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20 Unique Quebec Lakes You Must See At Least Once In Your Life

Out of this world!
20 Unique Quebec Lakes You Must See At Least Once In Your Life

Quebec is know to have beautiful lakes, and even beyond Quebec, such as in Ontario and Vermont, there are even more majestic lake destinations! So, if you are planning on getting away from Montreal for awhile this summer, why not check out this unique lakes!

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You can choose how far you are willing to go and you really must see these lakes at least once in your life! Note that not all the distances are exact because it truly depends on where you live in Quebec and Montreal. But trust me, all of these lakes are 100% worth the drive!

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Lakes Close To Montreal:

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Lakes 50-100 km Away From Montreal

1. Lake Brome

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This emerald lake only one hour away from Montreal is absolutely stunning! I honestly can't believe that it is located right here in Quebec. The lake itself is surrounded by stunning mountains and there are so many diverse activities you can participate in! For example, there is paddle boarding, kayaking, hiking, etc.

2. Meech Lake

via @acraig93

Located right here in Chelsea, Quebec it's only 2.5 hours from Montreal! This cute little lake is the perfect hidden swimming spot for you to explore. Spend a day, or a couple days, relaxing here to fully enjoy your last few days of summer.

3. Lac de l'Achigan

via @valdepatie

Located in the Laurentian mountains, is Saint-Hippolyte's Lac de l'Achigan. This gorgeous lake offers great spots to go cliff diving and magnificent views. This is a perfect weekend summer getaway for you and your friends.

4. Lac du Moulin

via @dmferraz

The magnificent Lac du Moulin is a great destination if you love the outdoors! With great spots for picnics and even more amazing lake activities, you are 514% going to have a blast.

5. Réservoir Choinière

via @deslau_

Even though this isn't technically a lake, it still offers all the activities oh any normal lake! Réservoir Choinière is a perfect day get away with all your friends this summer.

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Lakes 100-200km Away From Montreal

1. Lake Memphremagog

via @smishesmithy79

You absolutely must come to the small town of Magog with your BFF! They are most famous for the Lake Memphremagog where you can see the Québécois Nessie and go to cute boutiques!

2. Lac Taureau​​​​​​​

via @mcbsjr

For that perfect secluded private beach, check out the area of Lac Taureau! It is a large basin that offers more than 30 km of beach, some of them accessible only by boat or kayak. You can even choose one of 50 islands to camp out on for a day!

3. Pink Lake

via @emrenk

Pink Lake is located in the beautiful Gatineau park that is surrounded by lovely trees and mountains. Unfortunately, it doesn't live up to it's name, but just because it isn't pink doesn't mean it's not still unique with it's variety of fauna!

4. Lake Tremblant

via @blairbarr27

If you have ever been to Mont-Tremblant I am sure you have seen the majestic Lake Tremblant in the Laurentians of QC! This is the perfect lake vacation since there are literally SO many activities that you and your friends can participate in, whether it be kayaking, swimming, or checking out Lake Tremblant from the top of Mont-Tremblant as the sun sets.

5. Lake Mégantic​​​​​​​

via @cometeblonde

Located in the Appalachian Mountains, Lake Mégantic​​​​​​​ is 514% AMAZING and totally worth the road trip! This lake is absolutely gorgeous and great for any little summer vacation.

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Lakes Close To Quebec:

For Lakes 50-100 km Away From Quebec Click "NEXT"

Lakes 50-100 km Away From Quebec

1. Flagstaff Lake​​​​​​​

via @micbritt

Time to check out our neighbors down south! Their lakes are just as beautiful and unique. One that is so close to Quebec happens to be Flagstaff Lake​​​​​​​ and it's a blast!

2. Connecticut Lakes State Forest​​​​​​​, Third Lake

via @instagramfaschifo

If you love dense forests with maximal relaxation, then escape down to Connecticut Lakes State Forest​​​​​​​ for a lovely road trip! The surroundings are absolutely breathtaking!

3. Mississippi Lake​​​​​​​

via @bewild_feelfree

The lovely Mississippi Lake sure is a beautiful destination that you must see at least once in you life! The views are truly stunning and if you need a pick up get away then this is the spot for you.

4. Presley Lake

via @averygoggans

Yes, named after the A1 singer Elvis, Presley lake is more of a tourist location with beaches and cabins. It is a great place for family fun this summer 2017!

5. Pierre Lake

via @eric_formsma

If you happen to live on the edge of Quebec and Ontario, then Pierre Lake is the place for you! Located inLittle Abitibi Provincial Park, Pierre lake is for those extreme campers who want to be completely submerged in nature.

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Lakes 100-200km Away From Quebec

1. Lake Champlain

via @seegagknee

Located in Vermont, Lake Champlain is a quick little getaway that you and your BFFs can take this summer! This U.S. lake sure is surrounded by gorgeous nature and great memories.

2. Chemquasabamticook Lake​​​​​​​

via @vickiveenstra

Located in the heart of main, this unique named lake sure does live up to it's potential! It is pretty HUGE and a great place to spend a relaxing weekend if you are down to get out of Quebec for awhile.

3. Tupper Lake

via @steveattardo

If you are in the mood to be in New York but don't want to stay in the city, then why not check out Tupper lake! This sweet lake is nice in the spring AND summer so get booking.

4. McKay Lake​​​​​​​

via @sunderland__

Why not head on down to our neighbors in Ottawa Ontario to check out this insanely cool lake! It's great for wild life, pictures, and an overall relaxing time with your friends.

5. Algonquin Provincial Park, Variety of Lakes

via @laurencbridle

I mean you can never go wrong with Algonquin Provincial Park! It is absolutely stunning and a guaranteed great time. I suggest having a nice camping weekend with lovely lake side hikes!

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