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25 Irrefutable Signs You Grew Up In LaSalle

You are probably at Chocos reading this.
25 Irrefutable Signs You Grew Up In LaSalle

Calling all Lasallers! This one goes out to you. Everyone knows that each borrow's populations has their own individual signs and struggles... Especially in Lasalle. Since I grew up in Lasalle, I can honestly say that I have experienced each of these signs. If you can recognize these signs, then you know you are a Lasaller or that you wish to be one.

It's hard to even find a place to begin since Lasalle has so many things that make it unique. Being a Lasaller, I can honestly say that we have all undergone a majority of the same struggles and we can all think of specific signs that make us Lasaller's.

Lasalle is honestly a great place even though Lasaller's will say they hate it sometimes. But let's be real, a piece of your heart and identity will always belong to Lasalle. So sit back, relax, go to Chocos, and read this article to see how much of a Lasaller you really are.

1. You Are A Lasaller If You Go To "Place"

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Oh "Place"... The place to be when you just want to chill with your friends. Yes, it does get really boring but for some reason we all never stopped going. I can't even say how many crazy memories I have A "Place". It was the first place for many things. The first place I drank alcohol, the first place I tried typical teenage things, and it is the first place where I met a bunch of new people. I know first hand that everyone hangs out here as they are growing up. Not only because I was one of them but also because I worked at the McDonald's in "Place". "Place" was the place to be every Friday and Saturday night. It was always full of teens which created a lot of havoc. You know you truly are a Lasaller if you were at "Place" and the cops came.

2. You Are A Lasaller If You Go To Chocos

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The best place to gossip, talk with friends, eat great food, and spend little money... Cafe Chocolatte... or as we Lasaller's call it "Chocos". Every Lasaller knows that when you walk into Chocos you will 100% see someone you know. Not only do you know you are a Lasaller if you go to Chocos, but the waiters also know you are a Lasaller since they remember their clients. I can't even count the amount of times that I have been amazed by their service. Not only do they remember you, but they also remember your order without even writing it down! Chocos has always been, and will always be, the place to be in Lasalle on any night of the week for a good deep convo with your BFF.

3. You Are A Lasaller If You Play Soccer

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Well, well, well, Lasalle happens to be filled with kids! Kids need sports and Lasalle has chosen soccer to be their #1 sport! If you are A Lasaller, you have played soccer for the Lasalle Rapids at least once in your life. Whether you were 5 or 15, everyone in Lasalle has tried soccer. Lasalle is also known for having other great sports teams such as their football teams and hockey teams!

4. You Are A Lasaller If You Know The Struggles Of Never Having A Soccer Field To Play On

Since you have probably continued to play soccer with Lasalle, then you all know the struggle of trying to find an empty field. A majority of the fields are filled with blue Lasalle Rapid jerseys or with big groups of guys. Well, being a female soccer player, it has been a constant struggle to try and find a empty field to play on with some of my friends. I mean most Lasallers offer to let us play with them but sometimes you just want a field to your own.

5. You Are A Lasaller If You Are A "Bro" or "Fra"

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Oh yes, I went there... As all Lasallers know, a majority of us are Italian (even me). And speaking on behave all of Italians in Lasalle, I can say that a lot of us call each other bro. EX: "Ya bro, let's go to Lupos tonight for drinks."

6. You Are A Lasaller If Your Past High School Teachers Are Drinking With You

Now this is funny, weird, awkward, and fun on all levels. A common stereotype that is almost always true is that Lasallers drink with their past High School teachers. Most of the time this occurs at the Brass or Lupos on a Friday or Saturday night. Now, depending on the teacher this is always a good laugh.

7. You Are A Lasaller If You Got Drunk At The Brass At Least Once In Your Life

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The Brass happens to be a quick and easy place to get drinks in "Place" Lasalle. For most Lasallers, it happens to be the first place that they have ever gotten drunk. But for a lot of us, it also happens to be the place that caused the worst hangover. The Brass will forever be known as a place where your teachers, parents, and where you yourself have been drunk at least once in your life.

8. You Are A Lasaller If You Don't Want To Leave Your House In PJ's Because You See Everyone

A constant struggle of all Lasallers is the will to go out looking like crap but never doing it. Every Lasaller knows the reason... Because you know everyone! You cannot leave your Lasalle home without seeing at least 3 people you know. So your best bet is to get a bit descent but if you are like me, you stopped caring awhile ago.

9. You Are a Lasaller If You Smoke Weed By The Water

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You are 100% a Lasaller if you have smoked weed along the Lasalle Rapids. For most people, this location is their first and for others it's their daily smoking spot. It is a perfect spot to smoke up and every Lasaller knows it.

