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20 Things To Do In Montreal This Thursday, Friday, Saturday And Sunday

From Thursday November 2nd Until Sunday November 5th.
20 Things To Do In Montreal This Thursday, Friday, Saturday And Sunday

It's officially November and post-Halloween weekend, a double whammy.  So it's normal to feel like you're being overtaken by an itching desire to wrap yourself in the fluffiest of couch blankets, put your phone on airplane mode, and immerse yourself in a couch fort for a mellow and relaxing weekend.  


Montreal Now Has A "100% Vegetarian Café" That You Need To Try

A low-key weekend doesn't mean boring, though. This weekend line-up is

filled with activities and events that are perfect to carry you down from that October and Halloween high.

From culinary event MTLaTable to the Vegan Food Festival, this weekend will have you busy testing out the different food, entertainment and art events around the city, that are sure to be easy on the wallet as well.  

Sunday, November 5th-2017

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Thursday, November 2nd-2017

1. Spend Thursday evening melting away the worries of the week at one of Montreal's secret bars, Le Cloakroom 

Nothing better to do on a Thursday evening than getting ready for the weekend by having some low-key drinks in a unique bar. If you're craving a classic Old Fashioned, this week you should check out Le Cloakroom downtown. It's a speakeasy concept, specializing in premium cocktails, details below!

Where: 2175 Rue De La Montagne Suite 100
When: Open until 3 AM
Price: Varies per drink

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2. Spend your Thursday afternoon shopping at one of Montreal's many curated Vintage shops, this week featuring Empire Exchange in the Mile End 

via @empireexchange

Empire Exchange is a great place to search for vintage treasures at reasonable prices. If you have a bunch of old stuff laying around your closet you can also bring it to earn some pocket money because they also sell clothing on consignment. Check out the link below for more info!

Where: 5225 Boulevard St - Laurent
When: Open until 6PM
Price: Varies per item

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3. Hosted by the city MTLaTABLE is back - and Thursday, November 2nd  is the kick-off day. Check out the first night at Sousbois downtown

via @mtlatable

This culinary event hosted by the city is going to be running from November 2nd until the 16th, so why not take advantage and visit one of the many restaurants participating. Thursday evening, Soubois is hosting serving up a three-course meal for only 41$. Details below!

Where: 1106 Boulevard Maisonneuve Ouest
When: Dinner service from 6 - 9 PM
Price: 41$

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4. Spend Thursday learning a new skill, attend a fresh cheese workshop hosted by Les Atelier Fromagers

Who doesn't love a little fresh mozzarella and ricotta? Wouldn't it be great if you could make your own; that's a skill that is not only practical but will also impress your mom. Check out this workshop below and learn to make your own fresh cheese!

Where: 5333 Casgrain, suite 311
When: 6 - 9:30 PM
Price: Ticket info below

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5. Spend Thursday evening at a cozy bar/club in the Plateau - Datcha is hosting an Afro-house disco night

via @kevinzegers1984

Datcha is a little dark cove of funky music, good vibes and non-stop dancing in the heart of the plateau. It's intimate and warm vibe is great for when the weather starts to dip. This Thursday female DJ art duo Obsolete Collective is throwing an afro-house disco night if you feel like starting your weekend early.

Where: 98 Laurier Ouest
When: Open until 3 AM
Price: Cover 5 - 10 $

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Friday, November 3rd - 2017

1. Full moon tonight! Check out this public event which will be happening on Mont-Royal to celebrate the evening

Terre Sacree is hosting a public event on Mont-Royal to celebrate the November full moon. Activities will begin after sundown. Kid and family friendly. Check out below for more details!

Where: Mont-Royal, Statue George-Etienne Cartier
When: 7 - 8 PM
Price: Free!

More info

2. BLiSS Mtl is hosting a photography and illustration Art Party at event space Artgang Montreal

BLiSS Mtl hosts art and performance-related events around Montreal, this weekend they are hosting an event "by women for everyone" at Artgang Montreal located in Little Italy. There will be art but also local DJs playing tunes until 3AM. More details below!

Where: Artgang Montreal 6524 Rue St-Hubert
When: Friday, 10PM = 3AM
Price: 6$ (before midnight)

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3.  Enjoy the weekend by attending an evening spa event hosted by BOTA BOTA

via @botabotamt

BOTA BOTA located on the edge of the island in the Old Port boasts a unique Montreal Spa experience; this Friday evening they are hosting a "Derive Nocturne" event and will be open until 2AM. Check out the event page for more info!

Where: Spa Bota Bota, 358 Rue De La Commune Ouest
When: 11:30 PM = 2 AM
Price: 35$

More info

4. Be a good citizen of Montreal and check out this municipal politics info session and get informed before the big vote on November 5th

As you should and may know, Montreal will be voting for its new mayor in the much anticipated municipal elections of November 5th. This is the type of politics that actually impact us Montrealers on a day-to-day basis, so why not attend a quick "for dummies" session to get all your facts straight before heading to the polls. More info below!

