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26 Trips Everyone Should Take In Canada In 2017

Conquer this country!

If you haven't realized, Canada is absolutely fabulous! You actually don't have to leave the country to go on a great vacation since there is so much to explore right here in your backyard. Each province and territory has at least two superb locations that you must visit this 2017!

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So, I suggest starting 2017 off the right way by booking one of these trips below ASAP! They are relatively cheap and a perfect way to make 2017 one for the books. Instead of complaining about how shitty 2016 was, start planning an amazing 2017. It's time to get up, get out, and explore your own country!

1. Start 2017 At Pebble Creek For Keyhole Hot Springs, BC

A photo posted by Robin (@rdestun) on

These hot springs are absolutely perfect for a nice little getaway while remaining in Canada! They’re open from June-November and are located in Squamish, British Colombia. Entrance is free and I can [romise you that you will have a superb time soaking up all the minerals!

2. Start 2017 At The Tonquin Trail, BC

A photo posted by Jenna Russell (@jennatakesphotos) on

If you love backpacking and you want to experience a wild adventure, then the Tonquin Trail in BC is the place for you. All you have to worry about is getting there! Their trails are over 3KM of pure beauty and they even have amazing beaches. So pack your bags and make 2017 remarkable!

3. Start 2017 At The Johnston Canyon And Morraine Lake In Banff National Park AB

A photo posted by Paul Kestel (@catchlightimaging) on

Moraine Lake is a glacial lake in Banff National Park. It is situated in the Valley of the Ten Peaks where you can see its unique blue waters from a mile away. It is truly gorgeous and they water only fills up in late June so now is the time to go!

4. Start 2017 At Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park, AB

A photo posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Sam Moreno (@360footprints) on

Why not check out the Writing-on-Stone park with your crazy intelligent friends this 2017! The park offers amazing views and a great learning experience. The park also isn’t only about learning, they have hiking, kayaking, rock art tours, and much more!

5. Start 2017 At The Bonnechere Caves, ON

A photo posted by Canada (@imagesofcanada) on

The Bonnechere Caves are only 3 hours away from Montreal and they are truly worth the trip. These caves are known as some of the best examples of limestone cave formation. Not only can you explore these caves and the wonders that they hold, but you can also eat dinner in them and camp nearby!

6. Start 2017 At The Peninsula In Bruce Peninsula National Park, ON

A photo posted by Katie (@katienyyssonen) on

Bruce Peninsula National Park holds what seems to be something from the Caribbeans. The park has a peninsula that is absolutely breathtaking! It is only an 8-hour drive from Montreal and trust me, it’s worth every minute. They have kayaking, swimming, biking, and much more to make your cheap trip magical.

7. Start 2017 At The Chutes De La Chaudiere, QC

A photo posted by Audrey-Anne Gamache (@audreyannegamache) on

For a two-hour road trip from Montreal, bring your friends to explore the Chutes De La Chaudiere for a wild time! These waterfalls honestly look like they aren’t even located in Canada but trust me they are! This is a great place to sit back and enjoy the scenery as you enjoy each others company.

8. Start 2017 At Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie, QC

A photo posted by ? Maéla (@maelallt) on

For those nature loving hikers out there, this is the place for you! It’s hard to believe that this park is located in Quebec and features some of the deepest gorges East of the Rockies. They have gorgeous views and this is great for that athletic of yours. This is a great place to have a picnic, laugh, and enjoy 2017!

9. Start 2017 At Fogo Island, NL

A photo posted by NL Classifieds (@nlclassifieds) on

The Newfoundland and Labrador-island holds a small island called Fogo. They are known for offering a bunch of lighthouses, museums, mini-houses, great views, and much more! It is actually the is the largest of the offshore island!

10. Start 2017 At Gros Morne National Park, NL

A photo posted by Rachel H (@raxcho) on

If you love hiking and nature, then this is the trip for you! You can come during the spring, fall, and summer to enjoy the nature and scenery!

