22 Super Cute Things To Do With Your BFF In Montreal

That's my best friend.
22 Super Cute Things To Do With Your BFF In Montreal

Girls just want to have fun - That's all they really want -some fun - Oh girls just want to have fun.

Now that spring is officially here, time to get out with your BFF! Although friends might come and go, you know your best friend is there to stay. Now get out of your bed, put on your leather jacket and fur piece and grab your bestie for some day and night of FUN. Come on girls, get Snapchatting and Instagram flexing. I know I will.

Here are some cute things you need to do in our city:

1. Get a mani pedi while enjoying an apple martini at Rouge Nail Bar.

2. Relax at one of these luxurious day spas.

3. O-M-G Shopping spree!

4. Spend a night out at Joverse on a Tuesday.

The Ritual.

5. Take a bubble bath together and post a picture of it on Instagram.

Because Instagram straight flexin.

6. Take a fitness class at APC Gym.

Girls who work out together, stay together.

7. Grab brunch at a hip restaurant downtown and Snapchat it.

For a yummy story!

8. Take a drive out to Laval and buy some lingerie at Victoria's Secret.

9. Then realize that we have a store downtown, and go shop there instead.

10. Get a flawless spray tan at Barbarella's!

11. Roadtrip to these INSANE food festivals this summer.

12. Or find out where to get the best smoke meat in the city.

14. Feeling spontaneous? Fly to Paris for the weekend for less than $200.

15. Satisfy your chocolate cravings at the Chocolate Shop.

16. Splurge on make up together at the biggest make up sale of the year.

17. Grab your boyfriends and plan a double date at one of these.

18. Put on a little black dress and heels, and get to this secret lounge on Wednesday nights for champagne and oysters.

19. Visit the craziest condo building in Griffintown

Move in with your BFF for the summer!

20. Spend a night in with wine, Netflix and gossiping.

Slumber party ready.

21. Relax, and Yoga together.

22. Buy tickets to the sweetest event of the year!

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