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25 Places To Have Sex On The Concordia Campus Before You Graduate

Taking sex ed to a whole new level.
25 Places To Have Sex On The Concordia Campus Before You Graduate

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No matter how much you love school, sometimes it can be hard for your mind not to wander. And we have a pretty good idea of what you’re thinking about. It can be a lot more fun to think up an elaborate school themed sex plan than it is to write an essay.

We all do it so why not throw some good locales around? It makes sexcapades even more fun than they already are. If Concordia is your stomping ground, then hopefully this list prompts some…. productivity?

1.Webster Library

Have you ever spent a night over at the Webster Library? Trust us, a study sesh goes by a lot faster if you have someone to get a quickie in with. We recommend the 3rd floor; it’s pretty dead off exam season.

2. Grey Nuns Chapel

Don’t lie, since they’ve put in those new red study chairs, you’ve thought about getting nasty on them.

3. H Building 10th Floor Couches

I mean people sleep on those couches, that’s only a small step away from sex, right?

4. H Building 11th Floor Bathrooms

A notorious sex stop at Concordia, don’t ask us why.

5. Loyola Chapel

The Loyola Chapel is filled with lots of secret rooms and hallways. A sinner’s paradise.

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6.Vanier Library

Vanier Library is one of Concordia’s biggest buildings, with a lot of space to slip away and get down to business…

7. H Building Green House

The green house celebrates natural functions, so why not use it for what humans do best?

8. John Molson Building, Glass Pods

Have sex for all of John Molson to see.

9. H Building Alumni Auditorium

This auditorium is generally filled with lots of students furiously taking notes. No one is going to notice if hands go wandering…

10. MB – EV Tunnel

No people. No cameras. No problem.

11. EV Audio Recording Room

This studio is filled with comfy chairs and padded walls making it a perfect place for fun to be had. Just don’t accidentally record any compromising sounds.

12. EV Digital Lab

The digital lab has big beautiful windows that are perfect for being pressed up against.

13. John Molson Board Room

The Board Room table is just begging to be fucked on.

14. EV Loom Room

Just to say you did.

15. Loyola CJ Building

The Communications and Journalism building is filled with busy students day and night. Everyone is so caught up in their own business that no one will noticed a locked classroom.

16. Loyola Bio Technologies Lab

It’s so clean and pristine. Why not dirty it up a bit?

17. The Refectory (Jesuit Hall)

If you’re into outdoor sex, then the Refectory is perfect for you. It has gorgeous ivy walls that are perfect to grab hold of when things start getting rough.

18. Concordia Coloured Dark Rooms

This is place riddled with dark private rooms. What more could you want from a public fuck?

19. The Grey Nuns Garden

The garden has lots of trees, bushes and picnic tables at your disposal. It is generally pretty secluded so there is really no worry of being caught, unless you’re into that sort of thing.

20. Oscar Peterson Concert Hall

Fuck on that piano before the audience gets there.

21. Stingers Dome

Have you ever fantasized of having sex in the middle of a football field? The Stingers have you covered

22. FG Building

This location should only ever be used in desperation. It's is immensely sketchy, however when duty calls ...

23. The Concordia Student Association Offices

The Concordia Student Association works their asses off for our school. So on their break time it makes sense for them to use their offices for some fun.

24. VA Painting Studio

The tables in the painting studios are huge. If you don't mind getting a little paint on your back (or front) then their a great surface for some sexy activities.

25. The Hive

A delicious post sex snack is right there when you need it.