25 Cheap Second (Or Third) Date Ideas In Montreal

Seal the deal.
25 Cheap Second (Or Third) Date Ideas In Montreal

Hey, did you just have a first date? Yeah? Did it go well? Yeah? Awesome! Super happy for you, friend, but now it's time to keep up the momentum. No pressure.

Actually, no pressure for real. It can be a little bit tough to come up with awesome ideas for that second (or third!) date - especially if you blew all your ideas, and maybe money, the first time around. But no worries, friend. Montreal is full of awesome, cheap date ideas that are sure to impress your special someone.

1. Get yourselves to Montreal's arcade bar, and explore your budding relationship through booze and Pac-Man.

2. If gaming's not your thing, no worries. Head over to Montreal's Second Chinatown and bond over your mutual love of dumplings.

3. Get to know each other better over mutual, inexpensive pedicures.

4. Impress your date with your savvy knowledge of the city and take them to Montreal's hidden, awesome pizzeria.

5. Make your second date adventurous AF by road tripping to any one of these beautiful Quebec hiking locations.

6. Or, stay right at home and tour some of the city's loveliest bike paths together.

7. Afterwards, grab a donut and adorably bond over all the hilarious things that happened on your bike ride.

8. Unleash your inner party animals and head out to Beachclub for a fun, beachy day.

9. Or, if partying isn't your thing, take a couple stroll through Saint-Denis' huge red terrasse.

10. Then pop into any one of these affordably-priced eateries for dinner.

11. Reveal your sensitive side by taking your new lover on any one of these art-inspired dates.

12. Prove to your date that you're not just a one-borough person and take them to one of the best hidden spots in St. Leonard (or Verdun!)

13. For your second date, impress your lover with your knowledge of authentic and tasty desserts, and take them out for churros and hot chocolate.

14. Organize a DIY boozy slushie event at your place, and chill with some chilled drinks.

15. Love public art? Take a couple's stroll down Montreal's Sainte-Catherine Street for the Boules Roses exhibit, and impress your date with your knowledge of the installation.

16. Or take a walk through the Plateau, and show them all your favourite street art pieces.

17. Become tourists for the day and hit up all of Montreal's most popular spots.

18. Then treat bae to a famous smoked meat sandwich at Schwartz's, and brush up on your facts about the institution, just to show that you know your stuff.

19. Or treat them to a delicious Julep at Montreal's Orange Julep... Still brush up on your knowledge, for extra bonus points.

20. Are you and your date music lovers? For your second date, hit up one of these free music festivals.

21. Want to go big or go home? Check out these cheap Quebec mansions for rent, and go on a weekend date.

22. Explore Montreal's underground city together... Then, give up and grab a bite to eat near whichever metro station you happen to be at.

23. Prove your listening skills by downloading their favourite '90s movie.

24. Then rent an inexpensive hotel room together and watch it.

25. And, if all else fails, get to know your new bae over coffee at Montreal's $3 "all you can drink" cafe.

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