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25 Montreal Coffee Shops To Get A Great Almond Milk Latte

Warm, delicious and refreshing.
25 Montreal Coffee Shops To Get A Great Almond Milk Latte

Photo cred - Traciw

Soy milk is for basic betches (not a typo). There, I said it. As much as I love a big bowl of vanilla soy milk with my cereal, when it comes to coffee, the mighty almond beats the plain old soy bean every time. Lighter, frothier when steamed, and lacking any weird aftertaste, almond milk is the perfect latte-liquid, better even, perhaps, to cow's milk.

Not always the standard dairy-free option at restaurants and cafes, almond milk can't be found everywhere in Montreal, as most coffee shops use soy milk. Somehow, the lack of availibility of almond milk makes it that much more special, as your spirits are instantly raised when you see "almond milk available" on the menu of the cafe you just popped into.

To make your almond milk latte drinking a little less sporadic, we did some digging and found 25 cafes that always have the almond-y stuff on the menu. Vegans and lactose-intolerant folk will want to pay heed, as will anyone who just enjoys a good almond milk latte. If you've never had the chance to try one, then hit one of these cafes up, you shan't regret it.

As always, if we forgot a coffee shop, let us know in the comments and we'll gladly add 'em in.


Where: 5175A Parc (map)

Special Features: A delicious house blend of coconut and almond milk, live jazz performances, great vegan food

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Pourquoi Pas

Where: 1447 Amherst (map)

Special Features: House-made almond milk, knowledgeable and friendly staff, variety of coffees

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Where: 19 Prince Arthur West (map)

Special Features: Relaxed atmosphere, large and share-able tables, Sweet Lee's baked goods

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Café Code Black

Where: 4095 St. Laurent (map)

Special Features: Large sitting space, friendly staff, variety of foods and beverages

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MELK Bar à Café

Where: 5612 Monkland (map)

Special Features: Easy access for folk in NDG, Trou de Beigne baked goods

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Lili & Oli

Where: 2515 Notre-Dame West (map)

Special Features: Full lunch menu, gluten-free baked goods, charming atmosphere

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Cafe St. Henri Emery

Where: 301 Émery (map)

Special Features: Quiet atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, close to Berri-UQAM

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Cafe Vito

Where: 151 Villeray (map)

Special Features: Neighborhood vibe, fresh cannoli

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Buck15 Espresso Bar

Where: 3027 Notre-Dame West (map)

Special Features: Amazing variety of toasts + spreads, cold brew available, Trou de Beigne donuts

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Where: 2157 Mackay (map) + 105 Rachel West (map)

Special Features: Utterly delectable vegan and gluten-free meals and desserts

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Dame Tartine

Where: 1652 Ontario East (map)

Special Features: Full breakfast and brunch menu, daily specials

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Fixe Café Bistro

Where: 5985 St. Hubert (map)

Special Features: Healthy food menu with changing specials, weekend brunch, knowledgeable staff

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Café Odessa

Where: 65 Beaubien East (map)

Special Features: Baked goods from local bakeries, changing selection of coffees

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Where: 71 St. Viateur East (map)

Special Features: Freshly prepared food with changing specials, combo boutique/showroom

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Le Depanneur Cafe

Where: 206 Bernard (map)

Special Features: Live music performances from local musicians, rice milk option, freshly made food

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Café 1880

Where: 1186 St. Denis (map)

Special Features: Assortment of baked goods, close to UQAM, cheap prices

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Méchant Café

Where: 3525 Lacombe (map)

Special Features: Close to Côte-des-Neiges metro, creative donuts available Tuesdays & Wednesdays

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La Panthère verte

Where: 160 St. Viateur East (map) + 2153 Mackay (map)

Special Features: City-renowned vegetarian cuisine, arguably Montreal's best falafels, pumpkin pie available next Tuesday

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Pikolo Espresso Bar

Where: 3418 Parc (map)

Special Features: Reputation for city's best espresso, amazing muffins, hipster heaven

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Café Plume

Where:123 Mont-Royal (map)

Special Features: Local artist decorate the space, lunch and dessert/sweet options always available

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Café Humble Lion

Where: 904 Sherbrooke West (map)

Special Features: Close to McGill University, great mochas, baked good always available

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Where: 1429 Bishop (map)

Special Features: Art exhibitions frequently held, relaxed vibe, lunch menu available

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Café 92

Where: 6703 Sherbrooke West (map)

Special Features: Daily food specials, renowned iced cappucino

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Hive Café Solidarity Co-op Downtown MEZZ

Where: 1455 Maisonneuve West (map)

Special Features: Run by Concordia students for students, local and organic foods

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Station W

Where: 3852 Wellington (map)

Special Features: Extensive grilled cheese menu, variety of sweet and savory food options

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