21 Things You Must Do Before You Graduate From McGill University

We’ve got your bucket list right here.
21 Things You Must Do Before You Graduate From McGill University

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During your years at McGill there are so many things going on, but there’s so much more to it than just getting your degree. When you graduate you should leave feeling like you’ve had the full McGill experience and we’re here to make sure you get it.

1. Skip class to drink at OAP

Make your first week back even better, plus who really needs to go to syllabus week.

2. Take a picture with James McGill

What other reason could there be for a life sized statue?

3. Study in Morrice Hall’s Octagon Room

Seriously, it’s like Hogwarts in there. You’ll never feel more studious.

4. Get drunk off of $20 at Gerts

$2 drink Thursdays? Yes please.

5. And get drunk at all of the other places on campus

There’re so many that it’d just be a waste if you didn’t.

6. Do at least one of carnival, hype week, faculty olympics, etc.

They’re crazy fun and totally worth the money. And who doesn’t want to get to wear ridiculous outfits for a week with no judgement.

7. Play BDP beer pong

Even if you’re shockingly bad, you’ve still got to do it.

8. Go to school on a truly horrible Montreal day

Everyone has to experience this at least once, plus it makes for a great story to tell to your out of province friends.

9. Eat the samosas

Those delicious snacks are just as much a part of McGill as the colour red.

10. Go to the Redpath Museum

It’s genuinely amazing and more than just the closest bathroom to OAP.

11. Take advantage of a failed exam

Bring it to Frostbite in McConnell for a free ice cream.

12. Go to a sports game

If you don’t want to do it purely for the support and school spirit, then do it for the cold beer they serve.

13. Actually explore MTL

It’s easy to get trapped in the McGill bubble so make a point to get outside of it and see everything Montreal has to offer.

14. Sign up for something

Finding the right club or activity can make or break you McGill career.

15. Go to Snowjam

Even if you’re the worst skier in the world, it’s still insanely fun.

16. Do Frosh

Doesn’t matter if you’re leading or a froshee, you have to do it at least once.

17. Have hungover brunch at Place Milton

It’s cheap, delicious, and usually filled with students trying to use the home fries to soak up everything they drank last night.

18. Go to Four Floors

Whether you end up loving it or hating it, you have to do it at least once.

19. Parlez the francais

We go to school in a French province so take advantage of it and learn a little of the language.

20. Pull an all nighter in McLennan

It’s open 24 hours during exams for a reason.

21. Take advantage of the bird courses

It’s not always easy to do well at McGill, so take the easy classes when you can.

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