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25 Things To Do In Montreal For Every Broke And Bored Babe

It's alright to be a Nillionaire... Little to no money.
25 Things To Do In Montreal For Every Broke And Bored Babe

Everyone catches the broke and bored disease in Montreal at least once a year. For me, that time it now! With the annoying weather and winter still gripping on to Montreal, I am officially bored and ready for spring! Plus, I am also broke with university payments!

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So, to help you babes out, I have decided to write this insanely fun list of cute activities that are no more than $50! Not only can you treat yourself, but so can your fellow broke BFF babes! I am not alone so let's get planning to make 2017 great!

1. Be A Broke Babe At The Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts

My perfect world includes Arts and Politics 🌏-Vietnam war

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Price: $30

1380 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montréal, QC H3G 1J5

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts contains beautiful art galleries with hundreds of paintings and archeological artifacts such as mosaics, frescoes, statues, and much more! It’s a great way to enjoy a lovely day while keeping warm and enjoying art this winter.


2. Be A Broke Babe And Go To Paint The Nite

Take us away to Paris. Or at least to the nearest bar 🍸🇫🇷 Pic by @_irispapyrus

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Price: $50 with Groupon

Since you probably love having fun but just happen to be bored lately in MTL, I suggest checking out Paint the Nite. Montreal gladly hosts multiple events at local bars. Simply go on their website and choose an event, which has a specific theme, and buy your tickets. Here, you will drink up, paint, and share amazing memories with your fellow BFF/broke babe as you look back at your beautiful paintings.


3. Be A Broke Babe And Go Pole Dancing

The body achieves what the mind believes ~ Start believing with Acro Floor class with Julie this evening at 7pm ✨#mpdsmtlspotlight #mpdsmtl

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Price: $30

50 Rue Saint-Jacques

Of you and another one of your broke are super close, why not step out of your comfort zones and try pole dancing t! Not only is it a great workout, but it’s super fun and you will have a great time! I suggest trying Milan Pole Dance Studio where you can have fun, laugh at each other, and laugh at yourselves.


4. Be A Broke Babe At Bota Bota

Good Morning Montréal 🍁 Admirer la vue depuis le Bota Bota me manquera beaucoup... #botabota #montreal #mtl #mtlmoments #love #spa #canada #quebec #holidays #valouvoyages

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Price: $45 each

Ah yes, the perfect way to relax with as a broke babe is by treating yourselves to a spa day. Personally, I recommend Bota Bota since it is only $45 before 11 am and after 6pm for their water circuit. Not only do you relax, but you also get to see Montreal from a whole other angle with the stunning views from their outdoor section!


5. Be A Broke Babe At Trou De Beigne

Operación bikini ? K es eso? Se come? 🍩

A post shared by HeLenin (@helenapalau) on

Price: $20

156 rue saint-zotique es

I know what I'm treating myself to after my long shift today...DONUTS! A box of donuts can go a long way and it is the best thing that you and your broke babes can treat yourselves too! Montreal has a dozen amazing donut shops but I recommend le Trou De Beigne located in little Italy. They honestly have the coolest flavors and you and your BFF can easily Finnish a box of 12! They even have vegan donuts!

6. Be A Broke Babe At Enso For Hot Yoga 🙃

A post shared by La Caterine (@lacaterine) on

Price: $10 for community class

1470 Rue Peel #100, Montréal

Another way to sit back and relax this March break is by doing some yoga. Yoga is a great way to relax and release stress. I suggest going to one of Montreal’s many yoga studios. My personal favorite is hot yoga at Ensō where you sweat your stress away and pretend like you are in a rain forest enjoying some good old yoga!


7. Be A Broke Babe At Le Warehouse

in love with my own solitude

A post shared by @leannakellie on

Price: $20 for 4 dishes

1446 Rue Crescent

Le Warehouse only serves meals of $5... Yes, you heard correctly! So, instead of spending an arm and a leg at an expensive restaurant with your BFF, you should just bring them here! Not only is it super cheap, but also amazing whether it be the ambiance or food!


8. Be A Broke Babe At The Montreal's World Trade Center

Lit up reflections ✨ (📷: @jayeffex)

A post shared by BEAUTIFUL DESTINATIONS (@beautifuldestinations) on

Price: FREE!

