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25 Montreal Restaurants To Eat At For Under $5

Cheap eats all over the city.
25 Montreal Restaurants To Eat At For Under $5

Sometimes, and often in that awkward period between paychecks, you find yourself totally broke. Like, legit, next-to-no-dollars-in-your-bank-account broke. But, you still need to eat, and because you're a Montrealer, you want to eat out at a restaurant.

So what do you do? If your mind went to fast food specials, you're an awful person, because Montreal is home to an array of delicious meals that will only set you back $5. Seriously, I kid you not, you can eat a full meal in this city for around $5, or even a bit below.

So when a $20 budget for a meal is simply too pricey, get even more thrifty with it and head to these 25 Montreal restaurants where you can eat for just five bucks.

Most Of The Menu At Cinko

1641 Saint-Denis

When your restaurant is called Cinko, you pretty much need to live up to the $5-theme, and this St. Denis eatery totally does. The entire eclectic menu is priced at $5, giving you a lot of options for only a little bit of moolah.


Nearly Everything At l'Entrepot

1019 Mont-Royal

Another $5-restaurant, l'Entrepot enjoys the added benefit of being a pretty legit and lively bar. Serving modern comfort food, the affordable Mont-Royal resto-bar also boasts some amazingly creative cocktail and drink specials.


$1 Tacos At Carlos & Pepes

1420 Peel

Sunday night is taco night at Carlos & Pepes, where you can get both tacos and beer for the incredibly affordable price of a single dollar. Three Amigos has a similar deal, but their tacos don't come with rice, which puts C&P ahead in my books.


A Vietnamese Sandwich At Vua

1579 Saint Denis

Otherwise known as "bánh mì," Vietnamese sandwiches are a lot like your standard sammies, just with the added flavour flair of pickled carrots, coriander and daikon. Vua is by far the city's favourite spot to enjoy some bánh mì, and the fact that it only costs you $3-$4 is probably why.


A Classic Montreal Bagel

263 Saint Viateur O + 74 Avenue Fairmount O + Others

Okay, so a bagel alone may not be considered a full-blown "meal," but a few can fill you up like one. There are more than a few places to grab some in Montreal too, but we all know Fairmount and St-Viateur are the classic go-to's. Plus, adding some cream cheese and even smoked salmon (at least at Fairmount) won't cost you much more either.

Nilufar's Falafel Pita

1923 Sainte-Catherine

Few Montreal food deals compare to Nilufar's falafel pita. Almost too affordable to believe, the falafel is a mere $1.29. Plus, all of Nilufar's other pitas, meat-centric and veggie, will only cost you a little more at around $3.


Sandwiches & Burgers At Patati Patata

4177 Saint-Laurent

Enjoy a tofu, beef, or fish burger at Patati Patata and you only need to pay a little over $2. And while the burgers are a bit smaller, you can get a couple and still be below budget. If burgers aren't your thing, many of Patati's other menu options are similarly prices, making this small St-Lo resto a cheap food-haven.


Empanadas At La Chilenita

130 Roy E

Otherwise known as the Empanada Empress of Montreal (at least to me), La Chilenita will fill you up with an assortment of perfectly-baked empanadas, for only $2.75 each. Meat and veggie varieties are available, just in case eating meat is off the table for some of y'all.


Breakfast At Blanche Neige

5735 Cote-Des-Neiges

Starting your day on the cheap is incredibly easy at this CDN eatery, where tons of breakfast options only cost you about $3-$4.


A Classic Steamie, Pretty Much Anywhere

All of Montreal

Montreal Pool Room, Chez Ma Tante, Decarie Hot Dog, Lafleur, name a steamie-spot and every delicious dog will merely be a few dollars. When in need, simply look to the steamie.

Super Sandwich

1115 Sherbrooke W

Hidden in the basement of the Le Cartier complex is the deli-dep Super Sandwich. No sandwich is priced above $4 and all are served on a warmed french bread roll, condiments included.


