20 Struggles Of Being A Hypochondriac

I'm literally dying right now.
20 Struggles Of Being A Hypochondriac

Living as a hypochondriac is a rough reality for me. As much as I'm a fan of IDGAF mentality, I still do give a fuck about my health... a little bit too much. It gets really stupid sometimes. Like, I totally realize that I'm over exaggerating things, but I can't do anything about it. So I end up freaking out for absolutely no reason. In other words - FML! By the way, if you're not sure what the term "hypochondriac" means, then you're definitely NOT hypochondriac.

I know a bunch of other people can relate to this ridiculousness. It's actually pretty comforting to know that I'm not alone in this. So here are 20 struggles of being a hypochondriac.

1. Googling different symptoms is a fun daily activity. "My throat is itchy, let me just see if I'm dying real quick..."

2. You've been paranoid about having a ridiculous disease at least once in your life.

3. You hate doctors. All of them.

4. You've experienced a panic attack because of something totally made up as a result of reading WEBmd for way too long.

5. Your family members have to constantly reassure you that you're fine and that you shouldn't google your symptoms.

6. You've once correctly self-diagnosed something and now you think that you're actually a doctor.

7. Every time you have a headache, you think you might have a brain tumor. Oh wait, nope, it's just a hangover.

8.  You've probably freaked out once because you found a new birthmark that wasn't there before... or was it? Is this a random birth mark or is it skin cancer?!? Fuck...

9. If you've ever pulled a back muscle, you've for sure entertained the idea that it might be something more serious, possibly your kidneys.

10. You think you're having a legit heart attack every time you experience light chest pains or your left arm is a little numb.

11. If something doesn't go away on its own after a week, it becomes a terrible disease. "Oh, it's just an ingrown hair? Alrighty then."

12. When your doctor tells you that everything is fine and you think to yourself "What if they made a mistake and I'm actually not fine..."

13. When your doctor uses a medical term to describe something and you don't know what it means... you right away assume it's something horrible. "Just tell me how much time I have to say goodbye to my family. Oh, I'm not dying? Nevermind."

14. You get really excited when prescribed antibiotics, cause that shit cures everything.

15. You're an expert at different types of cancers and their respective symptoms.

16. A random bug bite can stress the hell out of you. "What if it was a poisonous bug from Africa that came here in a fruit container or something? You never know."

17. You've already self-diagnosed yourself on multiple occasions and taken respective medicine to cure yourself.

18. When the doctor asks you if you're allergic to anything and you think to yourself, "I'm for sure allergic to something. I just don't know what yet."

19. It's painful to watch Grey's Anatomy without freaking out. You think that you literally have every single disease they talk about.

20. Waiting for your turn to see your doctor is the most difficult wait of your life.