25 Things You Should Thank Your Boyfriend For

Because you forget to thank him, you'll make him read this instead.
25 Things You Should Thank Your Boyfriend For

You tend to forget all the things you put your significant other through on a daily basis. Because you are a creature of mother nature, sometimes (just sometimes) you tend to act a certain way that does not necessarily represent who you really are.

You yell at him when you're hungry, or when it's your time of the month, or simply because you feel like yelling and he just happens to be the only one around you at the moment.

So this is just to say thank you, to your boyfriend for dealing with your multiple personalities and still loving you regardless of them, since he is, the unicorn boyfriend after all.

Thank you...

1. For choosing a place to go eat at when you say "I don't care where we eat" and then dealing with you when you complain about the restaurant.

2. For patiently waiting outside when you're "ready in 10 minutes" and making him wait another 30 minutes.

3. For listening to you talk about your hair and nails for hours,

4. and about your best friend who really pissed you off the other day,

5. or your co worker who is "literally so annoying you can't even deal".

6. For letting you wear all of his t-shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts and eventually never giving them back.

7. For taking care of you when Mother Nature is calling.

8. For agreeing with you even when he knows you're wrong.

9. For understanding when you don't order food because "you're not hungry" and then eat everything off his plate.

10. For taking tons of pictures and you still need more because "you didn't like your hair in that one".

11. For understanding why you get mad when he likes another girls picture on Instagram (and for acting like you're not crazy).

12. For always driving you around, and not complaining about it.

13. For sitting through your family dinners.

14. For saying that you look beautiful, when you know you look like sh!t.

15. For dealing with you taking up 75% of the bed, and still coming to his side to cuddle.

16. For not caring when you're too lazy to shave your legs for a while (and appreciating them when you do).

17. For watching chick flicks, and actually paying attention.

18. For not caring that you blow up his phone if he doesn't answer in 18 minutes. What could he possibly be doing anyways?

19. For always going out of his way to make you feel like you're the only girl that matters.

20. For not letting you pay for dinner, even when you insist. (Chivalry is not dead ladies!)

21. For supporting and motivating you each and every day.

22. For surprising you with presents "just because".

23. For not getting mad when you turn "date night" into "girls night".

24. For taking care of you when you've "had one drink".

25. and finally, for putting up with you, because he just loves you that much.

Does your boyfriend go above and beyond to make you smile? Tell me all about it at: rebecca@mtlblog.com

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