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21 Montrealers Who Did Amazing Things In 2016

A city full of talent, dedication and heart.
21 Montrealers Who Did Amazing Things In 2016

One of the biggest reasons why I love Montreal so much is because there's such a diverse and huge group of people who live here. We've got people creating things, doing things, living their best lives - it's honestly such an awesome population.

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In general, though, Montrealers are constantly doing some pretty amazing things. And in 2016, there were a whole bunch of Montrealers who stood out from the bunch.

Tiffany Youssef

A photo posted by Tiffany You (@tbyteayou) on

After starting off her company in her parents' basement, Tiffany Youssef's Tea You has shot to popularity. The Montreal-based clothing brand has recently become a favourite of Kylie Jenner and Joyce Bonneli, one of the Kardashian's makeup artists.

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Sterling Downey

A photo posted by Sterling Downey (@seazlington) on

Honestly, is there anything Sterling Downey can't do? He's a City Councillor in Verdun, co-founder of the Fresh Paint Gallery and founder of the Under Pressure Festival, and is the Homelessness and Animal Management critic for Projet Montreal. To say that Sterling Downey spent 2016 doing amazing things would be an understatement. It's more like he's been spending his life doing amazing things, to be honest.

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Chrissy Sgourakis

A photo posted by CHRISSY S (@chrissysgourakis) on

Chrissy Sgourakis owns Haute Balloon, the first luxury balloon shop in Montreal; and let me tell you, she is killing it. In 2016, her work has been pretty much everywhere. Chances are, if you've ever been to an event and have been seriously amazed by an array of gorgeous, larger-than-life, specialty balloons, then you know exactly where it came from.


Alanna Devine

SPCA spokesperson and lawyer Alana Devine has been a huge opponent of Montreal's Pitbull Ban, and has spent most of the year in the media, voicing her concerns against the bans.

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Marie-Joelle Parent

A photo posted by Marie-Joelle Parent (@mariejoelleparent) on

This Quebecoise journalist is based in New York City; this year, she launched her second book, 300 Reasons To Love San Francisco, featuring pictures and moments that'll make you fall in love with the city.

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Amlyne Philips

A photo posted by Interior Designer (@amlynephillips) on

This Montreal-based interior designer and founder of La Chambre Design Co. has some serious skills, which seriously shined throughout the year. Some of her more notable projects this year? Montreal's Kampai Garden (!), A5 Hospitality, and Billie Le Kid, to name a few.

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Setiz Taheri, Koku Awuye, & Gildas Awuye

A photo posted by Atelier New Regime (@ateliernewregime) on

These three entrepreneurs are the brains behind Montreal's Atelier New Regime. This year, the super popular fashion brand launched their first flagship store in Montreal, helping to cement Montreal's status as one of the most stylish spots in North America.

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Eliane Ecuyer & Laura Poulin

A photo posted by SALTY BIKINI ? (@saltybikini) on

The owners of Montreal-based swimwear line Salty Bikini, these two friends combined their respective skills in business and design to create a business they truly loved. Taking inspiration from the sand, sun, and water, this beachy swimwear line has only opened up earlier this year, but is already gaining a whole lot of popularity.

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Lance Stroll

A photo posted by Lance Stroll (@lance_stroll) on

The son of business mogul Laurence Stroll, Lance Stroll's talent lies in racing. By his Instagram account, it's clear that he spent the year practicing and honing his racing skills - and all this practice paid off, as he is set to be the world's youngest F1 driver.

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Kimberly Lallouz

A photo posted by Kimberly Lallouz (@kimberlylallouz) on

To say that Kimberly Lallouz has done a lot this year would be a huge understatement. After being a chef for Miss Pret A Manger and Resto Bar Monsieur, Kimberly opened up Montreal's Le Bird Bar in November. Not only that, but she also hosted "Les Garden-Partys de Kimberly" on Zeste this year, too!

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A photo posted by WIA (@whatisadam) on

You've probably noticed a whole lot of this Montrealer's work a whole lot throughout the city - and that's because this Montreal-based street artist is both hard working and extremely talented. In early 2016, his work was featured in a bunch of events and on a whole lot of super cool merchandise.

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Ver Sepasi

A photo posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀V E R S E P A S I (@versepasi) on

Honestly, I'll always admire people who pursue their dreams - and Montrealer Ver Sepasi is doing just that. Combining her love of travel and photography into a career, this Montrealer has spent the year travelling, taking pictures, and making a living off of her two passions. Goals AF.

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Frederick Durand

A photo posted by SNAILS (@snailmusic) on

Helping to put Montreal music on the map, Frederick Durand (AKA Snails) has spent the later half of 2016 touring in the U.S. and gathering a massive following. This DJ and producer might have slayed in 2016, but 2017 looks even brighter for this Montreal-based artist.

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Antonio Park

A photo posted by Antonio Park (@chefantoniopark) on

If you're in Montreal, you know exactly who Antonio Park is. This celebrity chef is involved in tons of awesome projects. Notably, he owns Park and Lavanderia restaurants, among many others; in 2016, he opened up Kampai Garden, and although Park suffered damage from a Westmount fire late in the year, it quickly recovered and returned better than ever.


Olivier Primeau

A photo posted by Olivier Primeau (@oli_beachclub) on

The owner of Beachclub and one seriously awesome Snapchat (and Instagram!) account, Olivier Primeau has spent pretty much all of 2016 doing amazing things. I feel like he's Montreal's version Scott Disick, except a whole lot more awesome.

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All The Montreal Rio Athletes

A photo posted by Meaghan Benfeito ?? (@megbenfeito) on

Every single Montreal athlete who ended up at the Summer Olympics in Rio this year pretty much slayed. Our athletes competed in things like rugby, tennis, diving, and swimming, and they all did great.

Nirra Fields, Lizanne Murphy, Emilie Fournel, Kirsti Lay, Jennifer Abel, Meaghan Benfeito, Roseline Filion, Philippe Gagné, Vincent Riendeau, Pamela Ware, Joseph Polossifakis, Maximilien Van Haaster, Rose-Kayen Woo, Arthur Margelidon, Sergio Pessoa, Bianca Farella, Stephanie Horner, Kylie Masse, Jacqueline Simoneau, Eugenie Bouchard, Micha Powell, and Dorothy Yeats... you guys did awesome!

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