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20 Things You Can Do In Montreal This Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

From Thursday, September 21st until Sunday, September 24th.
20 Things You Can Do In Montreal This Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

Down below is a list that composes of great activities you can do this weekend from Thursday, September 21st until Sunday, September 24th! It's officially September and everyone has sadly started school by now, but the weather has been absolutely stunning and really distracting.

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 So, instead of studying let's enjoy this summer weather and go out with a bang! On the plus side, most activities are even free this week, so let's take a break from school and get outside before fall is among us. 

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Thursday, September 21st- 2017 :

1.Enjoy This Weekend And Go To Montreal's All-New "Health Bar"

via @naturovivr

Centre De Santé NaturoVivre had its grand opening last weekend where they gave out free Mandy's Salads and they honestly rocked the boat!NaturoVivre's health baroffers healthy and flavorful cuisine that also caters to vegans. All the juices and smoothies are made on-site, with juices freshly squeezed every morning!

Where:7779, Boul. Newman


2. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To The Most Beautiful Apple Orchard In All Of Quebec

via @kimberleypp

Les Vergers Lafrance located in Saint-Joseph-du-Lac, in the Lower Laurentians is known for their beautiful apple orchards and spectacular homemade treats that you can purchase.

Where:1473 Chemin Principal, Saint-Joseph-du-Lac


3. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To The Cacao 70 Factory

via @monolithmontreal

I'm sure almost every Montrealer has been to Cacao 70 at least once in their lives. But now they opened up an all-new Cacao 70 Factory that's even more amazing than all their other locations! Not only do they make their delicious chocolate right there in front of you, they also have a full cafe at the front with adorable decor!

Where:1751 Rue Richardson Unit T10


4. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To The All-New "Portuguese Chicken" Restaurant

via @xandermuncher

Viana Grillades Portugaises opened last Wednesday and they are already the talk of the town due to their 30 years of restaurant experience, scrumptious Portuguese dishes, and affordable prices. They are a family business that offers nothing less than pure perfection!

Where:2042 rue Lapierre


5.Enjoy This Weekend And Go To Boho Montreal

via @elliotheyoyo

They serve some insane summer cocktails like their popsicle cocktail, which has an actual Popsicle IN the cocktail! They also have a menu with foods like tacos and poke bowls!

Where:436 St Francois Xavier Street


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Friday, September 22nd- 2017:

1. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To The Cafe That Makes The Best PSL

via @cafellini

If you thought Starbucks was good, then this local Montreal cafe called Cafellini will absolutely BLOW YOUR MIND. Their pumpkin spice latte is the real deal! Not only do they use fresh coffee, but they also make homemade pumpkin syrup instead of that chemical and fake stuff you find everywhere else! This is the perfect way to start the first day of fall.

Where:412 rue de Montarville,758 rue Beaubien est, and 3790 Blvd St-Laurent


2. Enjoy This Weekend And Go Pumpkin Picking

via @gillanking

Ah yes, fall is here and you know what that means… Halloween and pumpkin carvings are just around the corner. Pumpkin picking has to be one of the best things about fall so be sure not to miss out! The list below composes of some of the closest and the best pumpkin farms in Montreal!

Where: Various

Find Your Farm Here!

3. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To The World Press Photo Gallery

via @emmabanville

The 12th Montreal edition of World Press Photo, the most prestigious annual press photography contest, will present the 135 prize-winning images of its 2016 edition as well as complementary exhibitions and activities at Bonsecours Market in Old Montreal. The exhibition is presented daily, from August 30 to October 1st, 2017, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., and until midnight on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

When: From August 30 to October 1, 2017

Where:Marché Bonsecours

Price: $13


4. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To The Second Week Of The Garden Of Lights

The Chinese Gardenshave been renovated and the new dragon theme has been revealed! You can now finally have your chance to walk through the enchanted paths of the Garden of Lights in Montreal.

When: September 8 to October 31, 2017

Where: Montreal Botanical Garden

Price: $15


5. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To The "Fall Festival" Near Montreal

via @montsutton

Mont Sutton hosts an annual fall festival to celebrate all the beautiful foliage that takes over their hills! This year the festival is taking place starting tomorrow, Saturday, September 16th until October 15th! This festival is located just 1 hour 25 mins from Montreal.

