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2013 MTV Video Music Awards Complete Recap With Gifs

2013 MTV Video Music Awards Complete Recap With Gifs

Who else watch the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards at The Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY? They were quite interesting to say the leas. There were performances from twerkin Miley Cyrus, Mr. Started From The Bottom Drake, Kanye "gayfish" West, Bruno "I used to do a lot of blow but swear I dont anymore" Mars, Katy "Hot as hell" Perry and Lady "so sick of your face" Gaga. The N Sync reunion that everyone knew was going to happen but kept on being shot down as just a stupid rumor did pop off during Justin Timberlake`s epic set was odd and messy. So if you missed it all here is a quick recap with this fun set of GIFs. Enjoy.

Gaga got the show started with a weird as ever over the top trying to shock us performance.

The Smith family just all like wtf are we watching.

Miley right on cue to top Gaga in the I can be even more gross and coked out.

Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice!

The dull as white bread Taylor Swift was there also and we knew that because they cut to her every 4 seconds.

Justin Timberlake with a freaking ridiculously great performance, proving hes still got it.

N Sync showed up for a minute... Errr who cares.

Kanye jumping around in the dark and junk.

Drake transformed into a cartoon character of sorts.

And Katy Perry... Well Katy Perry nuff said!

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