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25 Super Cute Montreal Things You Have To Do With Your Sister This Summer

She is your best friend after all.
25 Super Cute Montreal Things You Have To Do With Your Sister This Summer

Oh yes, with school done you and your sis have a bunch of free time to spend "quality time" with one another. Speaking as a girl who has a sister that is 5 years older, I can honestly say that this time is much needed. With my busy school schedule and her crazy work schedule it;s almost impossible to get that much needed quality time together and I know that we aren't the only ones.

A sister relationship is honestly the best thing in the world. Sisters are there for one another, help one another, and have each other's backs when the time is needed. Yes, it is true that we may avoid each other sometimes but you can't go too long without some quality sister time.

Montreal is home to great activities to do with your BFFs, dates, and now sisters too! These activities included cute dates to cafes and much more. So, for all those Montreal sisters out there, stop fighting and strat planning some summer sister activities. This one goes out to you Erica!

1.Spend Quality Time And Go To Paint The Nite

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There is no better way to spend some quality time with your sis than by getting tipsy and painting the night away! At paint the night, you and your sister will have an absolute blast and a painting to capture the memories you've made. Trust me, this is absolutely a perfect activity to do with your sister this summer.

2. Spend Quality Time And Go Tanning

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Why not embrace the Montreal summer and tan with your sister for a day! Bust out some tropical drinks on your pool deck or at one of Montreal's multiple parks for a great tanning experience. You are your sister will talk the day away while enjoying your delicious homemade cocktails. If you don't have a pool, then I suggest checking out the link above! My sister and I personally love Angrigon Park for some tanning sessions.

3. Spend Quality Time And Go To The Beach

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Enjoy Montreal's beaches that are perfect for some TLC with your sister. I suggest checking out Cap-Saint-Jacques for a perfect little beach day. They have fun paddle boats and kayaks that you and your sis can rent for a hour. This is a great way to just relax with your sister instead of fighting.

4. Spend Quality Time And Go Shopping

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Ah yes, shopping, the time when all sisters get together, blow their money, and bond. Shopping is honestly a great way to spend a day with your sister. You all probably know this already but it is the best! You guys can give each other advice and even treat one another.

5. Spend Quality Time And Go To The SPA

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Instead of fighting, why not spend a beautiful Spa day with your sister at Bota Bota? Bota Bota is a great little day getaway that you can have with your sister. You guys can treat each other and enjoy each other's company. It is fun, relaxing, and good bonding time all in one.

6. Spend Quality Time And Have A Wine Tasting Night

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This is a perfect way to have a tipsy night with your sister. Buy some different types of wine, some cheese, and a baguette for a tasting time. You and your sister will have a great laugh and yummy food all at once. You girls can do this at home easily or if you are feeling crazy, why not take a road trip to a near by vineyard!

7. Spend Quality Time And Go To Yoga

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Another way to sit back and relax with your sister is by doing some yoga. Yoga is a great way to relax and to bond with your sister. For me, it is also a great way to relieve tension form fighting with one another. My sister and I actually go to hot yoga. I strongly recommend it however, it's always best to find your own style.

8. Spend Quality Time And Go For Ice Cream

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Have a typical sister date and check out some of Montreal's best ice cream shops. My sister and I personally love of course La Diperie. Ice cream dates are always fun in the summer and it is especially great at night when you get into those deep sister convos.

9. Spend Quality Time And Get Matching Tattoos

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It's summer '16 so why not get a matching tattoo with our sister? Sister tattoos re honestly some of my favorite. Your sister will always be someone permanent in your life just like a tattoo. This activity is sweet, exciting, and fun all at the same time. It's a great way to remember the love you have for one another.

10. Spend Quality Time And Have A Picnic In The Park

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Picnics in Montreal are super cute especially if you spend them with your sister. Montreal is home to many parks that are all great for the perfect cute picnics. It's a great way to enjoy summer and your sister's company.

11. Spend Quality Time And Go To The Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts

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For those artsy sisters, I recommend checking out the Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts of a classy time. Art Museums are always classy and it is a great way to bond with your sister. You guys can talk about the art or... just take a bunch of pictures of it.