747 Rue du Square-Victoria

Montreal’s World Trade Centre (near Square-Victoria metro) is perfect for enjoying a gorgeous view while catching up with your BFF as you sip on a nice cup of coffee. The atmosphere is incredible and it's also a nice place for a quick treat!

9. Be A Broke Babe At High Tea

La plus belle table du @cardinaltearoom dans toute sa splendeur 💁🏼👌🏻#teatime

A post shared by Marianne & Gabrielle (@2epeau) on

Price: $30-40

5326 Boul St-Laurent

Cardinal is one of Montreal’s only restaurants/cafes solely dedicated to making you delicious tea! Their tea isn’t the only delicious thing there, their finger foods are just as good. The ambiance is also superb! It’s a vintage location with funky decorations and a guaranteed great time for you and your BFF. I mean, who doesn't love tea in the winter?!


10. Be A Broke Babe At Allez Up

Allez up to the top 😃💪🏼 . . . . #RockClimbing #Bouldering #Climbing #AllezUp #IndoorClimbing #ImSore #Montreal #PopUpBloc

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1555 Rue St-Patrick

Since the cold weather has taken over Montreal, why not go indoor rock climbing as an active broke babe! Rock climbing is honestly super sun and it’s a great way to stay active with your BFF, and Allez Up is the perfect place to do so!


11. Be A Broke Babe At Melvin Charney’s Sculpture Garden

L'hiver ne nous empêchera pas d'explorer | Boundle up and explore more this winter ❄️ #uomontreal #urbanoutfitters #UOonYou #UOgoals #explore #winter 📷 @ashlieshitsbats

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Price: FREE

1920, rue Baile, Montréal, QC H3H 2S6

Time to get your sculpting on with a hot chocolate at the Melvin Charney’s sculpture garden, which is an extension of the CCA. This garden contains multiple sculptures that you can enjoy observing art over a beautiful sunset with a camera.


13. Be A Broke Babe At Crew Collective Café

This place is so breathtaking, had to come back ☕️ #oldmontreal

A post shared by @annetaosso on

Price: $20

360 St-Jacques

Don’t just bring your broke babe to any old cafe, instead I suggest taking them to this absolutely gorgeous cafe! The Collective Crew Café is open until 10 during the week and 8 during the weekend. This cafe isn’t only stunning with its architecture, but it is also a great place to study and prepare the rest of your spring 2017 plans!


14. Be A Broke Babe At The Butterflies Go Free Exhibit

Résumé de ma journée🦋🌞

A post shared by C y r i l l e (@cyyyr) on

4101, rue Sherbrooke Est

The Montreal Botanical Garden is absolutely stunning and the perfect place for a nice treat. I suggest heading done there sometime with your BFF so that you can walk under through tropical rainforests and forget all about winter and enjoy spring. It is absolutely stunning in the spring and a perfect broke babe date!


15. Be A Broke Babe At St. Joseph’s Oratory

• Bonne fin de semaine • Have a nice weekend! #mtl 📸 @dani.e.l • #montreal_gallery ... ... #montréal #montreal #mtl #montrealgallery #quebec #mtlblog #mtlmoments #canada #livemontreal

A post shared by Montreal Gallery (@montreal_gallery) on

Price: $6

3800 Chemin Queen Mary

Saint Joseph’s Oratory truly is a site to see! It is absolutely breathtaking and a perfect location to bring your date. Not only can you appreciate the inside, but also the outside of the Oratory! The whole atmosphere is stunning and perfect for a cute cheap broke babe date!


16. Be A Broke Babe At Surfboard Yoga

Had a blast trying out our new water yoga class, that will be coming to @clubsportifmaa this January! #workout #yoga #water #balance #mindset #fitness #health #instafit #mtlfitness #montreal #funfunfriday

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2070 Rue Peel Montreal, Quebec

It’s official, Montreal has surfing Yoga! You can now surf through winter while relaxing in Montreal at Club Sportif MAA. It's a full body workout that you will not regret!


