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25 Montreal Summer Pick Up Spots

Find a guy or gal in spots you'd never think of.
25 Montreal Summer Pick Up Spots

Photo cred - Karel Chladek

Montreal is the best city to revel in singlehood, as it's always over flowing with good looking men and woman.

Being newly single as the summer is breaking in, I decided to compile a fortified list of places to meet possible new candidates. I figure, life is what you make of it. You can be depressed and lonely, or you can celebrate your new freedom, have fun, and get back out there.

There is no ideal set of circumstances to meet a person under BUT there are classier places to do so, places that pertain your interests, and those that don't permit any trashy juvenile delinquents.

So here it is:

I shit you not, board gaming, beer, coffee and food! There are over 1,000 board games to choose from/rent while you drink with your buds. If you see a small group of guys/girls, ask them to come join your game or ask if you could join theirs, the more the merrier right? The lighthearted banter and teasing that comes with board gaming will ultimately help you connect with someone without any pressure.Le Lab is a truly unique bar where juggling and fire effects are incorporated into making their extravagant and delicious drinks. Get it? Le Lab, like a science lab? The bartenders essentially perform a show for each customer's drink order and everyone gathers around the bar to watch i.e your chance to strike up conversation with the cutie next you."Cheap Pitchers + Huge Music List + Rowdy Regulars = no shame. La Boite is like a happy neighbourhood jukebox." Everyone is there to either make a clown out of themselves, to make fun of the clowning, or to demonstrate their talent, or lack thereof . You're free to compliment others on their efforts or to hop on stage with your friends if you see that a cutie is struggling on their own.Roll the dice and take a shot at finding your royal crush. With plenty of interactive games like poker, blackjack, roulette, war, and craps you'll certainly encounter someone new. If you're a great gambler, show off your impeccable skills on weekends after the clubbing scene dies down, that's when the babes start to roll in with their posses.You are given 5 minutes to interact with an equal number of participants, grouped according to age rather than the age you request in a partner(therefore creepers and cougars are avoided).Who knows you might have things in common or even mutual friends. Montreal is a small city after all. You might walk out of there with a new friend or something more, you decide.Steer clear from those super-trendy night spots filled with icy women in massive heels and snotty men in their primp suits. Try a regular guy bar. McKibbin's is a prime example of a place to meet regular people like yourself. Everyone is set to have a good time and claim the easy-going "Hakuna Matata" Irish lifestyle. : "It's a potent blend of entertainment and healthy competition! Every Monday night teams of contestants vie for glory, honour and in trivia games that that demand skill and a little luck!"This is a traditional-looking British pub with a scene for an older crowd. The vibe is excellent and the bartenders are very welcoming to newcomers. They go out of their way to make small talk and introduce you to the regulars.  The DJs play the best of Old School hits and in no time you'll find yourself dancing, singing, and mingling with others like it's no one's businessThis must be mentioned because I know quite a few people who met their significant others here. By fluke or not, simply put, for 12 years this club has maintained it's good vibes, addictive ambiance and mature social clientele. It's boomin' 4 nights out of 7 and we all know that the DJs are incredible. Now they offer expanded summer BBQs on their huge outdoor heated . Perfect for accidently spilling mustard on that hot guy's shoes.Exhibitions are great places to converse with people that you wouldn't normally encounter.  If you love Quebec music (including Arcade Fire) and want to meet someone with similar interests, this exhibit is open at McCord Museum Of Canadian History until October 13, 2014.  "Discover how music has provided the soundtrack for the evolution of Quebec culture" and maybe find that person to provide the soundtrack to your life.Listen up men, head to a roller derby match as you're most definately going to be encountering plenty of ladies(800+) cheering for this non profit woman's league . The ladies in the stands who see you admiring "the pure athleticism, hard work, and strength" of these empowering women, will surely take a keen interest to you.Conferences, workshops, and seminars involving yourself and something you care about might just help you meet someone with the same values and aspirations as you. Accès Bénévolat (and other seminars/workshops) places you according to your volunteer interests and expectations as it involves you with others in the community. 

1. Lunch Beat Montréal

If you're not the greatest dancer, no sweat, because everyone at Lunch Beat is just there for food and to groove rather than judge dance moves. No one is sad when there are good beats and eats to go around, and anyone you strike up a convo (or dance) with at Lunch Beat will be incredibly friendly.

Check out the FB page for upcoming events!

 2. Car Shows (So Clean)

For the ladies: take your car savvy guy friends and head to the weekly Thursday So Clean car meet. You don't have to exhibit any particular knowledge of cars, just browse around and just say 'Hey, nice car!' to anyone of interest. Any woman will seem like a Goddess and will most definitely have a guy's engines roarin' if she knows the basic workings of a car and maybe a little extra.

