25 Things You Wish Someone Told You Before Moving To Montreal

Like the metro stopping before last call.
25 Things You Wish Someone Told You Before Moving To Montreal

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Moving to a new city can be a pretty scary experience, especially when you have no idea what to expect. Montreal in particular has lots of fun (read:annoying) little quirks that can be a bit of a surprise to any newcomer.

In the hopes of helping any potential future Montrealers avoid some serious struggles, we've compiled a list of 25 things we wish someone had told us before moving to Montreal.

1. Winter really is that bad

The cold, the snow, and the completely solid-ice sidewalks are no joke.

2. You don’t have to pay last months rent upfront

It’s not exactly legal in Montreal for a landlord to ask you for first and last months rent, but that doesn’t stop them from trying.

3. The Habs losing a game can cause a riot

We have too much pride to let that go unaddressed.

4. The Habs winning a game can cause a riot

Again, pride.

5. The SAQ sucks

Compared to other provinces, the selection is horrible. I mean, have you seen an LCBO?

6. Jaywalking tickets are a thing

Montreal cops have no problem slapping you with a hefty fine for crossing the street when you shouldn’t.

7. Don’t even attempt public transit on Osheaga weekend

Unless you genuinely want to know what it’s like to be a sardine.

8. Crescent is just bachelor parties, on bachelor parties

Ladies, go at your own risk.

9. Under no circumstance do you hate on poutine.

You'll be severely judged and possibly shunned.

10. And cheese curds are an acceptable form of snack

No one's going to think you're weird for that.

11. You don’t really need a fake ID

If you’re still underage when you move here, deps pretty much never ID you, and plenty of bars will let you in without checking (especially if you’re a girl).

12. Being Hipster is a special skill

It's like a contest to see who can get the farthest away from the mainstream. Bonus points if you have a crazy moustache and/or beard while doing it.

13. The metro stops running before last call

You’re going to have to walk or cab if you’re planning on staying out past 1:00am.

14. You can get by here only speaking english

No need to stress about learning French, although the Francophones will appreciate it if you do.

15. Protests are always a thing


Photo Cred - Shane Murphy

16. Students rarely see all of Montreal

If you’ve moved here for school, chances are you’re only going to see a small portion of Montreal.

17. The city is taken over by drunk 18 year olds for the first week of September.

Gotta love that frosh.

18. Everyone is more stylish than you

And they don’t even have to try.

19. Street parking is next to impossible

Renting a parking spot is key, unless you’re okay with driving around for half an hour to find one.

20.  Every day is a drinking day

Because Montrealers go hard 7 days a week.

21. Living in the West Island can be the actual worst

The commute and lack of, well, everything doesn’t make for the best time.

22. You can keep biking in the winter

Just buy some snow tires and you're good to go.

23. Any produce you get at Super C is super sketch

It’s like the Quebec version of No-Frills. Buy at your own risk.

24. Choosing your drunk food is a serious dilemma

2 chow, pizza, poutine…there’s just too many.

25. Its never, ever quiet

If it’s not cop cars, it’s loud students, and when it gets too cold for them it’s the dreaded snow plough siren.

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