24 Things All Montrealers Should Eat To Feel Like A Kid Again

Relive your childhood through food.
24 Things All Montrealers Should Eat To Feel Like A Kid Again

There's no doubt that when you look back on your childhood you'll remember eating some pretty strange things, but also some incredibly delicious things. But for whatever reason, as we get older we seem to cut those tasty tidbits out of our lives. Maybe it's because they were usually horrible for you. Who's to say really?

But if you like getting a little kick of nostalgia and feeling like you did as a kid, get yourself to the store and buy any one of these 24 things. They'll be sure to send you on a trip down memory lane.

1. Lunchables

It was the best day ever when you got to school and saw one of these in your lunch bag.

2. Fun Dip

Like cocaine for kids.

3. Koolaid Jammers

Not only was Koolaid one of the best parts of you childhood, but being able to take it everywhere you went was even better.

Photo Cred - Army of Awesome People

4. Flintstone's Vitamins

They were keeping you healthy and you didn't even notice or care because they were so damn cool and delicious.

5. Dunkaroos

The best possible lunchtime dessert.

6. Alpha-getti

Sure it's just noodles and tomato sauce, but everyone lived off these at one point or another as a kid.

7. Chef Boyardee

Only the Chef knew how to make a truly delicious ravioli that was ready to eat in 2 minutes or less.

8. Fruit By The Foot

It's like a snack and a toy all in one.

Photo Cred - J Smith

9. Handi-Snacks

Sure the idea of spreadable, non-perishable cheese may seem weird now, but there's no denying that these things were delicious.

10. Bugles

If you never made a bugle claw at least once in your life, then you need to go fix that immediately.

11. Baby Bottle Pops

"Baby bottle pop, baaaaby bottle pop!"

12. Dino Chicken Nuggets

The only acceptable form of chicken nugget.

13. Spongebob Popsicles

Sure, sometimes they got a little warped and looked like a burn victim, but getting one of these from the ice cream truck was one of the most exciting things ever.

Photo Cred - The Lady In Red Blog

14. Happy Meal

No childhood is complete without a happy meal. You got food AND a toy! What could be better than that?

15. Jaw Breakers

Yes these always took forever to eat, and your tastebuds were essentially gone by the end of it, but it was always totally worth it.

16. Mini Pigs In A Blanket

What kid didn't love mini hot dogs?

17. Cream Soda

When you showed up to a birthday party and saw that they had pink cream soda out on the table, don't lie, you just about lost your damn mind.

18. Mac and Cheese

While KD should never be limited to just childhood, I'm sure you first developed your love for the neon powdered cheese as a youngin'.

Photo Cred - This Full House

19. Smiley Potatoes

They may have looked a little creepy sometimes, but they were always delicious.

20. Sunny D

The drink of champions.

21. Ritz Cheese Crackers

Pretty much one of the most delicious snacks that you could have as a kid.

22. Ring Pop

Can you even remember how many fake engagements you had as a kid thanks to these tasty rings?

23. Goldfish

The snack that smiles back never failed to put a smile on your face.

Photo Cred - Amazon

24. Glue

Don't did it.