2,300 Homes Evacuated As Devastating Floods Continue Across Quebec (Photos & Videos)

Countless towns and cities are currently under water.

As we reported this morning, flooding has continued to spread across the province of Quebec. A woman has already been reported dead due to floodwaters washing out a road in Pontiac. 

As the waters continue to rise, the Canadian Armed Forces have been deployed in several cities to help with setting sandbags out and helping to evacuate citizens in high-risk areas. 

Below are photos and videos taken around the province as floodwaters continue to threaten Quebec citizens. 

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TL;DR As snow continues to melt and rain looms in the forecast, people in Quebec are struggling to manage the rising floodwaters across the province. Photos and videos below show the extent of the water damage in Quebec right now.

The CBC is reporting that over 2,300 homes have been evacuated thus far in Quebec.

Affected areas include Rigaud, Mille-Îles River and the Rivière-des-Prairies, Beauce, Sainte-Marie, Scott, Gatineau, Laval, Pierrefonds-Roxboro area, Saint-André d'Argenteuil, Lévis and more.

Rivers and storm drains are both backed up thanks to rain over the weekend and melting snow.

While here in Montreal it seems like the snow is last month's problem, many towns just an hour outside the city are still dealing with intense flooding due to the melting snow that is rapidly becoming water. 

Of course, this is Canada. So there is always going to be those Canadians that are ready to make the most of even the worst weather situations.

In the video below, you can see someone actually SURFING on the Ottawa River. 

And the girls above decided to make the most of the water by treating it like a day at the beach. Amazing.

Though, even if some people are able to make the most of the flooding in Quebec, the reality is that it's a very dire situation.

With roads closed off and people being evacuated from their homes, this continued flooding has clearly created serious issues for people across the province.

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