vermouth at Val Caudalies - pretty much a sure bet that there's something here for everyone.

Where: 4921 rue Principale, Dunham


Vignoble Domaine Bresee

Why: Domaine Bresee is a farm and a vineyard at the same time. The land has been in the Bresee family for seven generations.

Where: 303 chemin Draper Hill, Sutton


Vignoble Bromont

Why: The Bromont winery is a place where "mountains, tunnels of trees, agriculture and beautiful architecture coexist."

Where: 1095 chemin Nord, Brigham


Vignoble Clos Ste-Croix de Dunham

Why: Settled in the historic town of Dunham, Clos Ste-Croix has hiking trails, the beautiful Gear creek and waterfall, a cozy barn and an 1842 loyalist villa to visit on-site, in addition to delicious wines to try.

Where: 3734 rue Principale, Dunham


Vignoble de l'Orpailleur

Why: 10 wines to try and an on-site restaurant for the best of the pairing and tasting experience. The name, "orpailleur" means gold-digger, and was given to the winery by the québecois poet Gilles Vigneault, in reference to the gold-bearing rivers around the winery and throughout des Canton de l'Est.

Where: 1086 route 202, Dunham


Vignoble de la Bauge

Why: A huge picturesque barn, sprawling vineyards and farmlands where you can enjoy tasting, tours and even some wild boars! (Actually.)

Where: 155 avenue des Érables, Brigham


Vignoble Gagliano

Why: Run by a Sicilian family who purchased the land in 2008, this wine is made with "respect for ancient traditions" and "the creation of new customs," marrying the traditional and contemporary.

Where: 1046 rue Bruce, Dunham


Vignoble l'Ardennais

Why: Standbridge East is little a little piece of New England right here in Quebec, and l'Ardennais has been around since 1994.

Where: 158 chemin Ridge, Stanbridge East


Vignoble Les Trois Clochers

Why: Set on a beautiful 22 hectares, Trois Clochers is a great way to enjoy the fresh fall air alongside some chickens taking in the warm autumn sun.

Where: 341 rue Bruce, Dunham


Vignoble La Mission

Why: Up on a hill, La Mission offers a panoramic view of the Bromont area while you sample 5 family-made wines.

Where: 1044 boulevard Pierre-Laporte, Brigham


La Belle Alliance

Why: A beautiful estate with tons of character, including a fantastic view of the mountains, an on-site lake and welcoming architecture.

Where: 239, chemin du Fulford, Shefford


Vignoble Pigeon Hill

Why: Certified 100% organic wine that is aged in French oak barrels for 12 months.

Where: 395 Chemin des Érables, Saint-Armand


All research done in this article is by the author. Businesses never pay to be featured on MTL Blog's "Best Of" lists; furthermore, this list represents a showcase of great spots, and is not a numbered ranking.

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