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25 Quebec French Expressions Translated To English

So you'll never be out of the loop again.
25 Quebec French Expressions Translated To English

Quebec expressions are truly fascinating. 

I've spent all my life in Quebec, and many members of my family are purelaine themselves, but every day I hear my co-workers from Narcity using expressions that completely baffle me.

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That's why I decided to make myself a guide so I can finally understand what the hell they're talking about. So the next time you're struggling to understand your French-Canadian friends, just pull out this simple guide, and you'll never be out of the loop again.

Here are 25 Commonly Used Quebec French Expressions Translated To English

1. Stacose

In French: Parce que

In English: Because

2. Camme toé

In French: Détends- toi

In English: Relax

3. Aweille

In French: Tasse- toi

In English: Move your ass

4. J’ai l’feu au cul

In French: Je suis en colère

In English: I'm angry

5. Avoir les shakes

In French: Avoir peur

In English: Being afraid

6. T'es ben chix

In French: Tu es belle

In English: You're hot

7. Dûr de comprenure

In French: C’est long avant que tu comprennes

In English: You don't understand

8. Déguédine!

In French: Dépêches-toi!

In English: Hurry up

9. Drette là

In French: Ici

In English: Right here

10. Elle m’a choké

In French: Elle a annulé notre rendez-vous

In English: She stood me up

11. T’es de bonne heure sul’ piton

In French: Tu te lèves tôt ou tu commence ta journée de bonne heure

In English: You're up early

12. T’es faite à l’os

In French: Tu es cuit

In English: You're dead meat

13. Lâche-moi un wack!

In French: Tu me feras signe

In English: Give me a sign

14. Ambitionner sul’ pain béni

In French: Exagérer

In English: Exaggerate

15. Tu te prends pas pour du 7Up flat

In French: Tu es snob

In English: You're full of yourself

16. T’as la fale basse

In French: Tu as l’air triste

In English: You look sad

17. Caller l’orignal

In French: Vomir

In English: Puking

18. Ça vient de s’éteindre

In French: Point final

In English: End of story

19. Mets tes snick

In French: Mets tes souliers de course

In English: Put your running shoes on

20. Le cotteur

In French: Trotoire

In English: Sidewalk

21. Attendre que le curé se mouche

In French: Prendre son temps

In English: Taking your time

22. J’aime le way qu’à hang

In French: J’aime la façon dont tu le portes

In English: I like your look

23. Y vente à écorner les boeufs

In French: Il y a beacoup de vent

In English: It's windy

24. Attache ta tuque avec de la broche

In French: Tiens-toi prêt

In English: Get ready

Ambitionner sul’ pain béni

In French: Exagérer

In English: Exaggerate

Bonus: Tu me gosses

French: Tu m’énerves

English: You're annoying me

(Or more accurately, since "gosses" also means "balls", it mean "you are annoying as balls")

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