20 Reasons To Travel By Train Before The Age Of 25

Escape for a weekend or a week!
20 Reasons To Travel By Train Before The Age Of 25

Photo cred - Wett CoastA plane, a train, or an automobile. Those are your three go-to choices whenever you want to make a quick trip home, or a long voyage to the other side of the nation. Each mode of transport has their pros and cons, though the unassuming winner of the three is actually the train, especially if your a twenty-something student. Taking the train is a young person's/student's best option, not only because its incredibly affordable, but also because it allows for way more fun and interaction than a plane, bus, or car. See what we mean in the list of 20 reasons to travel by train in your twenties below.

1. The Price

If you're between 18-25 and a student, you can get 10% discount on Via's lowest fare, the Escape fair with the 20/20 discount card, which costs $20 only and is only available for purchase until October 13th as long as they're not sold out! Saving money is always a good thing, especially when you're rocking that very finite student budget.

2. More Baggage Allowed

Unlike many airlines, you're not charged for bringing a bag or two on the train (within specifications), and in addition, your baggage allowance is increased at the beginning and end of the semester. You can be fully comfortable with all of your stuff in your hands without having to pay more than you already have.

3. The Escape Fares

VIA’s lowest fares allow you to travel for as little as $44 from Montréal to Toronto or $33 from Montréal to Ottawa or Québec. These deals often available, so keep your eyes peeled!

4. No Hassle, Just Show Up

As fast as a plane travels, you need to tack on an extra 2 hours to your travel time simply to get to the airport with enough time to jump through all of their hoops, like customs and baggage check. In comparison, things are a breeze on the train. Show up with 30 minutes (as long as there's no baggage register) to spare and you'll have no problem getting on your train.

5. Plan Ahead and Save Packs

If you are one of those weird people who actually can plan ahead (or your parents forced you to) then the train also gives you a cost break. Grab a 6-pack otherwise known as a 6- ticket pack for holidays, reading week, or whenever) to be used at your discretion within the year and you'll save a solid 50% on Economy Fares.

6. Internet-able

As often as Megabus or Greyhound may promise, many of their buses have no internet connection. Free wifi on planes is even harder to come by. Not so on trains, like VIA Rail, where the interwebs are fully accessible, letting you reddit it up as long as you like.

7. Free Reign to Move Around

Buckle up and don't move a muscle, that's pretty much how it goes down in planes or stay put in the bus, not that there's many places to explore anyway. On a train, you can move freely, and have cars on cars to check out and maybe make some new pals along the way.

8. No Traffic

Nothing is worse than hitting traffic while travelling by car and bus, simply because you are totally helpless and must wait for God knows how long 'til the traffic clears. Not an issue on the train at all.

9. Want To Travel For Free

Become a VIA Préférence member and start accumulating points. The Youth reward point promotion allows members aged 12 to 25 receive 20% off the number of points required for Economy class reward travel across the network—up until April 30, 2015.

10.Get Off at the City Center

Unlike airports and some bus stations, which can be well outside the city proper, train stations are located right at the city center. Get off the train and go explore, or catch a bus/metro to your in-city destination, easy as pie.

11. No FOMO

Anytime you try to catch a plane or bus, there's that looming fear of missing out (FOMO) on your ride, which can be so intense that it makes you forget crucial items as you frantically pack. Things are more chill on the train, the ease that goes along with riding the train will make all your FOMO disappear.

12. Actually Get Homework Done

The goal on any 2+ hour trip is to do some homework, assigned reading, or a project you've been given. A train is the only travel option with the proper atmosphere to get shit done. You'll have a train table, internet, and some space to actually do homework, unlike a cramped bus or plane.

13. Food & Drink Available

Ah, the food and booze cart, one of the great features of riding the train. Business class passengers will get the perks of having the option to order a warm meal. And even economy class passengers can purchase drinks and snack at their leisure.

14. Easier for Naps

On a bus, you have the constant bump of potholes and poorly kept roads (especially in Quebec) to keep you up, and on a plane you have a stranger next to you who you aren't comfortable resting your head on. Trains, on the other hand, give you ample room to post up and snooze with their roomy layout.

15. See The Sights

Although planes offer a cool bird's eye view of the city, the sight lasts like 40 seconds, then its all clouds from there. Buses are a bit better, but trains offer the best sights to see, being off the road but still on the ground to appreciate all the passing natural landscapes.

16. A Greener Option

Us twenty-somethings are a little more environmentally conscious than our parents. They may have messed up Mother Nature, but we're inhereing all the problems. Decrease your ecological footprint by riding the train.

17. Test the quad with your friends

Take the train with three of your friends and the four of you can sit in a quad. The quad is a seating option on the bus, allowing 2 seaters to sit in front of another 2. This setup is great for chatting, playing cards and more.

18. Get Off If You Feel Like It

Passed through a city you thought looked pretty interesting? Getting more than a little restless? Good thing trains offer a good view and a few stops between destinations, giving you the chance to randomly explore a city you've never been to, nor thought you wanted to visit.

19. Air of Classiness

Way back in the day, trains were the happening way to travel. Bask in the classy nostalgia that is a train ride by getting a glass of wine, throwing on a big hat, and pretend like your a business mogul in the 40s. Feel free to speak in an old-timey accent for the full effect.

20. Opportunity To Make New Friends

If you get lonely on the train, there's always others may feel the same way. Start a conversation with a passenger beside you and you may never know where it can lead!