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22 Very Real Struggles Of Dating A Guy From Montreal's West Island

You gotta really love them a lot.
22 Very Real Struggles Of Dating A Guy From Montreal's West Island

All relationships come with struggles but, I thought that I would share with you the struggles of dating a guy from the West Island. My current boyfriend, of 3 years, lives in Pierrefond so I have lived all of these struggles. I currently like in the Downtown Montreal area which poses many struggles in our relationship. But you know that they say, distance doesn't matter.

Many other Montrealer's are also dating people in the West Island so, I have decided to make this list of struggles so that we can all laugh at how true most of these struggles are. Most of these struggles will apply to those dating a guy from the West Island of Montreal but some of these are also just personal. A majority of them have to do with distance or the ultimate lifestyle of Westies.

So sit back, grab your West Island boyfriend and laugh at the amount of struggles your relationship faces that other couples can also relate too. West Island guys are great! Just be sure that you are up to the challenges that you will face with them. This article does not apply to everyone and also keep in mind that this is NOT an overall classification of all people from the West Island.

1. The Struggle Of Teaching Him To Use The Metro

Ah yes, teaching a guy from the West Island to use the metro to come and see you is not easy. A majority of Westies don't know much about the metro. So, when I had to teach my boyfriend to use the metro it was a mess. I am telling you know that you will need to repeat yourself 10 times before they think they have finally got it. But next thing you know your West Island guy almost ends up in Laval because they went the wrong way.

2. The Struggle Of Him Teaching You How To Take The Train

Now that you have taught him how to use the metro, it's time for him to teach you how to use the train. I did it solo my first time and let's just say I was a nervous wreck! Your West Island guy is going to be a bit vague on instruction but once you get the hang of it (and ask for help) it's pretty easy.

 3. The Struggle Of Getting A Ticket When He Didn't Show You How To Take The Train Properly

But before you finally get the hang of it, your West Island guy is going to cost you 108$ because he failed to show you how to buy the right ticket depending on which zone you are getting off at. Based on personal experience, I suggest forgetting what your West Island guy said and instead asking someone who works for the AMT to help you.

4. The Struggle Of Driving Out Of The West Island

When your West Island guy has a car, it may seem like a dream come true. But don't let that fool you because you will spend even more time trying to get home than you would if you took the train. You are probably thinking that with a car he will be able to drive you home easy peasy but... He will almost 100% get lost along the way.

5. The Struggle Of Him Suggesting To Go To Fairview

When in need of some proper shopping or when you are just bored, your West Island guy will definitely suggest heading to Fairview. Of course Fairview is nice... the first few times but, it doesn't even compare to Down Town Montreal. Personally, I just don't enjoy Fairview too much.

6. The Struggle Of Him Constantly Taking You To Boustans

Once your West Island guy introduces you to Boustans, you are going to fall in love if you like Lebanese food. It is so delicious that once you start, you won't be able to stop! He will bring you there constantly until you are both so fed up of it. And trust me, that will happen.

7. The Struggle Of Giving Him Directions To Find You Down Town

So now that your Westie managed to find his way to Down Town Montreal, he will need to find you. I can't even say how difficult it is... but it's HELLA HARD.

EX: "Hey babe I'm here."

"Ok, I'm in Little Burgundy."

"Uh ok where is that."

"Ummm turn.. um right when you get out of the metro and walk straight"


...30 minutes later and you find out that your West Island guy got off the wrong metro and walked the opposite way. Now, you are like a mom looking for their lost child!

8. The Struggle Of Going To Holiday Parties With Families

If you and your West Island guy are at that serious level, then you both face a new struggle... Going to holiday parties with each others families. What usually occurs is that your West Island guy comes to your family first and then you drive down to his family's parties. You guys will lose times traveling but hey, love is love!

