25 Of The Oldest Montreal Metro Car Photos You've Never Seen Before

Montreal metro origins.
25 Of The Oldest Montreal Metro Car Photos You've Never Seen Before

This past October, Montreal's metro network celebrated its 49th birthday, as the first cars went rolling on the tracks between the inaugural twenty stations in 1966. But the metro cars are technically a bit older than that.

The actual plans to build Montreal's metro network began years earlier, with the initial blueprint presented on October 20th, 1961. From then until the actual opening of the STM network, the cars actually had to be built (obviously), with Jacques-Guy Lauzon heading the project.

A half-century later, the granddaughter of Jacques-Guy Lauzon, who goes by Leelooart on Flickr, has released a photo series that looks into the very first metro car models and the process that went into creating them.

Depicted in the images are full-sized models of what would be used as the basis for Montreal's metro network, rather than the cars themselves. A social event, likely some engagement held for members of the design team, are also included in the album, While they don't feature any STM-centric stuff, they do provide a window into the lifestyle and fashion of Montreal in the 1960s.

To gaze upon some of the oldest photos of Montreal's metro cars, check them out below, and check out the full album here.

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