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20 Things You Can Do In Montreal This Thursday, Friday, Saturday And Sunday

From Thursday, August 3rd until Sunday, August 6th
20 Things You Can Do In Montreal This Thursday, Friday, Saturday And Sunday

July is officially over and we've reached the final leg of summer. August is here and I don't know about you but I can't decide if that's a good thing or not. It feels like we've barely had a summer yet because of all the crappy weather we've been getting so the fact that this is the last month of summer is kind of shocking.

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I'm not a weather person so I can't say with certainty that August is going to bring us better weather, but I have a good feeling that we're in store for some sun! I mean, we deserve it right? 

Luckily this weekend is packed with super fun activities, events, and festivals that you absolutely shouldn't miss! 

Thursday, August 3rd- 2017 🌸  🥂 🌈

Friday, August 4th- 2017 🌸  🥂 🎤

Saturday, August 5th- 2017 🌸  🥂 🎤

Sunday, August 6th- 2017 🌸  🥂 🌈

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Thursday, August 3rd- 2017: 

1. Enjoy This Weekend And Celebrate IPA Day 

via @finnborre

This Thursday is international IPA Day, where we can celebrate one of the world's most beloved beers. Lots of bars in Montreal are hosting events with specials on IPA so you can celebrate the right way!

When: Thursday, August 3rd

Where: Beneluxe, Birra Beer House Bar,

Price: free entrance, price of beers!

2. Enjoy This Weekend And Do Rooftop Yoga

via @yoganouvellelune

Place Ville Marie is the tallest building in Montreal and they offer tons of amazing things on this rooftop. There's a huge restaurant and yoga classes with an unreal view overlooking Montreal's bustling city!

When: every Thursday @ 7:30am

Where: Place Ville Marie

Price: $20

3. Enjoy This Weekend And Watch LION Under The Stars 

via @lionmov

The hit movie LION starring Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman is insanely popular and won tons of awards this year. The heart wrenching story shows a boy making his way back to his family after years of being lost.

When: Thursday, August 3rd @ 8pm

Where: Parc Notre-Dame-de-Grace

Price: Free!

4. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To The New "Bubble Waffle" Cafe

via @babykyoko

This new cafe just opened in June and offers this amazing dessert from Hong Kong! They serve delicious ice cream flavours like green tea, red bean, and black sesame on top of a sweet bubble waffle and stacked with toppings! It's the perfect summer dessert.

Where: Cafe Unique

5. Enjoy This Weekend And Get A Donut Smoothie

via @lesgournandisesdepeyton

Enjoy a half-healthy dessert at this adorable French tea room/pastry shop in Montreal. You can get a healthy smoothie with chia pudding topped with unhealthy donuts or cookies! It's okay to treat yourself when half of the dessert is technically healthy right?

Where: Les gourmandises de Peyton

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Friday, August 4th: 

1. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To Osheaga 

via @montreall

I'm sure we all know what Osheaga is, so I really don't have to say much about it. If you're up for a weekend of sun, music and parties then this is definitely where you should be headed! This year is going to be their biggest yet so get ready!

Where: Parc Jean Drapeau

When: Friday, August 4th to Sunday, August 6th

Price: $120/day

2. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To First Fridays 

via @maiight

This amazing food truck festival happens once a month all summer long, but only on the first Friday of the month. The first Friday of August is this week so you absolutely shouldn't miss out or you'll have to wait another 4 whole weeks! Enjoy the most unique foods in Montreal from lobster rolls, to seafood cones, to raclette, to all different kinds of poutines!

Where: Olympic Stadium

When: Friday, August 5th

Price: Free Entrance, price of food.

3. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To Marche Des Possibles 

via @marchedp

This is a weekly outdoor festival that features local chefs serving up some amazing dishes, live music and local vendors! It's a super fun outdoor event if you want something smaller than the two mentioned above, but the best of both worlds.

Where: 5635 Rue St. Dominique

When: Friday, August 4th to Sunday, August 6th @ 7pm-10pm

Price: Free Entry!

4. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To The Secret "French Cafe"

via @tara_zheng

This adorable cafe makes the prettiest French pastries that you've EVER seen. It's located in Saint Henri and is one you should check out ASAP. Treat yourself this Friday to a perfectly brewed coffee and a stunning baked good that you almost won't even want to eat it's so beautiful!

