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20 Things That Will Only Happen In Montreal On Halloween

You know these be true.
20 Things That Will Only Happen In Montreal On Halloween

Photo cred - the-quiet-life

Once a year a magic sweeps the city of Montreal, an enchanting wind that turns everyone into crazy party monsters clad in minimal amounts of clothing all hopped up on candy, alcohol, and a plethora of other substances. I am, of course, talking about the greatest non-holiday of them all: Halloween.

On all hallow's eve all bets are off in Montreal. The reserved become ragers, skimpy becomes the norm, and you can get away with things you couldn't on any other day of the year. To celebrate the wild changes that come with Halloween, and to make sure you reap the benefits, here are 20 Things That Will Only Happen In Montreal On Halloween.

1. Not have to pay for coat check at the end of October

  • Lets be real, your costume is too amazing to cover with a coat

2. Be able to choose fishnets as a viable outfit option and not have cars try and call you over by Place Émilie-Gamelin

  • Everyone kind of looks like a prostitute on Halloween.

3. Dancing to a remix to the Monster Mash at Apt. 200 without anyone questioning a thing

  • Just wait 'til the bass drops.

4. Stroll down St. Catherine in nothing but lingerie

5. Head into Katacombs and not seem wildly misplaced

  • Good thing you went as a vampire this Halloween.

6. Be able to wear animal ears you bought at Dollarama and call it a "costume."

  • So fetch.

7. Guys wearing dresses outside of the village

  • It's not drag, it's Halloween, so be fierece in that one-piece dress like a real queen.

8. Get glitter in your underwear and not question a thing

  • Blast that sexy fairy who glitter-bombed you.

9. Pay over $20 dollars for cover and not mind

  • On Halloween, it's okay to spend a bit more to go out. You kind of have to.

10. Leave the city and head over to the West Island for a house party

  • No one's place is big enough downtown.

11. Dress like Pauline Marois and be applauded for it

  • Her look is really only in on Halloween.

12. Hate on TO bros with them in ear-shot

  • They come to Montreal for the epic Halloween, but don't want to let anyone know they left their city because apparently "TO is the shit." Yeah, whatever

13. Homeless people passing as hipsters who are ironically not changing their wardrobe and going as "homeless" for Halloween

  • So meta. At least they get no-hassle service one day of the year.

14. Going to Old Montreal for the night out when you're under 28

  • For Halloween, every borough is a party hub.

15. Waiting to get into Unity for 40 minutes and not really minding

  • Because you know that no one does Halloween like the gays.

16. Offer candy to neighborhood kids without seeming like a pedophile

  • You're just doing your civic duty to trick or treaters

17. Wear nothing but tights on the bottom while walking down St. Laurent and not be called out for being a biddy

  • It's not like your Catwoman costume can really be worn with pants.

18. Pre-drinking to horror movies on Netflix without it being antisocial

  • Watching Scream is just better than talking to your friends right now.

19. Buy candy at the dep without looking like a childish stoner

  • You may be high anyway, but you're not the only person doing it.

20. Crash a party in the McGill Ghetto without anyone being the wiser

  • All those masks and makeup make for the perfect party crashing scenario.

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