Where: 348 McTavish Street
When: 5:30 - 8:30 PM
Price: Free!

More info

5. Spend Friday night at an 80s themed dance party at Bar Le Ritz  because it's still kinda Halloween week

Bar Le Ritz In Little Italy is hosting it's 3rd installment of 80s dance night this Friday. Dress 2 sweat, DJ Grandmaster will be playing tunes until late. More details on the event page below!

Where: 179 Jean-Talon Ouest
When: 11 PM - 3 AM
Price: Free before midnight (5$ after)

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Saturday, November 4th-2017

1. Enjoy your Saturday and attend the one and only Vegan Festival Of Montreal at Marche Bonsecours

The Vegan Festival of Montreal is running this weekend from Saturday to Sunday, so why not spend your Saturday afternoon sampling some vegan delights from around the city. See the event page and details below!

Where: Marche Bonsecours 333 Rue De La Commune
When: 10 AM - 5 PM
Price: Free!

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2. Take advantage of Saturday evening by sampling some tasty oysters at a party hosted by Nouveau Palais in the Mile-End

Ain't no party like an oyster party! This one is hosted at the very fun and laid-back Nouveau Palais in the Mile-End, from 6 PM to midnight, it's a great option for starting out the night. Check out the details below!

Where: 281 Bernard Ouest
When: 6 PM-Midnight
Price: Free entry!

More info

3. Pick up a new skill and spend your Saturday afternoon learning how to make your own Matcha 

Local flower shop Kyoto flowers is hosting a Matcha workshop at their location on the East plateau. These types of workshops are a great way to not only learn a new skill but meet new people, too. Check out the event and details below!

Where: 1893 Mont-Royal East
When: 10 - 11 AM
Price: 20$

More info

4.  Spend Saturday afternoon enjoying the Atwater Market before it shuts down for the winter season

via @tania_lewis

You won't even have to drag your boyfriend to the Atwater Market, that's how nice it is in the late fall. Now is prime time to take advantage of the outdoor fruit and veggie vendors before the winter sets in. It's a great day activity for yourself or for the whole family.

Where: 138 Atwater Avenue
When: Open until 6 PM
Price: Free!

More info

5. Enjoy your Saturday evening by staying in and cooking up a storm with someone special

So you hit up MTLaTable, The Vegan Food Festival, and Marche Atwater, you are feeling more inspired than ever to get in the kitchen and flex your very own culinary muscles. Saturday night in early November is a perfect night to stay in and enjoy the warmth of your own apartment.

Where: The comfort of your own home
When: Saturday evening
Price: free!

For Sunday, November 5th - 2017, click "next"

Sunday, November 5th - 2017

1. Break out of your normal Sunday routine and check out a new neighborhood, this week visit Hochelaga-Maissoneuve 

via @gemeh.vb

Break free of your 10-block radius surrounding your apartment and visit another neighborhood for once. This week I suggest you visit the quickly-gentrifying area of Hochelaga Maisonneuve. A great way to start is to visit Les Promenades Ontario for a casse-croute hot dog or burger, then wander the streets, you'll be sure to stumble on some treasures.

Where: Metro Joliette / Pie IX
When: Open always!
Price: Free!

2. Enjoy your Sunday afternoon by hopping in your car for a slow Sunday drive, this week visit Saint-Anne De Belle Vue 

via @edauwd

Sometimes when we are going about our day-to-day lives in the core of the city we can quickly forget that Montreal is, in fact, an island. All it takes to quickly remember this is a quick drive to the outskirts of the city. Meaning "beautiful view" Sainte-Anne-De-Bellevue lives up to its name and is one of the nicest spots to relax and throw rocks at the water.

Where: Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue
When: Anytime!
Price: Free!

More info

3. Enjoy Sunday with a classic deli brunch, this week check out Snowdon Deli in Cote-des-Neiges

via @foodguymtl

Snowdon Deli is a Westside institution. They serve up some succulent classics: smoke meat sandwiches, matzo ball, soups and deli meat rolls. You can also enjoy a menu of classic brunch items like creamy eggs benny and a savory omelet. It's a must try.

Where: 5265 Decarie Boulevard
When: Open from 6 AM - 7:30 PM

More info

4. Enjoy Sunday afternoon by attending a vegan & gluten-free Japanese pop-up in St.Henri

Marusan Comptoir Japonais is hosting a pop-up shop this weekend, serving up some vegan and gluten-free Japanese delights. The 6-course dinner will run you only 45$, serving up some local Quebec farm-to-table organic veggies. More info below!

Where: 401 Notre-Dame Ouest
When: 5 - 9 PM
Price: 45$

More info

5. Don't forget this Sunday we lose 1-hour, daylight savings time will hit at 2AM

via @mjmantis

It might be a good idea to make it an early night this Sunday because it's daylight savings time, and we are losing an hour. Daylight savings can be known to throw off people's internal rhythm, producing symptoms similar to jet lag. To avoid this, it's best to rest and keep it lowkey on Sunday.

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