17. Be A Broke Babe At The Westmount Greenhouse

poor indoor summer plants

A post shared by melissa (@mieladz) on

Price: FREE!

4624, Sherbrooke Ouest

Westmounts greenhouse is absolutely stunning and open Monday to Friday: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (as of 3 p.m., front entrance is closed; visitors must enter greenhouses via the adjacent Westmount Public Library) Saturday, Sunday & Holidays: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is absolutely stunning and will make you think you are living in a whole new world!


18. Be A Broke Babe At Le Ceramic Café

The final product 😄 my Vogue mug! #ceramics #painting #vogue

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Price: $40

4338 St-Denis, Montréal, QC H2J 2K8

One of my personal favorite places is Le Céramic Café. A great place where you and your broke babes can create art, relax, enjoy food, and overall have fun together! You can choose whichever mold you like and the fun takes off from there!


19. Be A Broke Babe At A Cocktail Class

Quand les Beaulieu deviennent des masterchefs 👩‍🍳🍷💕 #ateliersetsaveurs #tapas

A post shared by Camille Beaulieu (@camillebeaulieu) on

Price: $22 – $95 per class

444 Saint-Francois-Xavier

Ateliers & Saveurs is a hands-on class led by professional chefs. You can choose to specialize in cooking divine French cuisine but, I find it super fun to go to the cocktail classes where you can your BFF will make drinks and get tipsy!


20. Be A Broke Babe At The Notre Dame Basilica

Standing here is a constant reminder that there is Someone bigger than us and larger than life. #loveyouJesus #thankyouforblessingmewithG2W #blessed #G2W #girlziiwomen #howrealMontReal

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110 Rue Notre-Dame O

The Notre Dame Basilica is another amazingly beautiful establishment that you should definitely treat yourself to. The inside is stunning and the outside is massive! Afterwards, I suggest taking a lovely stroll through Old Montreal.


21. Be A Broke Babe At The Montreal Observatory

Canada is cold. Happy spring break. #mtlmoments

A post shared by Kathryn Thompson (@katbiztom) on

Place Ville Marie

The Montreal Observatory offers you access to the 46th floor observation deck where you can discover the permanent exhibition, The Odyssey. The 45th floor features the #MTLGO interactive and participatory exhibition, or you can also head to the terrasse on the 44th floor.


22. Be A Broke Babe At Montreal Museum Of Contemporary Art

A post shared by Ουρανία (@ouranianima) on

Price: $10

185 Sainte-Catherine Street West

With collections of more than 7,800 works, the MAC is Canada’s premier museum dedicated exclusively to contemporary art. It offers a varied program, ranging from presentations showcasing its permanent collections to temporary exhibitions of works by Québec, Canadian and international artists.

23. Be A Broke Babe At Mary Queen of the World

A post shared by Behrad (@behrad_madahi) on

Price: FREE on the weekends!

Corner of René-Lévesque Blvd. and Mansfield Street

Inspired by the Italian renaissance revival, Mary Queen of the World Cathedral was modeled after Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome. Although the interior of the cathedral does not quite match the grandeur of Saint Peter's Basilica, the nave's architectural layout, the white and gold wooden coffered vault, and the baldachin with spiral columns are quite interesting. The curvature of the intersecting vaults almost steals the show from the many paintings and gilding. It is free every Saturday, 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday, 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

24. Be A Broke Babe At The Barbie Exhibit

Limited edition 🙋 #hipsterbarbie lol

A post shared by Sophia Baboolal (@sophiababoolal) on

Price: FREE!

Les Cours Mont-Royal

This is haute couture on display, a gathering of the world’s most elite designers. This is Barbie seen at her fashionable best, a stunningly beautiful collection chicly modeled by the 11½-inch fashion icon.

25. Be A Broke Babe At Lole's Free Yoga Classes

Will you join us at a free meet-up this week? 💪🏼 Irez-vous �, un de nos "meet-ups" gratuits cette semaine? Photo: @_ray_kate #loleambassador

A post shared by Lolë Women (@lolewomen) on

Lolë offers free yoga classes every week right here in Montreal! So, instead of busting your wallet and paying hundreds of dollars for a yearly membership at a yoga studio, enjoy some FREE yoga as a broke babe!


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