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21 Montreal Spots To Visit When You're Craving Indulgent Comfort Food This Winter

The best medicine for winter blues.
21 Montreal Spots To Visit When You're Craving Indulgent Comfort Food This Winter

Winter months in Montreal are characterized by relentless cold weather, lack of sunlight and vitamin D, and general start-of-year anxiety. It's no wonder, then, that winter is the time when we crave comfort food the most. How else are you going to put on the winter weight to stay warm?

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Nothing sooths the mid-winter woes quite like carbs bathing in cream sauce ... or pizza covered in ounces upon ounces of stretchy gooey mozzarella cheese ... don't even get me started on perfectly roasted succulent meat like ribs or roasted chicken.

If you're craving a cheat day, don't feel guilty. Let's be real, "cheat day" is everyday in the winter. 

That said, here are some Montreal spots that are famous for their comfort food. Whether you want breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner, each spot serves up taste bud-tingling dishes that will actually make you forget that it's -30 outside.

The Greenspot

The Greenspot diner in Saint-Henri dates to the 1940s and little inside has changed: the booths still feature individual juke boxes (that no longer work) and antique diner signs decorate the walls. The Greenspot menu has remained classic, too, with dozens of kinds of poutine, milkshakes, and an unbeatable smoked meat sandwich.

The diner is located at 3041 Notre-Dame St W.

Le Coq de L'Est

Le Coq de L'est is worth the trek to the northeastern tip of Montreal Island. The cozy restaurant serves up unique and delectable dishes, like their rotisserie and fried chicken. Their menu is constantly changing but always delicious.

Check out their Facebook page here!

Paradis BBQ

Mac 'n cheese for brunch? Yes, please! This cozy Plateau spot serves up all the classic home-style comfort foods you crave in the winter, but in a intimate and modern envrionment.

More here!

Drogheria Fine

The Mile End staple is the place to go for a quick fix of gnocchi. The family-run business also sells jars of its legendary sauce.

Check out their Facebook page here!

Seasoned Dreams

Season Dreams serves Caribbean jerk chicken mac n' cheese. Enough said.

Read more here!

Lola Rosa

Lola Rosa is one of Montreal's most famous vegetarian restaurants with locations across the city. They specialize in veggie-friendly comfort food. Their mountain of nachos is a popular choice.

Check them out here!

Via Qing Hua Dumpling

Qing Hua Dumpling

With dozens of dumplings, steamed or fried, to choose from, Qing Hua has become a go-to for Montreal students. They also deliver!

Check them out here!

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Chez Claudette

The restaurant on ave. Laurier between the Plateau and Mile End serves classic Quebec cuisine. It's also open twenty-four hours a day, so it's the perfect place to head after an evening of drinking in one of the nearby breweries.

Check it out here!

Arthur's Nosh Bar

Another St-Henri restaurant, Arthur's Nosh Bar has become a Montreal brunch destination. On weekend mornings, the line extends down the block. This is high-end comfort food for when you need to treat yourself.

Check out Arthur's website here!

Patati Patata

The famous, tiny and colourful joint on the corner of St-Laurent and Rachel is the place to go for breakfast and fast-food delights. Get a pitcher of beer to wash it all down.

Read more here!

Montreal Pool Room

When you're looking for comforting food but you're on a budget, this downtown Montreal landmark offers all of your fav greasy Quebec casse-croute staples in an environment that looks like it hasn't changed much since its opening in 1912.

More here!

Burger Royal

Putting gooey and and creamy mac 'n cheese on a hamburger is what I call bold. This Plateau spot specializes in not-so-average burgers that will give you that instant happiness boost we all need during the winter.

More here!


Nothing like a warm and rich butter chicken or spicy curry to light up your taste buds. The comforting dishes from this lower Saint-Laurent spot are especially appreciated during the cold and frigid winter months.

More here!

Euro Deli Batory

The home-style Polish food from this Mile-End gem is medicine for the soul. Fluffy perogies, savoury sausage, vinegary slaw, all covered in warm and perfectly salted gravy, this is your winter hangover cure.

More here!

Chalet BBQ

Something about warm gravy that makes all your sorrows just melt away. Good thing Chalet BBQ puts gravy on almost everything. This NDG institution is a prime spot for forgetting your winter blues.

More here!

Kinton Ramen

Nothing quells the winter woes quite like ramen. It's the perfect balance of salty and fatty. You'll forget all your winter problems while you slurp up bouncy noodles from Kinton Ramen, now with three locations across Montreal.

More here!

Dépanneur le Pick-Up

If you're craving comforting classic diner-style food, but can't seem to make it yourself at home, this popular Mile-Ex gem has you covered.

More here!

Dinette Triple Crown

This cozy spot is tucked away in Montreal's Little Italy, and serves the most srumptious southern-style comfort food in the city. Classics like fried chicken, mac 'n cheese, and corn bread will have your belly filled and happy even though it's -20 outside.

More here!

Sushi Crescent

Although comfort food is usually associated with rich savory foods like cheese and cream, sushi can be just as comforting in the right quantities. If you want to stuff yourself silly, this downtown all-you-can-eat sushi spot has you covered.

More here!

Amelias Pizza

Everything from this McGill Ghetto spot is either covered in cream or cheese. Like, a lot of cheese. It's also bring-your-own-wine, which means this homestyle Italian eatery can get crazy busy. It's 100% worth the wait.

More here!

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Juliette & Chocolat

It's common to get hit with a crazy sweet tooth in the winter, and when a Kit Kat bar from the dep just won't cut it, you need to invest in the real thing to scratch that itch. The one-and-only Juliette & Chocolat is the prime spot to satisfy your sweet tooth in Montreal. They now have several locations across the greater Montreal area.

More here!

Happy eating, Montreal!

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