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25 Struggles Only Montrealers Will Understand

The pains we all know too well.
25 Struggles Only Montrealers Will Understand

Photo cred - The Irish Samurai

Living in Montreal is great, but let's not delude ourselves into thinking that's its easy and breezy all the time. More often than we'd like, Montreal can be a real bitch in the pants sometimes.

Inspired by this ThoughtCatalog piece, we thought it would be a great venting exercise to compile a list of MTL-problems so we can all share in pain.

Without further ado, here are 25 struggles only a Montrealer can understand.

1.Walking behind someone who is smoking, and enjoying all that toxic second-hand.

2. The metro going down during rush hour times.

3. Mad dashes to the dep before the clock strikes 11pm.

4. Missing the last nightbus.

5. The constant dilemma: to poutine now, or later?

6. Tripping in potholes. (even pedestrians aren't safe!)

7. Another day, another protest.

8. Choosing to avoid the weather and walk underground, or get there quick but face the cold in the street.

9. Passing by Tam Tams while heading to the library and resisting the urge to chill/smoke/tan.

10. Mad dashes to the dep before the clock strikes 11pm.

11. Heading out for the night early, only to find Apt. 200 already has a line up by 10 o'clock.

12. Toronto/American-bros asking you where Crescent street is.

13. Quebecer Cougars (if you know, you know.)

14. Hating winter because it is too cold and hating summer because it is too hot and humid.

15. Getting a ticket for almost no reason at all. (Don't walk there, don't bike there, don't sit there... etc.)

16. Not understanding whatever the hell is written on a parking sign.

17. Nearly getting crushed by a car making a turn anytime you walk through an intersection.

18. Anyone from out of town asking "so what should I do when I'm in Montreal?"

19. Being 25 and getting Id'd at the SAQ without your license. ("Do I LOOK seventeen!?")

20. Dealing with supremely drunk students every September during Frosh.

21. Never knowing who has the right of way when walking/jaywalking.

22. Being grouped together with intense separatists by the rest of Canada.

23. Only having bagels open as a late night snack.

24. Hipsters.

25.  Dealing with MTL Blog click-bait.

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