27 Montreal Things To Do With Your Significant Other This Weekend

Restaurants, festivals, parties and more!
27 Montreal Things To Do With Your Significant Other This Weekend

There's truly never a dull moment when you live in the city of Montreal. There's constantly a street sale, a festival, an outdoor concert or a block party going on somewhere in the city that you can discover. 

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You don't even need to know about most of these, you just have to walk around the city and you're bound to run into at least a few of these super fun events going on. 

But if you want to plan some fun things to do with your significant other, friends, or just by yourself take a look at this list for inspiration! 

Things To Do On Friday

Things To Do On Saturday 

Things To Do On Sunday

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Things To Do On Friday: 

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1. If bae loves everything to do with pizza, take them to one of the amazing pizza shops participating in Pizza Fest until Sunday, September 17th for an amazing pizza experience!

2. Then take them to World Press Photo after dinner to see some of the world's top photographs!

3. Continue with the art theme of the evening and check out MAC's Nocturne event where they serve drinks, food and play live music inside the museum! 

4. If you love everything to do with Halloween and horror movies, this crazy event where you get chased, dragged and scared stupid near Montreal!

5. Does your bae love everything to do with mini cacti and succulents? Treat them to a cute new cactus without breaking the bank at this cactus and succulent sale!

6. What's even better than on sale? Free things, obviously! Montreal's Dirty Dogs is giving out FREE poutine at their all-new location this Friday only.

7. Looking for a new dessert to try? Take bae for some deep fried Oreos that will literally blow your mind!

8. Maybe you're not a fan of the deep fried thing but still want something sweet, try a "Candy Land" milkshake from this amazing Burger Bar in Montreal!

9. Try something new tonight and check out Montreal's all-new "Indoor Greenhouse" cafe and bar for coffee during the day or drinks at night!

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1. Fulfill your bae's dreams of adopting a fluffy kitten and take them to the "Kitten Adoption" festival happening this Saturday!

2. Spend the day eating gourmet food and wandering the streets of Le Plateau at the Gourmet Street Food festival this weekend!

3. If you love all things to do with coffee AND chocolate you must check out the all-new chocolate factory cafe!

4. This is the second weekend of the Chinese Lantern Festival and it looks stunning! You definitely don't want to miss out.

5. Love exploring the best Montreal spots for free? Well you can now go to the Museum of Fine Arts for FREE if you're under 30!

6. If you're trying to keep that summer body in check, you must visit the all-new health bar that just opened up. Healthy foods never looked so good!

7. Looking for a new dinner spot to check out? You and bae have to try the new Pan-Asian restaurant that opened up! The decor is super simple and cool and the food looks sooo delicious!

8. If you didn't snag enough plants at the plant sale yesterday, there's another tropical plant sale this Saturday!

9. The weather is calling for gorgeous sunny days this weekend so it's the perfect night to attend the last party at Village Au Pied Du Courant before they close for the season!

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1. Feeling all the fall feels this weekend? Take an hour road trip to the amazing apple pie festival to eat all the pie your heart desires!

2. Is your bae a full on chocoholic? Then you should take them to try one of these amazing chocolate desserts in Montreal.

3. If you love everything to do with ramen and Asian noodles, check out this new Asian noodle bar to get your fix!

4. Make this a day of adventures and try out the train bikes near Montreal!

5. Once you get back from riding train bikes through the forest you're gonna be famished. Try the all-new Korean Fried Chicken restaurant!

6. Enjoy some of the freshest apples by picking them yourself at this beautiful orchard just 40 mins from Montreal!

7. Once you get back from the orchard you deserve to treat yourself! If bae is a matcha addict you've got to try one of these amazing matcha desserts in Montreal.

8. If you're in for a scare, you should definitely take bae to see the new hit movie "IT" and here's why.

9. Spend a chill day studying or catching up on work at this super cozy tea latte bar in Montreal!

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