Savoury Pastries At Cocobun

Guy-Concordia + Atwater + Peel Metro Stations

From savoury to sweet, Cocobun has you covered. With everything priced around $1-$2, you’ll be wowed by the incredible selection, not to mention the intoxicating aroma that pervades every location.


Lunch At Wilensky's

34 Fairmount Avenue W

A Montreal institution for longer than most can remember, Wilenky’s is a simple deli that does lunch right. Pretty much the entire menu is below $5, so choose what you like. First-timers need to order the Wilensky’s special, though, because there’s a reason Montrealers are in love with the sandwich.


Samosas & Pakoras At Thali

1409 Saint-Marc

When it comes to affordable Indian foods, folks around the Concordia area (and well beyond) know Thali is perhaps the best in Montreal. Thali's big ol' plates don't come below $10, however, but the samosas and pakoras (which you can easily get full on, trust) are pretty cheap. Don't forget about Thali's nann-wiches either, which are only $5.50.


Savoury Hand Pies At TA Pies

4520 Avenue du Parc

In Australia, hand pies are like poutine, the food you get when you need some serious comfort on the cheap. TA Pies has brought the Australian pie tradition to Montreal, with delicious results. Best of all, you can get a classic beef pie for a cool $5, and only a little more for the many other flavours TA Pie boasts.


Tacos At L'Gros Luxe

Various locations

Back in the day, there would be so much to enjoy at L'Gros Luxe for around $5. Nowadays, only the tacos can be purchased for a fiver, but that isn't to say they're not worth it. And with fish, pork, and veggie varieties offered, you get some variety too.


Venezuelan Baked Goods At Cachitos

153 Sainte Catherine E

A traditional Venezuelan pastry that can be both savoury and sweet, a Cachito is a surprisingly filling food that is incredibly inexpensive. Cachitos on Sainte-Catherine street is one of the only places in Montreal to enjoy the Venezuelan specialty, one both your wallet and taste buds will instantly love.


Joe's Panini

1404 Drummond

Alright, so in truth, a panini at Joe's will cost you $5.50, but I simply love this stoner-sandwich-haven too much not to include it on this list. Open 24hrs, Joe's can be your late-night saviour when you have mad munchies, which is enough reason to throw in the extra fifty cents for a panini.


Trip de Bouffe

277 Mont-Royal E

So much at this Lebanese grocer-eatery-combo is around the $5 mark, but I have to give a nod to the Trip de Bouffe daily hot-table special. For barely over $5, you can get a small-sized plate of various Lebanese dishes, and don't let the "small" descriptor fool you, because you get plenty of food to fill you up.


Pitas At Boustan

Various locations (2020 Crescent + 19 Ste-Catherine E + others)

Pretty much a standard for anyone looking for a delicious cheap eat, Boustan simply can't be ignored, as they're $5-ish (after taxes) pitas are utterly sublime. Not that you really needed to be told.


A Classic Burger From Uniburger

302 Ontario E + 5655 Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges

While a trio may be out of the $5 price range, you can still enjoy a classic Uniburger (with that delicious secret sauce) on its own for $4.49. The price drops to $3.99 if you go with the simple hamburger.


Pitas At Pitarifique

4160 St-Laurent

Like you could guess, Pitarifique is all about delicious pitas, and priced at $4.99, the St-Laurent street eatery makes them pretty affordable. Pitarifique's burgers aren't too pricey either.


Sandwiches At Chez José

173 Duluth

Grab a smoked turkey or ham & cheese sammie from this trendy Duluth-street food shop and you'll only be set back $5. You may need to pay a bit more for tip and taxes (not to mention what you might spend on a smoothie or their baked goods), but altogether, Chez José makes for a pretty cheap meal.


Patties At Marché Méli-Mélo

640 Jarry E

For $1.25-$2 you can enjoy a Haitian or Jamaican pattie at this beloved épicerie. Marché Méli-Mélo's hot plates aren't all that expensive either, but just load up on patties if you're really hurting for cash.


Pot Masson

3141 Masson

Every weekday before 4pm, pretty much all of Pot Masson's menu is set below $5. Items included on the latest edition include chili-cheese dogs, chicken wings, oysters, calamari, and so much more.


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