10. You Are A Lasaller If You Are Forever Waiting For The 109 Or 110

The daily struggle of every Lasaller is the constant anticipation of when the f*ing 109 or 100 will show up. Lasalle has a bad habit of letting their bus' run 20 minutes later than their scheduled time. This is a constant struggle of all Lasallers and I can honestly say it is the absolute worst.

11. You Are A Lasaller If You Can Never Find A Seat On The Bus

Now, when the 109 or 110 has finally showed up and if they haven't driven past you, you cannot find a seat! First of all, it is either filled with teens going to school, the eldery, or day camp kids. It is near to impossible to ever find yourself a seat on a Lasalle bus.

12. You Are A Lasaller If You Know That Angrigon Mall Is The Worst

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Whenever you bring a non-Lasaller to Angrigon Mall, they always say "oh it's not even that bad!" But all Lasallers know the truth... Angrigon mall is pretty bad. As a Lasaller and as someone who has actually worked in the mall, I can assure you that this statement is absolutely correct. If you are a Lasaller, you know to go Down Town when you need to shop.

13. You Are A Lasaller If You Walk Through The McDonald's Drive Through At 1pm

Don't even lie, we have all done it. As a former McDonald's employee I know that all Lasallers have done it at least once. All Lasallers have walked through the drive through after 1pm to order food. This actually takes Lasallers a lot of effort. The reasons being is that in order for the employee to realise that you are there, you need to set off the motion detector which requires jumping and even running.

14. You Are A Lasaller If You Get Drunk At The Water

Since most Lasaller's don't host house parties, I know through experience that a popular Lasalle thing to do is to get drunk along the Lasalle rapids. It was also a perfect summer activity that almost always involved someone throwing up.

15. You Are A Lasaller If You Know At Least Someone Who Works At Every Restaurant

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Since Lasallers already know basically everyone of Lasalle, each Lasaller knows the struggle of seeing someone you know when going out to a restaurant. Whether it be Kyomi, Bocci, or Scores, someone you know definitely works at one of them.

16. You Are A Lasaller If You Can Smell The Hot Dead Fish Smell By The Water

The absolute worst is the sweet summer smell of dead fish near the water of Lasalle. This smell happens to travel to half of Lasalle and all Lasallers know that this is the time to try not to gag. It is one of the faults that comes with summer in Lasalle.

17. You Are A Lasaller If You've Been To "Mama Africa"

Ok, first things first I have absolutely no idea where this name has come from, but "Mama Africa" happens to be a secret place. In order to find it, you have to go on the bike path near the Champlain/Boulevard de la Vérendrye bridge. "Mama Africa" is no secret to Lasallers. It is a piece of cement that leads into the canal of the near Champlain/Boulevard de la Vérendrye bridge. You can actually see it from the bridge. "Mama Africa" is the only name I know it by and well, Lasallers name things weird stuff for no reasons sometimes when they are high.

18. You Are A Lasaller If You Use The Big Italian Church As A Landmark

You know you are a Lasaller when you use the big Italian church to differentiate the two sides of Lasalle. The two sides of Lasalle are separated by a canal and are connected by the bridge between Champlain and Boulevard de la Vérendrye. The big Italian church is used to describe the Boulevard de la Vérendrye side of Lasallse and "Place" is used to describe the Champlain side of Lasalle. So you are a Lasaller if you live near the big Italian church or "Place".

19. You Are A Lasaller If You Go To Dawson College

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Most, but not all, Lasallers go to Dawson College. Not only because Dawson happens to be around 20 minutes away via public transit but because it is a social place. Dawson College is super popular in Lasalle so you know that you are a Lasaller if you go to Dawson College.

20. You Are A Lasaller If You Are Always Down Town

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Since Lasalle is located fairly close to Down Town Montreal, Lasallers will more than often find themselves down town on almost any day of the week. Lasallers willl often shop down town, eat down town, and party down town.

21. You Are A Lasaller If You Go To Lupos

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Lupos, similar to the Brass, is another place where your teacher, parents, siblings, and where you yourself go out for drinks. It has the Lasalle ambience down to the T as it is filled with Italians, drinks, food, and sometimes local live music. It is a great place to get your typical Lasalle friends drunk in front of everyone they know.

22. You Are A Lasaller If You Run Along The Water

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For those active Lasallers, it's no secret that you all run down by the water. It truly is the perfect place to run sine it has an amazing view and even a windmill.

23. You Are A Lasaller If You Go To Lasalle Drive-In

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The home of greasy fast food that all Lasallers get at least once every summer. It's a Lasallers junk food dreams and it's right on the water so it is basically in the heart of Lasalle.

24. You Are A Lasaller If You Watch The Surfers

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You know you live in Lasalle when you watch people surf in the St. Lawrence River.

25. You Are A Lasaller If You Love Your Community

Lasallers are all apart of a a tight-knit community. Lasalle has a great community and it's a great place to grow up in. You may hate it sometimes because of the typical Lasalle struggles but I would not have had my childhood anywhere else.

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