20 Rare Pictures Of A Young Eminem Are A Blast From Rap-Past

You wont't believe your eyes when you see these.
20 Rare Pictures Of A Young Eminem Are A Blast From Rap-Past

Marshall Mathers, much better known by his rap alter egos Eminem and Slim Shady, is a titan of modern day hip hop. We all grew up with Eminem's slick rhymes and audacious attitude, it's almost as if he was always on the music scene. But everyone has to start somewhere, including Slim Shady. Before he was a millionaire-rapper, Eminem was a troubled and underprivileged kid with big time aspirations. Check out these rare pictures of a young Eminem and visually witness his transformation from a talented newcomer to the musical mogul of today.

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Aww, too cute. Weird to picture this little kid rapping about murder and hoes

Akward Teen Years. Don't hate, we all went through it

Fam Jam! And will you take a look at that hairdo....

Tricycles and shopping carts, 'dat hood rat shit

Who knew Eminem had a Grindr profile?

Young (and short lived) Love

And the consequences of getting married young. Such a good baby-daddy though

White boys and gang signs

And God only knows why this happened, but the world is a better place for it


Did Eminem age gracefully, or should he be stepping out of the hip hop limelight? Let us know what you think of these pics in the comments below!

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