Where: Mont Sutton


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Saturday, September 23rd- 2017:

1. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To The Rock'n'Roll Marathon

via @livvv22

If you love rock'n'll music as well as running, then this is the perfect combination for you! It is the biggest racing event in Quebec and it is 514% something everyone should try once.

When: September 23rd-24th

Where: Parc La Fontaine

Price: $30.99 to $129.99 (registration required)


2. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To The Nalie Show LIVE

via @thenalieshow

Montreal's first-ever live talk show will be happening this weekend! Yes, it is official the Nalie show is ready. You may remember Nalie from a previous article we wrote about her inspirational cancer battle, and since then Nalie has gone viral with 11, 000 YouTube subscribers, and 60 000 Instagram followers that follow her inspirational cancer story. The Nalia Show LIVE goal aims to help its audience beat their battles and become the best versions of themselves and is 514% a show you want to attend.

When: Saturday at 4 PM - 10 PM

Where:3890 rue Sainte-Catherine est.

Price: $100


3. Enjoy This Weekend And Go Apple Picking

via @antnobile

Near the greater Montreal areas, there are multiple farms that offer apple picking! So, lets drop the blueberries and instead start climbing trees and getting ready for those fun fall insta pics. Apples have avery brief season! In most of Canada they actually start in mid-September until the end of October. So, I suggest that you pick a farm ASAP, bring some friends, and don't miss out on some yummy apples this fall 2017.

When: September-October

Where:Various Locations

Find Your Farm Here!

4. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To Goat Yoga

via @goatyoga

I actually went to goat yoga a few weeks ago and I can honestly say it was so fun! Not only does it feel you with happiness, but you are also so relaxed that you forget about all your worries! The last goat yoga event was insanely successful because who doesn't love the idea of doing yoga with mini goats climbing all over you??

When: Saturday, September 23rd: classes from 11-12, 12:30-1:30, 2-3, and 3-4

Where: 552 Route de Lotbinière

Price: $25


5. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To Montreal's All-New "Indoor Greenhouse" Cafe-Bar

via @acrossthe_universee

Cafe Ginkgo is named after a type of Chinese tree which can be found in the interior of this place making it literally looks like a garden! It's located at 308 Rue Saint Catherine E and it's the perfect new place for students.

Where: 308 Rue Saint Catherine E


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Sunday, September 24th- 2017 :

1. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To Free Museum Day

via @yukinoshi

Of course you should take advantage of the last Sunday of September and go to one of Montreal's museums at not cost! I suggest the MMFA this September 24th.

When: September 24th

Where: Various Locations

Price: FREE!


2. Enjoy This Weekend And Go BIXI Across the City

via @biximtl

On the same day, ride one of Montreal's BIXI bikes at no cost as a part of their last Sunday of the month promotion this September 24th! The weather is stunning and this is 514% something you want to be doing on a sunny day in the city.

When: September 24th

Price: FREE!


3. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To Action Nation Day


Five years ago, Lorna Jane Clarkson created Active Nation Day on the last Sunday of September every year to inspiring each other to move in a bid to fight the growing number of alarming health issues facing the world today. You can go some dance, yoga, barre, and even spinning classes to have a healthy Sunday!

When: Sunday, September 24, 9:30am – 4PM

Where: Club Sportif MAA 2070 Rue Peel, Montreal

Price: FREE!


4. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To Atwater Market

via @toriwuorinen

Enjoy the fall flowers and even some pumpkins at Atwater Market this weekend! Not only can you pick up some flowers and fall decor, but you can also munch on some fresh and delicious food!

Where: 138 Atwater Ave


5. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To Piknic Electronik

via @pierrickerdinge

Piknic Electronik is a great way to end a fabulous weekend! You can enjoy drinks, electro music, food, and a chill AF ambiance with you BFFs while soaking in the sun.

When: Sunday, September 24th- 2017 // 2 PM - 9:30 PM

Where: Parc Jean-Drapeau

Price: $15

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