9. The Struggle Of Paying 60$ For A Cab

The joy you get when seeing your West Island boyfriend is worth the 60$ cab ride but let's be honest... That's ridiculous! Your West Island guy may be costing you more than your expected! But you can't put a price on love..

10. The Struggle Of Going To House Parties

Oh yes, when the time comes and you go to one of his friend's house party, you need to think about how you are going to get home...uh oh. Either he can't drink or you need to pay that 60$ for a cab so, either way you are stuck. But good luck!

11.The Struggle Of Going Clubbing

The struggle to actually get to St. Laurent when you're with a West Island guy is a struggle similar to that of going to house parties. For those who live near Down Town Montreal, it is relatively easy but now you need to worry about how your Westie boyfriend is going to get home. Either he doesn't drink and drives home OR he spends 60$ cabbing home.

 12. The Struggle Of Going To Annies On The Weekend

Instead of heading down to St.Laurent, your West Island guy will probably drag you to Annies for drinks with his friends. This may seem like a great option for the both of you but let's be honest, it kind of sucks. After awhile you get bored of going to the same place and you end up getting home late while he gets home even later!

13. The Struggle Of Making Him Explore Down Town

Now this struggle is pretty cute, making your West Island guy explore Down Town Montreal is actually really fun. They usually get all excited and they keep saying how cool everything is especially if you take them to the Plateau area! This struggle is fun as long as it isn't a super hot summer day and you are stuck walking around site seeing!

14. The Struggle Of Going To Sky Tag 100 Times

When in doubt, a West Island guy uses Sky Tag as a solution. I will admit, it is super fun but after you go about 5 times, it starts to get a bit boring. I suggest bringing a bunch of different friends so that it is more fun after awhile.

15. The Struggle Of Having So Many Food Options But Always Going To Marathons

The West Island is home to many great food locations however, when your West Island guy just loves Marathons SO MUCH you will 90% of the time end up there. To be honest, I'm not even complaining too much since I personally love it there!

16. The Struggle Of Going Somewhere Where He Doesn't Know Someone

When going out in the West Island, it is nearly impossible to go ANYWHERE without having your West Island guy spot someone he knows. I mean he will literally see someone he knows as soon as he leaves the house. You get to meet a lot of his friends which is great but, making small talk isn't everyone's cup of tea.

17. The Struggle Of Taking the 470

Finally, when you have had enough with the train, you decide to make the long trek to the West Island via metro and bus. But instead, now you are faced with the dreadful 470. The bus that brings you to Fairview but that comes at the most awkward times. So now instead of paying for train tickets, you are running and waiting for the 470.

18. The Struggle Of Trying To Make Plans But He Doesn't Know Where Anything Is

When trying to make plans with a West Island guy, he is going to suggest going to a bunch of places in the West Island. So, you decide to make suggestions about a bunch of cool places down town. But, he won't know where a majority of things are and then he will ask you a bunch of questions about what's there. So you need to be patient...

19. The Struggle Of Car Pooling

A common solution to going out down town with your Westie boyfriend and his friends is car pooling! Car pooling is a pretty good solution but let's be honest... there is constantly a struggle of trying to find the designated driver. Plus, since all his friends live in the West Island it's always a pain to try and get yourself home.

20. The Struggle Of Always Going To Adonis For Last Minute Things

When your Westie boyfriend needs last minute things for himself and his family, you will almost always find yourself walking or driving down to Adonis. Adonis has basically become my second home and I know where everything is when I don't even live in the West Island!

21. The Struggle Of Going To Dolce Vita Every Time You Want Ice Cream

Yummy, yummmy! Once your West Island guy brings you to Dolce Vita it will become your go to place! It is delicious but it's a struggle to burn all those calories afterwards!

22. The Struggle Of Loving Your West Island Guy Too Much

Even though you and your West Island guy have all these struggles, you still love him! My West Island guy is irreplaceable and I'm sure your's is too! You may get frustrated with all these struggles that come along with dating a West Island guy but.. who could complain with Marathons and love!

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