25 Ways Montreal's STM Will Be Better By 2025

Something to look forward to.
25 Ways Montreal's STM Will Be Better By 2025

Montreal's STM is known for having its problems. And Montrealers are not shy about voicing their outrage. It seems like no matter what they do, we will always hate them. Well, maybe that's about to change.

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The STM just released a GIANT file outlining every way they plan on improving their services for us. And we have taken the liberty of scanning through it all to tell you exactly what they're going to be doing.

I'm glad that they've taken the initiative to do this. Their services could really use some work. And yeah, it's to know that they care. Here is where you'll be able to see improvement in the next couple of years.

They are going to be focusing on 4 main things: improving client experience, adapting the organization to better fit with governing powers, master their finances, attract, mobilize and develop talent. They're also going to try to make all of their services hybrid or electric!

Here's how they're going to do that:

Never-before-seen improvement of Metro services

  • Extension of the Blue line
  • Replacement of 38 MR-63 trains by AZUR trains
  • Addition of 14 new AZUR trains
  • More frequent trips
  • Construction of a garage at Cote-Vertu

A new and revised bus system

  • Complete review and revision of the bus network
  • Improvement of services offered
  • Construction of Cremazie complex for maintenance
  • Acquisition of 1,230 air-conditioned hybrid buses
  • Relocation and expansion of Saint-Denis and Mount Royal transportation centers

$8 Billion in investment

  • A reliable and quality public service network
  • 70% tomaintenance projects
  • 30% todevelopment projects

Improved accessibility network

  • Extra deployment allowing for predictability in adapted transportation
  • Accelerated implementation of Metro accessibility in 41 stations

Reinvented mobility

  • A single payment platform that will let you use Metro, bus, train, self-service bikes, taxi, and carpooling
  • Development of smartphone access to securities and services

Roadwork solutions

  • Flexibility in service planning to give affected sectors better alternatives

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They're really looking into improving their services and keeping their promises when it comes to Metro and bus improvements. Here's what they'll be doing:


  • Reviewing and adapting to service by increasing frequency and capacity
  • Reviewing the communication process during interruptions
  • Raise customer awareness to reduce problems
  • Continue to work and release more AZURs


  • Redesign the entire network
  • Find better links between bus service planning
  • Add in 347 new buses

I could really go on forever, their document is 60 pages long! If you want to check it out yourself, go for it. They've got tons of things planned. Go STM!

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