12. Spend Quality Time And Go To A Boozy Brunch

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For a great way to start your Sunday morning with your sister, why not head to Terrasses Bonsecour for a boozy brunch. Boozy Brunches are absolutely the best especially when you are with sister. You guys will laugh and enjoy an absolutely delicious brunch to close off your wild sister weekend.

13. Spend Quality Time And Go To An Outdoor Gym

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Enjoy a great workout by heading to one of Montreal's free outdoor TREKFIT gyms with your sister. For those athletic sisters, the outdoor TREKFIT gyms are absolutely perfect for that sister day. They are all located in gorgeous parks or along the rapids.

14. Spend Quality Time And Go To A Terasse Lunch

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My sister and I both absolutely adore going to terasse lunches together. Our personal favorite is Terasse Nelligan. The food is always bomb and the service is great. Terasse lunches are always fun for a cute little sister date especially if it's one of your birthdays.

15. Spend Quality Time And Go To A Rooftop Garden

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On my sister activity to do list, Montreal's rooftop gardens is absolutely number one. The rooftop gardens are so gorgeous. Personally, my sister and I want to check out the Hotel Bonaventure rooftop garden where we can have a classy time and get dressed up.

16. Spend Quality Time And Go To Ceramic Cafe

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A superb sister activity to do in Montreal this summer is 100% going to Le Céramic Café Montréal. It doesn't get much better than food, painting, and your sister. It is such a fun activity to do with your sister since you guys will be eating painting and talking!

17. Spend Quality Time And Go To A Cooking Class

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Since you are your sister may, or may not, move in together one day, it is always good to have some cooking skills. Cooking classes are great for those competitive sisters and for those who plan, or who already do, to live with their sisters. I recommend checking out the Chef en Vous program or Ateliers et Saveurs for cocktail classes!

18. Spend Quality Time And Go To High Tea

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For the cutest day ever with your sister, get fancy and check out Montreal's best places to have high tea in the link above! Our personal favorite is Bar A Beurre! They have the funnest colors, the most delicious food, and the cutest ambiance that is perfect for a sister date.

19. Spend Quality Time And Get ManiPedis

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The typical sister date is going to get your nails done. I suggest hitting up Rouge Nail Bar for great service, drinks, and beautiful nails. You and your sister can catch up and have a blast.

20. Spend Quality Time And Go For Sushi

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All sister love sushi so why not go on a sushi date to some of Montreal's best sushi restaurants. I'm sure that you have tried a majority of them but check out the link above to discover some new places to try with your sister.

21. Spend Quality Time And Go For Desert

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To top off your great sister weekend, why not head out to Cacao 70 for some delicious well deserved desert. This is a great location to catch up and to reminisce.

22. Spend Quality Time And Go To A Boaty Brunch

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Surprise your sister with a reservation at Le Bateau Mouche for a boaty brunch! This takes elegant and classy to a whole other level. Brunch on a boat is a perfect fun little sister activity that will take you through the waters of Montreal while enjoying a delectable breakfast with your favorite person.

23. Spend Quality Time And Bike To Atwater Market

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There's no better way to spend a hot summer day in Montreal than to bike on down to Atwater Market with your sis. This is a great activity where you guys can get great fresh fruit and have a superb picnic along the canal.

24. Spend Quality Time And Visit Montreal's Murals

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Enjoy a beautiful walk down St. Laurent street with your sister after you get that delicious ice cream from La Diperie. This walk is particularly beautiful because of the magnificent murals left on the walls from the mural festival that has just passed. So get ready to have a mini photo shoot with your sis.

25. Spend Quality Time And Take A Road Trip

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If you and your sister are the adventurous type, then why not head out on a mini road trip this summer! I strongly suggest checking out the grotto that is simply 2 hours away from Montreal. The grotto is a perfect location for picnics, pictures, and fun in the sun with your sis this summer. For more 2 hour road trips check out the link above!

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