2020 Southern Quebec Summer Weather Forecast Shows High Heat & Rain: Farmer's Almanac

The Farmer's Almanac is really the best place to look when it comes to long-range forecasts. The Almanac looks at tons of historical weather data as well as comparing current conditions so develop of large and broad forecast that is usually frighteningly correct. And it's looking like the Farmer's Almanac has found that the 2020 Southern Quebec summer weather forecast is showing high heat and lots of rain.

For this weekend in Montreal, the Almanac's forecast reads "Snow showers, cold." Which is definitely true. Here in Montreal, we've seen a fair amount of sporadic snow this week and the temperatures dropped significantly compared to last week.

Plus we're in for some stronger snow and the potential for freezing rain this weekend. 

This convinces me yet again that the people working at the Farmer's Almanac know how to forecast the weather... it's really kind of uncanny.

Unfortunately for us, though, that means that we really could be in for a hot, rainy summer this year. 

Here's a breakdown of the whole Annual Weather Summary from The Farmer's Almanac spanning from January 2020 all the way to October 2020.

The graph below shows the temperature and precipitation expectations for November 2019 - October 2020. Note the abnormally warm December, which we can attest to be true, as well as the abnormally cold November, when we saw our first snowstorm here in Montreal.

[rebelmouse-image 26887461 alt="Southern Quebec Summer Weather Forecast Shows High Heat & Lots Of Rain: Farmer's Almanac" photo_credit="The Farmer's Almanac" expand=1 original_size="1278x280"] The Farmer's Almanac

The Almanac also breaks down each season and what we can expect, so take a look below at what 2020 is going to bring.

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Winter 2020

The Farmer's Almanac explains that the coldest periods this winter will be most of January and February.

Precipitation will be above normal, but snowfall will be below normal, meaning we could be seeing a lot more of this freezing rain trend that has been cropping up lately.

The Almanac explains that "the snowiest periods will be in [...] mid-January, mid- to late February, and late March."

Spring 2020

The Almanac explains that "April and May will have temperatures below normal in the east and above normal in the west."

It also states that it will be "drier than normal," which is good news for those in areas that are prone to flooding.

With less snowfall, there should be less melt-off, a huge proponent of springtime floods.

Summer 2020

The Almanac explains that "summer will be hotter and rainier than normal."

It notes the hottest periods will be in mid-June, most of July and early August.

September will be warm again, making me more convinced that September is officially a summer month now.

October will be warmer than normal, too, and both months will bring more rain than normal. No word yet on if we'll be seeing snow in early November again.

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