Where: Libertine Bakehouse

5. Enjoy This Weekend And "Rent A Puppy" For A Day

via @dogtimecommunity

This amazing Montreal website connects dog owners with dog lovers through their online platform. They allow dog lovers to pay a monthly membership and they can connect with dog owners to walk their dog for an hour. This allows their dogs to become more socialized with different people and they get extra exercise out of it!

Where: all over Montreal!


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Saturday, August 5th: 

1. Enjoy This Weekend And See Diplo At New City Gas

via @diplo

As an Osheaga after party this Saturday, Diplo is playing a live set at New City Gas! If you're going to Osheaga this should be an awesome party to attend to keep your night going strong, or if you're not it should be an awesome party to join in on the Osheaga hype without having to pay for a ticket!

Where: New City Gas

When: Saturday, August 5th

Price: $20

Buy your tickets here.

2. Enjoy This Weekend And Watch The Last Night Of Fireworks

via @mtlblog

The International Firework Festival has been going on for over a month now in the city every Saturday night. Unfortunately, this amazing festival is coming to an end this Saturday night. If you have yet to watch this amazing show, do it now because this is your last chance!

Where: Village Au Pied du Courant, La Ronde, Lachine Canal, Clock Tower Beach and more spots!

When: Saturday, August 5th @ 10pm

Price: Free!

3. Enjoy This Weekend And Eat A 5 Lb Plate of "Pad Thai"

via @mtl_mook

This restaurant in the South Shore offers HUGE plates of food like their 5 lb plate of pad thai, 3 kg of general tao and other amazing dishes. They're known as one of the best Chinese restaurants in the city, and it's totally clear why. Not only do they offer tons of food for the amount you pay, it's also super authentic and delicious too!

Where: Golden Bol

4. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To The WWE Heatwave Tour 

via @wwe

If you're a fan of wrestling then you must be stoked to hear that the summer WWE tour is coming to Montreal! This weekend you can watch your favourite wrestlers live right here in the city.

Where: Bell Centre

When: Saturday, August 5th

Price: $35-$239

Buy your tickets here.

5. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To The New "Open Air" Bar

via @riversidemtl

This amazing open air bar is opening soon on Montreal's Lachine Canal this summer! They have a huge outdoor terrasse, food trucks, special events, DJs, and amazing drinks!

Where: Riverside

For Sunday, August 6th, Click "NEXT"

Sunday, August 6th: 

1. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To The "Puppy Adoption" Festival

via @snowy_tomo

Le Doggy Cafe on Saint Denis is hosting a Dog Adoption event this Sunday and you definitely shouldn't miss it! If you're looking to be an amazing human being adopt one of these abandoned dogs, or just come and spend some time with them and make their day! Volunteers will be available to answer any questions about the adoption process.

Where: Le Doggy Cafe

When: Sunday, August 6th @ 11:30am-2:30pm

2. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To A Latin Beach Party 

via @explorecanada

Learn some latin moves while classic latin beats play in the background, chill on the sand and enjoy the music, play beach games, and so much more! All on the soft white sand of the Clock Tower Beach.

Where: Clock Tower Beach, Old Port

When: Sunday, August 6th @ 12pm-9pm

Price: $6 entrance

3. Enjoy This Weekend And See The Australian Pink Floyd Show

via @australianpinkfloyd

This Pink Floyd tribute band is coming all the way from Australia on their tour and stopping in Montreal for an awesome show this weekend. If you love Pink Floyd you should definitely check out this awesome concert!

Where: Salle Wilfred Pelletier

When: Sunday, August 6th @ 8pm-11pm

Price: $55-$91

Buy your tickets here.

4. Enjoy This Weekend And Watch Shakespeare In The Park

via @repercussiontheatre

Montreal's Repercussion Theatre has been presenting weekly performances of Shakespeare's 'Much Ado About Nothing' all of the city in our amazing parks. Watch some live theatre surrounded by nature this weekend!

Where: Jeanne Mance Park

When: Sunday, August 6th @ 7pm-10pm

Price: Free!

5. Enjoy This Weekend And Go For Brunch At Arts Cafe

via @munchreall

This adorable brunch spot in the plateau is definitely one to go to if you haven't already. The inside is decorated with hundreds of lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling and they also have a super cute outdoor terrasse in the summer. Enjoy some delicious dishes like breakfast poutine, French Toast, and breakfast burritos!

Where: Arts Cafe

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