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20 Themed Breakfast Spots In Montreal You Have To Try That Are Out Of The Normal

'Eggstraordinary' restaurants!
20 Themed Breakfast Spots In Montreal You Have To Try That Are Out Of The Normal

Montreal has hundreds of breakfast spot, but none are more popular than the ones with crazy themes! These creative restaurants below are completely unique and truly out of this world.

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So, the next time you and your BFF, or bae, are debating on a new breakfast spot to try, I suggest checking out some of these depending on the theme you are feeling that day! We all know the struggle of going to the same old boring restaurants for brunch, but that ends here. Great food and stunning decor awaits you every morning!

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Garden Breakfast Spots :

1. Maison Boulud

via @chiefesther

1228 Rue Sherbrooke O

For that fancy breakfast, I suggest heading to Maison Boulud. It is stunning and great for a cute romantic day. It's a perfect place for you to wear that gorgeous summer dress you love so much as you enjoy siting in their garden terrasse.


2. Restaurant Leméac

via @lemeac

1045 Avenue Laurier O

This chic French bistro offers some of the most AMAZING breakfast dishes that aren't just pretty in pictures, but delightful to eat. Not only is the inside decor sweet, but their outdoors patio makes for a great morning .


3. Cafe Parvis

via @dennishammkeys

433 Rue Mayor

This cafe is perfect for when you just want a naturally cute vibe. The cafe is adorable and absolutely perfect for a quiet time with plants around every corner. So, when you just need to get a nice breakfast without the rush and hurry of a regular breakfast spot, this is the place for you!


4. Kube Restaurant/LE BISCO

Hotel Bonaventure Montréal

Located inside Hotel Bonaventure, you can find two restaurants that offer FABULOUS breakfast options. Not only are you on a rooftop terrasse, but you are also surrounded by 2.5 acres of beautiful gardens!

5.Jardins Nelson

via @saraahannaa

407 Place Jacques-Cartier

This Old Montreal staple is FINE AS HELL! Their outdoor terrasse it surrounded by beautiful flowers, music, and a classy environment. Most people think that all you can have is a fancy dinner or lunch, but they ACTUALLY have a superb selection of breakfast dishes.


6. Kitsuné Espresso Bar

via @charlottebinoux

19 Prince Arthur Street West

Kitsuné is 100% adorable and their espresso is 514% AMAZING! The ambiance is very relaxing, making it perfect to take some shots of espresso. Not only is there espresso A1, but their breakfast snacks are to die for!


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Lowkey Breakfast Spots :

1. Spanel

via @jrutman7

To quench your crepe cravings, I suggest heading to Spanel! This little breakfast restaurant is perfect for crepe addicts, they are served hot and ready every morning! So, make your breakfast chocolaty, lowkey, and delicious.


2.Liv Salades

via @mtlstate

5350, boul Saint-Laurent

Liv Salades offers a breakfast menu chalk full of both gourmet and healthy options! From pancakes, salads, avocado toast, to chia pudding and much more! You will fall in love.


3. La Petite Marche

via @ishifishy

5035 Rue Saint-Denis

This Italian styled restaurant has an all around balcony terrasse that goes great with any early morning breakfast. Since it's located right in the Plateau, you can expect great views and superb brunch dishes.


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Art  Breakfast Spots :

1. Arts Cafe

via @emiliemacfie

201 Avenue Fairmount O

For a stylish vintage cafe breakfast that is perfect for sweet loving, I recommend checking out Arts Cafe! They serve fabulous brunch dishes and it is the perfect for a lovely date. This cafe is absolutely great for those who can expect a creative day ahead!


2.Café Vasco Da Gama

via @bicom_rp

1472 Peel St

This intimate eatery features not only gourmet dishes, but a gorgeous terrasse right in the heart of Downtown Montreal. So, after a wild night out in the city, I suggest treating yourself to a lovely Sunday breakfast.


3.Restaurant L’Avenue

via @nancysalama22

922 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

If you want to feel like you are in the retro ’90s enjoying a yummy breakfast, then I suggest coming to L’Avenue! It’s a great location to feel like you are in an old 90’s movie while enjoying 3D murals. The food is great and it’s the perfect location to laugh and catch up with your friends before the holidays.


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Modern Breakfast Spots :

1. Hoogan & Beaufort

via @janetmang

4095 Rue Molson, Montréal

For a cute little breakfast date, I suggest going to Hoogan and Beaufort! This is honestly a perfect place to go for that extra special person of yours! The food is superb and the location is very charming!


2. Les Enfants Terrible

via @dritan_ujkaj

1 Place Ville Marie

Sit literally in the sky with a view of the WHOLE cityscape as you munch on a delicious brunch at Les Enfants Terrible! They have a rooftop terrasse located at PVM that offers fabulous views and a great morning.


3.Verses Restaurant

via @versesrestaurant

100 Rue Saint Paul Ouest

Located inside the luxe Nelligan Hotel, Verses Restaurant serves creative New French-Québécois dishes. Whether it be breakfast or dinner, I can assure you great food and a beautiful summer day under the terrasse.



via @vasiliatakesmtl

243, av. du Mont-Royal O

If you love Vietnamese food, then you definitely need to check out this place! You may think that you can only have dumplings for lunch or dinner, but you can even get them for breakfast!


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Vintage  Breakfast Spots :

1. Lawrence Restaurant

via @ae_louis

5201 St Laurent Blvd

This vintage breakfast spot is truly like no other. With unique options from British expat Marc Cohen, I guarantee that your mouth will be watering all morning long!


2.Cafe Melbourne

via @mintandcandle

4615 Boul St-Laurent

For some Australian treats in the Plateau Area that I suggest checking out Melbourne ! You can munch on some yummy grub and enjoy a superb coffee in this absolutely adorable cafe that gives off vintage vibes.


3. La Croissanterie Figaro

via @bestaffin

5200 rue Hutchison

For a late night last minute date at 1 am, La Croissant Figaro is the place for you! They have a stunning terrasse in the summer but an equally as beautiful inside for the winter! Plus they honestly the best snacks! Whenever I go, I can honestly say that it feel like I am Paris all over again so it’s pretty damn charming!

4. Au Festin De Babette

via @laurapeyramaure

4085 Rue Saint Denis

For a gourmet breakfast, this is the place for you! They offer smoked salmon eggs Benedict that are accompanied by a salad, scalloped potatoes, soup and chocolate mousse for those who just can't get enough of breakfast food. The food is heavenly and you will be filled up pretty quick.


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