25 Do's And Don'ts For Osheaga 2013

1. DO accommodate short people if you're a giant.

2. Do NOT be a huge drunk/hot mess/waste case...at least not too early in the day.

3. Do NOT assume everyone wants to be touched and share their feelings if you are in that 'mindset'.

4. DO keep screaming in peoples ears while behind them in a crowd to a minimum.

5. DO wear deodorant. It's sad I have to remind you, but we all forget.

6. DO pace yourself. Three days is a long time, so keep overall consumption at a steady pace.

7. DO bring sunscreen.

8. Do NOT be a critical hipster and say shit like 'their performance at Coachella was WAY better...”.

9. DO make it out to the pre- and after-parties. Fun doesn't have to end..

10. DO respect the environment and your surroundings. Being green is cool.

11. DO keep hydrated. Remember those after-parties?

12. Do NOT get kicked out. Your friends won't vouch for you or come with you.

13. DO go with the flow. Planned fun is never a good time so take changes as they come.

14. Do NOT scream 'play 212' at Azalea Banks. She will perform it when she wants to.

15. DO make friends. Resting bitch face will deter new homies, so be personable.

16. DO keep connected and reachable. No one wants to worry about wherever the hell you went.

17. Do NOT take too long in the washroom, or make a huge mess. Sharing is caring, especially with lavatories.

18. Do NOT sing along to the whole song. You're not in the band for a reason.

19. DO watch the performance with your eyes, and not through your phones video recorder. You will never watch the video and neither will your facebook friends.

20. DO respect the old folks who came to watch The Cure

21. Do NOT be a douchebag and start a fight. Violence is never the answer, and is more hassle than its worth.

22. Do NOT bitch about crowds. Everyday is sold out, what'd you expect?

23. Do NOT bring/wear a fur coat during Macklmore's performance. Its just a bad idea.

24. DO check out the food trucks that will be attending.

25. DO have fun, get drunk, and enjoy some solid tunes.