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25 New Year's Resolutions A Montrealer Should Actually Make This Year

Small changes a Montrealer can make to ensure 2014 is a great year.
25 New Year's Resolutions A Montrealer Should Actually Make This Year

Photo cred - Sylvain granier

New years resolutions don't need to be lofty or overzealous goals that are either too ambitious too happen, or just straight up unrealistic. Big changes tend to only last a few weeks (at best) before we return back to our old habits, leaving us with a sense of failure for not following through on our goals. Don't set yourself up for failure Montreal. Small changes can make big differences, even if the effects aren't overt or apparent. To make 2014 in Montreal just a bit more enjoyable, try making some of these simple, but still beneficial, new years resolutions:

1. Eat more poutine, and don't feel bad about it. Poutine is too delicious to regret, no matter your diet.

2. Go to a bar you've never been to. The nightlife scene of Montreal is famous for a reason, and your new favourite bar is hiding in the city somewhere.

3. Take a walk around one of the city's university campuses. Even if you've been to them all, 'people-watching' students can be fun and nostalgic. If you're a student, you may see things your own school should adopt.

4. Ride a metro line all the way to the end. Just to say you've been all across the green (or orange/blue/yellow) line.

5. Try to attend every festival Montreal has to offer. Ambitious, yes, but the worst case scenario is you have too much fun stuff to do.

6. Call up a friend you haven't heard from in a while. Simple, and you might just make their day.

7. Walk to the top of Mount Royal. No matter the season, the view is always great.

8. Check out a a historical church. Even if you're not religious, the architecture is worth it.

9. Try to speak more French/English. Embrace the bilingualism of the city, whether you're an Anglo or Francophone.

10. Walk around a neighborhood you've never been before. Maybe wait until it's a bit warmer for this one.

11. Use #MTL in a tweet. Sounds silly, but sometimes you just gotta rep your city online.

12. Eat at a restaurant in the Old Port. It may be expensive, but you'll feel so fancy.

13. Go to a Montreal museum. Some are free, so you've got no excuse to become a bit more cultured.

14. Smile at your STM driver. Say hello and thank you them for the ride too, they'll appreciate it.

15. Play in the snow. There's no better way to beat Winter blues than to embrace the season entirely.

16. Photobomb a website's event photo album. Even if it's not MTL Blog, get out there and make your nightlife presence known.

17. Buy something from an independently owned boutique/clothing store. Support local business and be super hip at the same time.

18. Go to an open mic at a bar. Clap and cheer for all the amateur performers of Montreal. Do a set yourself if you're up to it.

19. Attend an art exhibition. There is so much artistic talent in the city that you need to appreciate.

20. Instagram a mural/piece of graffiti you really like. The underground artists of Montreal need love too.

21. See a local band's show. Music and beer are never a bad combination.

22. Invite a friend to visit the city and do touristy stuff. Sometimes you need fresh eyes to relearn why Montreal is great.

23. Buy a stranger some 2 dollar chow mein. The most affordable good deed you can ever do, and it'll make some drunk person's night.

24. Avoid Starbucks, get your coffee at a non-chain coffee shop. Another two-in-one of helping out independently owned businesses and being more hip.

25. Pick up litter if you see it. We can all make Montreal more beautiful, one condom wrapper at a time.

Will you do any of these Montreal? Got your own new year's resolution suggestion? Add to the list in the comments below!

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