21 Ways To Make Your Apartment Look & Feel Bigger

Quick fixes that you can use to give your home a 'spatial facelift'.
21 Ways To Make Your Apartment Look & Feel Bigger

At some point in everyone's life, they've most likely had to deal withliving in a small apartment, and as many of us know, apartments in can get pretty small. While you can't do anything about how much actual space you have (bar moving to somewhere larger and more expensive) you can, through the use of spatial illusion, make it look like there's more room. And luckily for you, many of these tricks are quick fixes that you can use right now to give your apartment a spatial facelift.

1. Hang mirrors

2. Buy see-through furniture

3. Paint your walls light colours

4. Use multi-purpose furniture

5. Take it to the ceiling

6. Get clear shower curtains

7. Buy furniture with legs

8. Avoid small decoration clutter

9. Leave windows uncovered


10. Declutter your space

11. Have a unified colour scheme

12. Leave blank space

13. Have furniture away from the walls

14. Colour coordinate your shelves

15. Get a striped rug

16. Use lamps instead of overhead lights

17. Have one dramatic piece of art

18. Hang a window treatment higher than where your windows actually start

19. Get rid of your doors

20. Don't make all your furniture small

Tiny apartment-sized furniture is great for small spaces, but not all of your furniture should be mini. Having one or two statement pieces (a bigger armchair, for example) will actually make it seem like there is more space.

21. Have a collapsable dining table

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