11. Start 2017 At Churchill, MB

A photo posted by on

Why don't you check out some polar bears this winter! Churchill is full of amazing opportunities to experiences some polar bear fun first hand!

12. Start 2017 At Wapusk National Park, MB

A photo posted by Katrina Martlew Photography ?? (@katrinamartlew) on

Head on down to this superb national park for the northern lights and polar bear sightings! You can take this trip ASAP during January and March.

13. Start 2017 At Grasslands National Park, SK

A photo posted by ? :) (@03030.08080) on

Head on down this summer 2017 to the Grasslands! You can fall asleep in a tipi while enjoying a sunset! Just watch out for the coyotes!

14. Start 2017 At Castle Butte, SK

A photo posted by Danni (@dannidawn) on

Go hiking through the badlands in summer 2017 and enjoy the gorgeous rock formations! It's best to plan this trip during June and october.

15. Start 2017 At Bay of Fundy, NB

A photo posted by Follow Me Visit (@followmevisit) on

For a fabulous road trip with your broke friends in 2017, why not check out the Bay of Fundy! The Bay of Fundy is actually considered to be one of the seven natural wonders of North America. But, it isn’t only for beautiful pictures, it’s also great for sea kayaking, hiking, whale watching, three-day canoe trips, and walking on the ocean floor.

16. Start 2017 At Campobello Island, NB

A photo posted by Jennifer ♒ (@jennileigh_218) on

From May to November, I suggest heading down to Campobello for whale watching, lighthouses, and more! It'd absolutely gorgeous and a great way t0 start 2017!

17. Start 2017 At Cape Breton Island, NS

A photo posted by Sam (@samcstagram) on

Be sure to check out Breton Island for Hiking Cabot Trail and Highlands National Park! It's a great way to start 2017. It's recommended to check them out during the summer and fall.

18. Start 2017 At Peggy's Cove, NS

A photo posted by Jessica (@jgoodtime) on

Head down to Peggys Cove anytime this 2017 for some beautiful lighthouses and amazing seafood that will blow your mind!

19. Start 2017 At Cavendish Beach, PEI

A photo posted by Gurudatt P S (@gurudattphotography) on

For a nice little road trip to PEI, the first place you should visit should be the Cavendish beach! The water is a distinct blue shade that makes for the best pictures and for the most inspiring moments. It is definitely a place that should be on your bucket list this summer!

20. Start 2017 At Stanhope, PEI

A photo posted by jeanne (@jeanne.caron) on

For some more lighthouses and cute beaches, I suggest checking out Stanhope in PEI! It's absolutely fabulous all year round!

21. Start 2017 At Kluane Lake, Yukon

A photo posted by Henny (@misshem) on

For some gorgeous lake scenery all year round, I suggest looking into visiting Kluane Lake! They waters are the clearest blue and it's great for a nice natural dip!

22. Start 2017 At Yukon Suspension Bridge

A photo posted by Charmaine (@charmainewanders) on

For some amazing views of the Tutshi River, while being suspended over 50 feet in the air, I recommend booking a trip this 2017 to the Yukon Suspension Bridge

23. Start 2017 At Nahanni National Park ,Northwest Territories

A photo posted by Yichen Gong (@seraph_gyc) on

This national park happens to be the most diverse in all of Canada! It's fabulous to visit all year round! So get booking!!!

24. Start 2017 At Great Slave Lake Northwest Territories

A photo posted by Tomohiro Yamakawa (@yamatomo121) on

If you have always wanted to see the northern lights then this is the place for you! You can enjoy gorgeous views of the northern lights over the water during the summer and fall!

25. Start 2017 At Baffin Island, Nunavut

A photo posted by ?VEGAN? (@linda.veganheart) on

For some unreal hiking, glaciers, and polar bear sightings, I recommend heading to Nunavut for a fabulous 2017! It is truly amazing and you will have a blast.

26. Start 2017 At Mount Thor, Nunavut

A photo posted by jcmvalley (@jcmvalley) on

For some amazing hiking and a view of Thor's mountain that will make you feel like you are a superhero, I recommend heading down here in Nunavut!

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