Facebook Page

 3. Randolph Pub Ludique (Board Game Bar)

Weekly Event: Wednesday evening is their big Werewolves of Miller's Hollow game night, a game similar to Clue. It starts at 7pm and is played on the top floor. Bring a friend and engage with others in this social game that requires no equipment to play, and can accommodate 18players & more.

 4. CrossFit Gym

Why Crossfit you ask? Well because of the community aspect. Not only does this training cover each of ten general physical skills, but unlike most commercial gyms, you actually get to know the people very well. There’s always that feeling of team work and camaraderie while among positive, supportive, and good natured people/coaches. Plus there's nothing better than being surrounded by a classroom full of sculpted, sweating men and women.

Click here to check out the best CrossFit Gyms in Montreal

 5. Bar Le Lab

6. La Boîte à Karaoké

7. Montreal Casino

 8. Speed Dating Montreal (Bar Le Belmont)


Register and buy tickets on their Website for you and your single friends. Try it out you have nothing to lose unless you run into your ex and you're stuck with him/her for 5 minutes...

 9. McKibbin's

Karaoke Wednesdays / Ladies Night

Pub Stumpers Trivia Mondays

free beer

 10.  Burgundy Lion

 11. Tokyo Bar


 12. New City Gas

950 Ottawa St

Speaking from personal experience, all ravers shower you with warmth. No, not just their sweat, but real genuine appreciation that you are in this moment together with them listening to this awesome DJ...and probably because of some happiness-inducing substances too. Ravers are the friendliest of night owls, and before you know what's happened your leaving NCG with 5 new numbers. Seriously.

13. Any Apple Store

The vibe at the Apple Store is definitely conducive for meeting someone and offers a great opportunity to strike up a conversation. Whether your a seemingly clueless girl who gets the sexy sale rep's number for tech support or a savy dude who offers his services to a gal with a new product she is hopelessly unable to install on her own, this place is key.

14. Exhibitions (Music - From Charlebois to Arcade Fire)

15. Outdoor Fitness Clubs (Montreal Outdoors Adventure Club - MOAC)

Join a club that gets you out of the city/suburbs and allows you to interact with new types of people. Try out the MOAC. "Get Fit! Get out, get some exercise, see our beautiful province and the nearby states by walks, intermediate/advanced hiking, canoeing, kayaking, camping, biking, while together sharing our stories of travel and fun".

16. Outdoor Events

Some outdoor events that are sure places to pick up new prospects:


Piknic Électronik

Grand Prix Weekend (June 6th,7th &8th)

Missed Color Me Rad? Well that's OK because on August 2nd another colorful 5k run called "Color Vibe" is coming to Montreal, to register now click here before it's too late.

17. Dog Parks

If you don't have a dog, then borrow your friend’s dog. Don't think of it as exploiting the dog but more as allowing him or her to be your wingman in helping you on your journey to find love. They pretty much take care of the introductions for you anyway. Your dogs will probably sniff each other’s butts while you two chat. If you hit it off, ask the other out. The rest is history.

Click here to check out the best dog parks in Montreal.

18. Roller Derby Matches


19. In Your Neighborhood

Talk to your neighbors, say hello, let them know that if they need a cup of sugar, you're the person to call. Often enough it'll pay off as they might be able to introduce you to other people in your 'hood. Now, if your living situation really sucks (you live alone in the middle of nowhere) moving out might be something to consider.

If you're a student, try the renting a room at in the EVO buildings downtown. These buildings come fully furnished with rooftop bars, libraries, lounges, and 24 hour food courts.

20. Church

That's where my parents I thought I'd give it a whirl. God brings people together.

21. Recreational Sports League (Club Montreal Sports & Social - CMSS)

Joining a sports league is an easy way to meet new people and compete with active young professionals all over the city. CMSS is the largest provider of recreational sports in Montreal. They offer something for everyone, so join a team with a couple of your bros or sign up as an “indie” team so other people who you don’t know can join your team.

Sports include: kickball, soccer, flag football, dodgeball, volleyball, softball, basketball, and ultimate Frisbee etc.

22. Volunteer -Accès Bénévolat


23. Seminars & Networking Events

Where better to meet someone than at a place of professional and social development. Whether it be entrepreneurship, marketing, leadership, finding self-fulfillment, you're all there to converse, network, seek guidance and get answers from one another. So start attending events that interest you and you'll probably meet someone that interests you just the same.

Seminars for Students in Montreal

Events/Seminars for Everyone in Montreal

24. Language Classes

Take a language class this summer. Is there a language you always wanted to learn? Italian? Spanish? Here's your chance. If you're an Anglophone, brush up on some French, if you only know French, brush up on some English. Interact with your new classmates and if someone catches your eye, who knows, soon you both might be practicing your tongue rolling skills...

Académie Linguistique Charlemagne

YMCA International Language School

25. COMICON (Sept.12th-14th)

Just go. You'll have a BLAST and WITHOUT A DOUBT you're going to meet some interesting characters!

Where will you be picking up that special someone?

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