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25 Montreal Celebrities To Follow On Snapchat

The best stories in the city.
25 Montreal Celebrities To Follow On Snapchat

I truly believe that Snapchat is the most relevant social media platform right now. It might not be the most popular one, but it definitely is "cooler" than others at the moment. It helps people stalk their favourite celebrities and friends on a day-to-day basis without it being weird.

Among the people I follow, most Snapchat stories are quite repetitive... there are, however, some who really stand out from the crowd and whose videos I want to watch over and over again. So here are 25 Montrealers whose Snaps will really entertain you.

Olivier Primeau (oliprime)

The very popular owner of Pointe-Calumet's Beachclub.

Steph Paris Berks (stephparisberks)

Montreal's PR goddess does all the cool Montreal things you wish you did.

Josh Elkin (mookygwopson)

Food network host and talented chef will make you salivate like Pavlov's dog.

Tyler Lemco (tlemco)

It's the guy who wasn't running for anything andjust wanted his own campaign poster. Follow him for good laughs.

Alex Melki (blahblahblalex)

Host, video journalist and just a funny guy to follow on Snapchat.

Corey Shapiro (vintageframes)

Owner of Vintage Frames and Notorious Barbershop, Corey Shapiro is a popular Montreal personality.

Rebecca Perez (rperezident)

Gorgeous writer at MTL Blog who covers fashion, food and going out.

Manny Fortin (capslockmanny)

A talented Montreal photographer who makes sure his snaps are visually appealing.

Jesse Arcouette (jreday)

Remember that guy who spotted fur coats around Montreal? That's him.

Harley Morenstein (harleyplays)

Host of Epic Meal Time on YouTube, actor and Internet personality.

Narcity Montreal (narcitymontreal)

MTL blog's French website.

Massimo Lecas (massimomtl)

Owner of Buonanotte, Fiorellino, Porchetta and Jellyfish restaurants.

Jake Greenberg (ruinedrep)

Owner of Ruined Rep streetwear accessories shares some hilarious snaps you need to watch right now.

George Andreadakis (georgeviphost)

If you like models, bottles, parties and celebs - you will appreciate this account.

Fred BF (snapfred_bf)

Popular Montreal vlogger with fun Snapchat story.

Miranda Cipolla (ciaomiranda)

Miranda is a food writer at MTL blog. Her Snaps will make you hungry.

Kevin Vincent (highklassified)

Hilarious Montreal DJ you must follow ASAP!

Lysandre Nadeau (Lysandrenb)

Montreal YouTuber who left everything behind and moved to Los Angeles. (justsquad)

If you're into fitness, you will love this account.

Avo Aboulian (toyzautoart)

Fast cars and glamorous lifestyle of Montreal's Lamborghini god.

Ksenia Boeva (ksu.boeva)

Follow this gorgeous Montreal girl on her travels and adventures.

Alex Fashion Beauty (AlexandraLar)

Travels and everyday life of Alex, Montreal fashion and beauty vlogger.

Adam Susser (adsoup1)

Montreal comedian, writer, actor and entertainer.

Charlie Shulz (charlieshulz)

Popular male model that will make you dream.

Irina Tee (irina_tee)

Hey, might as well follow me too!

BONUS!!! MTL Blog (mtlblog)

Why? Because! ;)

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