20 Reasons Why Montreal Women Look So Much Cooler Than You

Fashion icons.
20 Reasons Why Montreal Women Look So Much Cooler Than You

Montreal truly is a unique city, but I think we have made that pretty clear already. I mean the city just exudes diversity and culture! However, the special thing about Montreal is that we women know style when we see it. 

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It's fairly easy to differentiate who is a tourist and who is a Montrealer just by how they dress. Whenever my family comes to visit from the States, they are all so shocked by the chic fashion trends in Montreal and are honestly inspired to be daring and try something new. So, Montreal women are basically trend setters, and fashion icons that makes all eyes turn on them as they walk down the street and here are some reasons why:

1. Montreal Women Can Make Anything Look Casual 

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Whether it be a dress, skirt, or blazer Montreal women know how to dress it down by putting on some sneakers and getting that messy bun game on.

2. Our Street Wear Game Is Strong AF

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Montreal women have honestly mastered street wear. With stores like Editorial and Urban Outfiters, Montreal women have picked up on their own style and have emulated fashion icons like Gigi Hadid.

3. We Make Cheap Look Good 

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If you happen to be on a budget in Montreal, do not worry! You can find cheap steals and still look HOT AF. With our styling expertise, you can make a simple T-Shirt dress look good enough to hit the club.

4. Our Shoe Game Is Strong AF

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It's nearly impossible in Montreal to see a girl not wearing Nikes, Adidas, or Pumas. Whether it be Puma Creepers or Adidas Yeezy, Montreal girls are truly slaying the game, especially with those Reeboks & Vans lately.

5. We Know How To Dress It Up But Still Remain Comfy 

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Even with a wild statement piece, Montreal women know how to keep it comfy even on a hot AF day.

6. We Stay Stylish Even In A Snowstorm 

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Whether it be plus 30 degrees or minus 30 degrees, Montreal women will ALWAYS slay the day with their trendy looks.

7. Our Sportswear Is Also Dinner-Appropriate

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Adidas sweats, some fresh kicks, and a white tank top can go a long way in Montreal, you can get into basically any restaurant.

8. We Make Sneakers Club-Appropriate

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Montreal women have retired their heels and have adopted sneakers into the club scene.

9. We Make Anything Oversized Look Cool

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Oversized jean blazers, T-shirts, or even flowy pants are looks only Montreal women can truly pull off.

10. We Are Constantly Trying New Hairstyles

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Space buns and lavender hair have become normal sights to see in Montreal that only women hear can pull off without someone turning their head in shock.

11. We Aren't Afraid To Try Bold Looks

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The bolder the better in Montreal!

12. Montreal Women Know How To Accessorize

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Hats, sunglasses, chokers, belts, and now hoop earrings are how Montreal women make any look fire!

13. We Aren't Scared of Bright Colors And Patterns

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Bright patterns and neon colors are A1 looks in Montreal that you shouldn't be afraid to try.

14. They Can Rock T-Shirts Like No One Else

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Simple beauty.

15.  We Even Rock Men's Wear 

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Montreal women can even rock men's wear, I mean I shop in the men's section all the time!

16. We Can Go From Casual To Classy 

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Have a romper or dress on with some kicks and your hair up, but you want to go out last minute? Not to worry! Just slap on some heels and let your hair done and BAM classy AF.

17. Montreal Women Make Vintage Look Hot

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If you have an old jean skirt, bell bottom jeans, or a neon Nike jacket, then you don't have to worry about look fire AF.

18. Rompers All Day Everyday 

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Montreal women can rock a romper all day every day! I mean these pants onesies are LIT!

19. We Have Mastered Business-Casual Looks

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If you take the metro to work, don't worry about having your skirt fly up or breaking your ankle due to your heels, because business-casual is hot AF.

20. Rain Won't Put A Damper On Our Style

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Even in the rain, a Montreal woman can pull off an ANYTHING.