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25 Reasons That Prove Montreal Is The City That Fun Forgot

Literally nothing goes on here.
25 Reasons That Prove Montreal Is The City That Fun Forgot

Honestly, at this stage in the game, I'm pretty sure you're all aware of just how much I love Montreal.

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But I'll just legit say it: we're boring AF. I mean, come on. We don't have any festivals, any fun restaurants, or basically any cool or interesting things to do. Confused as to what I'm talking about? Well, friends, prepare to see the truth!

There are literally never any fun music festivals.

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Honestly, we straight-up do not know how to have fun with food.

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Love the great ourdoors? Cool! But good luck finding fun outdoor adventures in Montreal.

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Even if extreme sports aren't your thing, our parks are legit boring.

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We don't know how to throw a celebration.

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And our lack of legit beaches is a real issue.

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Our dining scene is just, ugh, so uptight.

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Our nightlife is so, so bad.

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If you do find a spot to party the night away, you'll be the only one who knows how to have fun.

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Find shopping fun? Well, bad news, we have no legit boutiques or shops.

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Sure, we've got farmer's markets, but they're bland on the whole.

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Sure, we have water, but it's ugly AF to look at.

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We have absolutely no beautiful views.

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Doesn't matter anyway, since we have no gorgeous spots to admire the views.

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We're, like, 100% concrete jungle.

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And honestly, the city centre isn't even that fun to look at.

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Our small summer festivals are super boring.

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And don't even get me started on the winter ones.

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If you find art fun, then you're in the wrong city.

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Sure, we have lots of boroughs, but they're all one more boring than the other.

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Our public monuments are kinda tame, TBH.

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Honestly, we're just a boring AF city. I mean, does this look like any fun to you guys?

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