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24 Things Every Broke Montrealer Has Said

No money, mo' problems.
24 Things Every Broke Montrealer Has Said

Your wallet is empty, your fridge is barren, and you haven't done laundry in a month. Your nightmares are made up of student debt and rent money. To put it simply, you're broke. But it's okay because so is the rest of Montreal. And let's be real: we've all said some of these things at least once.

1. "Why don’t I speak French? I need a job!"

 2. "Why do I speak French and still don’t have a job?"

 2. "I should probably have enough money for the metro if I look in my couch cushions..."

 3. "Bulk Barn in NDG? Worth the travel time."

 4. "The only take-out I can afford is 2-chow."

5. "Let’s go shopping! We could go to Eva B’s, Salvation Army, or raid one of the donation bins at Concordia."

 6. "What do you mean I can’t bring five Tupperware containers to the peoples potato?"

 7. "I get a student discount with that, right?"

 8. "You guys take the cab, I’ll just BIXI."

 9. "If I cut off the mold it's like it was never there."

 10. "I’m sure your Goose is warm, but if you wear 8 sweaters it pretty much has the same effect."

 11. "How much do you think those guys who squeegee windows make? It may be worth looking into."

 12. "It’s sad but I’m actually considering answering this Craigslist ad for masseuses..."

 13. "Why is Hydro so expensive?"

 14. "Why is food so expensive?"

15. "Why is school so expensive?"

 16. "Why is toilet paper so expensive?"

 17. "Yeah my apartment is cheap, but I get a nasty draft through the baseboards and I’m pretty sure there is a colony of mice living in my washing machine."

 18. "No I don’t need to go to the doctor, I’ll just have some Pepto and sit in the bath for a bit. It does the trick."

 19. "Ceiling leaking? Duct tape."

20. "What kind of beer are you drinking?" "8.6% Budlight. It's gross but you can get a forty of it for $5.50 so..."

 21. "My budget is like 40% food 40% booze and the rest goes to drugs, tampons and my student debt."

 22. "I know the place looks bad now, but I saw this thing on Pinterest and I think I can make it work."

 23. "If I lived in Verdun I would save SO much money on rent."

24. "Mom, could you send me $20?"

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