26 Indoor Activities To Do In Montreal During The Brutal Heat Wave

All of them are air-conditioned.
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26 Indoor Activities To Do In Montreal During The Brutal Heat Wave

Montreal is in the middleof a now deadly severe heat wave. The extreme temperatures have taken the lives of at least fifteen people already this week.

In a city built for its long and brutal winter, there aren't many ways to escape such sweltering weather. 

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Luckily, however, there are dozens of unique indoor activities to enjoy across the city.

Here are 25 air-conditioned options:

Fly high on the hidden Saint Denis trapeze room

The trapeze room is a unique Montreal destination for the thrill-seeker. Get off your couch and swing from terrifying heights.

Shamelessly unleash your inner child at Laser Quest

*pewpewpew* *zoom* *swooshhhh*

Buy a new book and support a local business at any one of Montreal's indy bookstores

For when it's finally cool enough to read outside.

Chill at a Montreal spa

You earned it after braving the heat for four days.

Walk the Underground City

The sprawling complex winds through much of the downtown. Most Montrealers don't spend much time down there. But with hundreds of attractions, it's the perfect escape from extreme heat. Check out this map!

Try not to crash at Action 500 Go Karting

Feel the artificial wind in your hair because there's definitely none outside today.

Have some drinks and fun at ArcadeMTL

The bar features a full arcade. Entrance is free between 5 and 7pm every Thursday!

Impress a date or some friends with a cooking class

Culinary skills are sexy.

Shine at Putting Edge

The black light mini golf course is an equally dazzling and challenging afternoon outing. Check out its website.

Try to defy an escape room challenge

Montreal oddly has many escape room challenges. Why do Montrealers feel the need to practice finding their way out of impossibly secure rooms? I don't want to know.

Stand next to your favourite celebs at the wax musuem Musée Grévin

The A/C ensures the wax won't melt. Check it out!

Test your piloting skills at Montreal's flight simulator

Just don't fly high. That's illegal now. Check it out here.

Work your muscles out while rock climbing at Allez Up

Securely fastened at a padded indoor gym is the only kind of rock climbing I will ever do.

Visit the Pixar animation exhibit at the Montreal Science Museum

Or, if you're like me, you won't miss the 3D Oceans imax feature. Check out the museum website.

Get creative at Céramic Café on Saint Denis

Choose your ceramic item and paint it while enjoyng an iced coffee. Pick it up two weeks later when the heat subsides. More info here.

Go bowling or hit the arcade at the Montreal Forum

The complex across from Atwater metro station also includes a movie theatre.

Go indoor ice skating at Atrium Le 1000

The rink is located behind the lobby of 1000 Rue de la Gauchetière. You can't get much colder than this.

Enjoy a ballet performance at Place-des-Art

The climate-controlled complex is the hub of Montreal high culture.

Spend a day at one of the city's world-renowned art museums.

The Musée des beaux arts and the Musée d'art contemporain are the two largest but there are also dozens of galleries across the city, including the free and huge DHC gallery in the Old Port.

Gawk at the adorable sea otters at the Biodome

Also the penguins and macaws and monkeys. MONKEYS.

Curl over in laughter at the Comedy Nest

Laugh the heat away.

Play archery tag at Combat D'Archers

It's perfectly safe...I think.

Skydive indoors at SkyVenture Montreal

When the heat just makes you want to collapse, why not fall here instead?

Star gaze at the Planetarium

Escape the heat? How about escape the entire planet?

Drink at one of the dozens of Montreal microbreweries

A nice cold beer sounds incredible right now.

Or drink at a Montreal wine bar

When all other solutions to escape the heat fail, there's always wine.

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Thomas MacDonald is a Senior Editor for MTL Blog focused on Montreal public transit and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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