21 Worst Decisions You Can Make In Montreal

Photo cred - Len Radin

We all make mistakes in life.  We're only human after all. Sometimes these mistakes are harmless and don't cost us a thing, while others are true fml moments that truly have us scratching our heads while we wonder how in the world we could could be so dumb, in turn forcing us to find the closest available hard surface to kick (often a mistake in itself). Yes, making bad decisions is unfortunately rather inevitable, but based on personal experience, here are the absolute 21 Worst Decisions You Can Make In Montreal that you should avoid making as a sort of warning to hopefully relieve you from some serious rage and/or discomfort.

1. Get $2 chow mein anytime before 3am

Reserved for late-night drunchies only people.

Photo cred - @antbloch

2. Stay out Downtown past 3am without a plan to get home.

Trying to get a cab at closing time is a real shit-show.

3. Not moving your car before the snowplow comes

Because this.

4. Wait until the lights go on in the club to leave

The light at the end is not your friend, friend.

5. Take the metro after a big event at Parc Jean-Drapeau

Big ol' clusterfvck everytime.

6. Not pay attention to the condition of Montreal streets

This is what can happen.

Photo cred - Nancy F photos

7. Miss the last bus/metro home


8. Navigate the downtown core during Frosh

If only you could run just one of them over, as like a warning to the others.

9. Leave the house without your gloves/scarf/tuque/coat etc. in winter

It doesn't matter how hard you think are, winter wins. Everytime.

10. Not walking on the salted sidewalk

Living dangerously hurts sometimes.

11. Talk to those conspiracy theorists/political activists you see on street corners

Bet you didn't know Obama is related to Osama.

Photo cred - Ze Laurent

12. Live at the top of the hill

At least you never miss a leg day, right?

13. Eat $2 chow mein after 4am

There's a very small window (pun!) of time for eating $2 chow mein.

14. Use the Guy-Concordia metro station when you don't absolutely have to

So this is what hell looks and feels like.

15. Cheer for Toronto/Boston at the Bell Centre

Yup. Horrible decision.

16. Not consult parking signs

Confusion is better than a ticket.

Photo cred - Théo La Photo

17. Smoke outside in the winter

My face. I cannot feel my face.

18. Move out of Montreal


19. Drive on René-Lévesque at peak hours

Yea, you're screwed.

20. Not changing your summer tires before the first snowfall

We all do it.

21. Buy supermarket bread bagels

This is blasphemous and you know it.

Photo cred - Adam Kuban

*Bonus. Not checking MTL Blog daily :)

How else will you know what's happening out there??

Photo cred – cndwlf_66

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