20 Things You Didn't Know About 'Home Alone'

'Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.'
20 Things You Didn't Know About 'Home Alone'

Home Alone and Home Alone 2 are two of those movies that will forever remain in our hearts.

We watch them every year during Christmas time, (Since they're on TV like every 2 minutes) and yet we never get sick of them.

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Even though I've seen these movies hundreds of times, I still find myself noticing some new things every time they play.

That's why I decided to put together a list of some fun facts I found, plus a few of my own personal weird questions about the movie, enjoy!

Home Alone

1. Buzz’s Girlfriend Actually Was A Boy

They figured using a real photo would be too cruel because they didn't want to embarrass some poor teenage girl. So instead the art director's son put on a wig, and Buzz's girlfriend was born.

2. Home Alone Is The Highest-Grossing Comedy Of All Time

The lesson here is, if you're gonna make a movie, make a Christmas movie. That way they'll play it every year, and you can make money forever. Home Alone proved that fact by becoming the highest grossing movie of all time after making nearly $500,000,000 in revenue. And it only cost $18,000,000 to make.

3. The Tarantula Was Real

Yup, that scene where Daniel Stern had a tarantula on his face actually happened with a real tarantula. To make sure the spider didn't scurry away, the screams had to be mimed and they added sound later.

4. Joe Pesci The Vampire

Apparently during that scene where Marv and Harry hang Kevin up on a coat hook, Joe Pesci accidentally broke Macaulay Culkin's skin when he bit his finger. Ouch!

5. That Gangster Movie Doesn't Exist

I actually looked for the movie for a long time before Google existed. And now I find out that the movie isn't even real! Those scenes were actually made specifically for the movie.

6. Robert De Niro Almost Played The Bad Guy

Robert De Niro was actually offered the role of Harry instead of Joe Pesci. He turned it down. But really he should have been cast as Marv, that way Home Alone would have had a mini "Casino" reunion.

7. Fuller The Bed Wetter

The kid who plays Fuller (the cousin who always pees the bed) is actually Macaulay Culkin's real brother Kieran Culkin.

8. Chris Farley Was Almost Santa Clause

According to the actor who got the part, Farley was making cat calls to the woman in the audition office. And he was out partying the night before the audition, which probably didn't help.

9. Kevin The Artist

Macaulay Culkin actually drew that map

10. The Evil Uncle

That asshole uncle was originally the villain. He was supposed to pay off the thieves to rip-off Kevin's family while they were away on the trip.

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York

11. Kevin Only Spends 1 Night At The Plaza

When I was a kid, I though Kevin spent a week at the Plaza, but actually he only spends one night there. He checks in, heads to the pool and orders room service. Then the next day he goes to Duncan's Toy Chest, and when he returns Tim Curry takes away his "stolen" credit card.

12. The Mom Is Just Plain Dumb

She's on the plane and she's panicking because she thinks she "forgot something". Of course, she could just turn around and look behind her, to see if Kevin's is there. But that would take like 20 seconds, better just stay in first class and panic instead.

13. Breakfast Club Cameo

Everyone's always talking about the Trump cameo. But there's also another star from a famous John Hughes movie. The ticket agent is the goth girl from Breakfast Club.

14. You Can Rent The Room Kevin Stayed In

The plaza actually used to offer a package called the "Kevin suite" for $1,100 a night. That package no longer exists, but room 411, which is the room Kevin stayed in, can still be rented.

15. New Toys

That Talkboy recorder never existed before the movie came, but people saw it on-screen and the public demanded it, so they made it. I actually owned the smaller pen version of this toy.

16. Angry Birds

In the scene where the burglars get attacked by birds, one of them actually flew into Daniel Stern's Mouth. First the tarantula, now this.

17. How Did The Wet Bandits Escape?

All we know is that it involved a fish truck. But c'mon! Are we really supposed to buy that these two idiots masterminded a prison break?

18. Why Do The Bad Guys Want The Camera?

Harry and Marv chase Kevin down to his uncle's house where they demand he give them the camera. But why do they want it? It's a Polaroid, there's no film on there, they should asking for the photos themselves.

19. Why Is Tim Curry Trying To Bust Kevin So Badly?

From the moment Kevin walks in the hotel, Tim curry is on his ass, but they never bother explaining why. He even recruits other hotel employees to bust some kid. Are they a lot of 11 year old kids committing credit card fraud? Plus, why would he care? Worst case scenario, Kevin racks up a huge bill and his parents will have to pay for it. Kevin is the kind of client who orders 900 worth of room service in one night, that's like a golden goose!

20. The Plaza Had Some Odd Billing Policies

At the end of the movie Buzz gets handed Kevin's room service bill. Here's where I'm confused. The hotel just offered the McCallisters a complimentary deluxe 2 floor suite. So why are they bothering with a room service bill? Shouldn't that be covered as well as part of their apology for the mistake they made.

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