21 Racist Facebook Comments By Quebecers About The Quebec City Terrorist Attack

This morning it seems like most media outlets were more concerned about getting the news out first, rather than getting the news right.

This resulted in a ton of misleading articles and texts packed with straight-up wrong information.

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First it was a shooting, then it was an "act of terrorism", then it was updated to just plain terrorism, without the quotes. As for the shooters, the information was just as misleading, first they were unidentified, then Muslim, then it was 1 Muslim and 1 Quebecer, and in the end it was just one Quebecer.

As if that wasn't bad enough, throughout the day, every news article I've seen was littered with racist comments. Especially the ones from TVA's Facebook page.

So instead of sitting there being appalled all by myself, I figured I'd share some of the worst ones I came across with you.

If the graphic doesn't load, you can check it out right there.