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When most of your Facebook friends post photos of them sun bathing somewhere on a beach and you look at your bank account statement and feel really bad for yourself... Have no fear, we're here to help. You can still feel like you're on vacation without having to actually travel to another country. There are tons of things our city offers that can totally make you feel like you're on vacation even during winter.

Surf at Oasis Surf

9520 Boulevard Leduc

Oasis Surf is an indoor artificial wave in Dix30, Brossard that allows its visitors to practice and improve their surfing skills just like they would somewhere in Costa Rica.


Relax at Strom Spa Nordique

1001 Boulevard de la Forêt

Strom Spa Nordique in Nuns Island will make you feel like you're somewhere in Scandinavia, resting in a hot bath, careless and zen.


Visit Biodôme

4777 Avenue Pierre-de Coubertin

Montreal's Biodôme is seriously underrated. It allows its visitors to walk through multiple ecosystems found in Americas. Experience South American rainforest, Arctic and Antarctic, North American wilderness and Saint-Laurent's marine eco system climates all under one roof.


Photo cred - Hotellestjames

Rent a room at Hotel Le Saint-James

355 Rue Saint-Jacques

It's an upscale hotel in the heart of Montreal's Old Port. A favourite among celebrities who visit our city, Le Saint-James is known for its elegant French decor, impeccable service and rich ambiance.


Get away to Mont Tremblant's Village

1000 Chemin des Voyageurs

This option requires a bit of driving, but it's totally worth it. Get ready for a day full of activities and fresh air in the middle of picture-perfect Tremblant Village and mountains. If you decide to stay for the night, there are plenty of hotels to choose from as well as great restaurants that will satisfy even the most picky eaters.


Go to an exotic restaurant like Nil Bleu

3706 Rue Saint-Denis

Looking for an unusual dining experience that will make you forget that you're in Montreal? Nil Bleu is a restaurant where clients are invited to try traditional Ethiopian food with no utensils. I suggest you also check out this list for more out of the ordinary restaurant options.


Get your tan on at a tanning salon

Multiple locaitons

Indoor tanning might not be the healthiest option to go for, but it actually has health benefits you might not have been aware of. For example, tanning beds help improve appearance, enhance mood, and increase one's vitamin D levels... not to mention that they totally make you feel like you're on vacation.


Visit AeroSim Experience

1177 Autoroute 440

AeroSim Experience will make you feel like you're a pilot of a Boeing 737. It's a flight simulator that's open to public.


Photo cred - Quebecoriginal

Play glow in the dark mini putt

1259 Rue Guy

Putting edge Centre-ville brings a traditional golf game indoor to an 18-hole fantasy land with music, bright colours and lots of fun.


Visit iSaute Centre de Trampoline

2045 Boulevard Dagenais O

This place will make you time travel straight back to your childhood. Jump, jump and jump some more. It's a great vacation alternative.


Complete a mission at Montreal's A/Maze

3550 Rue Saint-Jacques

It's a real life escape game that will definitely make you forget that you're in Montreal. Choose between a variety of amazing missions and scenarios. Good luck in your quest!


Get in shape at Centre d'Escalade Horizon Roc

2350 Rue Dickson

Horizon Roc is a massive indoor rock climbing facility. It offers over 300 routes and 27,000 square ft of climbable area for people of all ages and experience levels. You don't have to go to all the way to Colorado to mountain climb...


Experience free fall at Sky Venture

2700 Avenue Du Cosmodôme

It's the first ever free fall simulator in Canada. Visit Sky Venture and learn to fly like a bird. It's even better than a vacation.


Photo cred - espacepourlavie

Visit Montreal Insectarium

4581 Rue Sherbrooke E

You don't need to travel all the way to tropical climates in order to get freaked out with unusual bugs. Visit Montreal's Insectarium, home of over 144,000 live and naturalized insects.


Get a nice massage

Multiple locations

Getting a massage while you're on vacation is an absolute must. You can totally replicate this in Montreal by going to a spa of your choice. Treat yourself, you deserve it!


Visit Lasalle's Aquadome

1411 Rue Lapierre

It's a 50-meter swimming pool divided into two basins, a leisure pool with water jets, hot tubs and water slides. It's a great family destination.


Visit Château Ramezay

280 Notre-Dame East Street

It's a museum and a historic building in the old port. It stores lots of manuscripts, works of art and paintings. It's definitely an unusual and fascinating environment to find yourself in.


Take a hot yoga class

Multiple locations

If you've never taken a hot yoga class, you've got to try it ASAP and right now is the perfect time. This class will make you feel like you're on a yoga retreat somewhere in a hot and humid environment.


Photo cred - Shawn Carpentier

Walk through Montreal World Trade Centre

747 Rue du Square-Victoria

It almost feels like an indoor park. In addition, you can shop there, so it's pretty awesome.


Visit Montreal's own Jurassic Park

2 Rue de la Commune O

Travel in time for more than 65 million yearsback and step into an immersive dinosaur experience at Montreal's science centre. Crazy real looking, roaring and moving dinosaurs await you.


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