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27 Romantic Montreal Dates You Can Take The Person You "For Real" Love

Make sure you choose wisely.
27 Romantic Montreal Dates You Can Take The Person You "For Real" Love

We all know that love is in the air of Montreal, and come on let's be real... Montreal is actually VERY romantic. So, if you want to impress that special someone, then you should for sure check out some of these ideas I have in store for you!

Not only does Montreal have great restaurants, they also have fabulous activities so you should really get started on planning this superb date for that special someone this summer. It's time to get fancy and classy in Montreal for a date your date wont forget!

1. Take Your Date Airplane Watching

A photo posted by Julie F-L (@juliefl) on

Air plane watching in Montreal is actually very romantic on a cool summer night. I suggest heading to The Pitfield Circle with some chairs, candles, and chocolates for a sweet date that will fly high in the eyes of that special someone!

2. Take Your Date For Cheesecake

A photo posted by Rockaberry West Island (@rockaberrywestisland) on

If your date has a sweet tooth, I suggest taking them out for cheesecake at Rockaberry! It's casual and has a cosy atmosphere. You and your date will both enjoy their delightful cheese cakes. I strongly suggest their Apple Crumble cheesecake since it melts in your mouth.

3. Take Your Date To Go See Lilac And Cherry Blossom Trees

A photo posted by Tenzin Bhuti (@tenbhuti_) on

There is no better way to be romantic than to show your date the Montreal Botanical Gardens. They have gorgeous Lilac and Cherry Blossom trees that will blow your date's mind away! It's a perfect location to sit under the trees and enjoy a romantic and fruity picnic.

4. Take Your Date Crepes Tasting

A photo posted by Raisa (@raisaa.28) on

You will have your date saying Je t'aime in no time if you bring them to Cacao 70 for some amazing crepes! They are filled with chocolate and fresh fruit that no one would turn down. I promise that your date will be saying ou la la by the end of the night!

5. Take Your Date To A Lobster Restaurant

A photo posted by msesnkaerbtcan ??? (@msesnkaerbtcan) on

Play all the cards by bringing your date to lobster restaurant! I suggest Rib N Reef for some delicious Montreal lobsters. Splurge a little on your date and get some juicy lobsters and then some juicy kisses!

6. Take Your Date To A Dumpling Restaurant

A photo posted by KATIE GILLIGHAN ♢ HFX NS CA (@ktgillighan) on

Show that special date some love by bringing them to a hot dumpling restaurant in Montreal! I recommend Le Cristal Chinois since it is classy and homey. It will show your date how much you care for them. You will sweep them off their feet!

7. Take Your Date On An Art Adventure

A photo posted by Cat Gao (@kittycatgao) on

Bring your date on a cute, but romantic, art adventure in Montreal! I suggest checking out the Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts or two of my favourites Paint The Nite and Le Ceramic Café! These two activities are things that you can enjoy together.

At Paint The Nite, you and your date drink up while sharing some good laughs and most importantly some gorgeous paintings (be sure to order tickets before hand)! At Le Ceramic Café, you and your date will enjoy yummy food while painting ceramic moulds and cups!

You will both have a blast and will be able to share something together! You can admire their beauty and the beauty of art!

8. Take Your Date For A Healthy Dinner

A photo posted by filleausourcilblanc (@filleausourcilblanc) on

If you know that your date is into health and Indian food, then check out one of Montreal's restaurants! I suggest Rumi since it's cosy, comfy, and delicious!

9. Take Your Date For Gelato

A photo posted by Sophie Montminy (@sofym) on

Enjoy some of Montreal's delicious gelato! Chez Vincenzo is a great location for a romantic Montreal gelato date.

10. Take Your Date Out For Sangria

A photo posted by m i c h e l l e ≫ (@mimcollette) on

Enjoy some sweet sangria at one of Montreal's fancy restaurants! I suggest Terrasse Bonsecours, it's fancy, sweet, and you and your date will have a great tipsy night.

11. Take Your Date Out For A Fancy Brunch

A photo posted by Michelle Prorok (@michprorok) on

For a fancy, classy, and tasty date I strongly suggest Le Passé Composé. It's a superb brunch place and your date will fall in love with it and with you!

12. Take Your Date Out For A Lovely Cup Of Coffee

A photo posted by @belo_svetski_putnik on

Why not show your date a romantic time over a nice cup of coffee! The Tommy Café is a perfect place for a romantic coffee. It's sweet, fun, and it will bring you and your date closer together. You will have a sweet cosy time to get to know that special someone a little better.

13.Take Your Date For Sushi

A photo posted by Sushi (@idream0fsushi) on

Be a romantic and take your date out to Saint Sushi Bar for a romantic dinner. Their food is presented in a classy way and you will for sure impress that special someone.

14. Take Your Date On An Asian Adventure

A video posted by Martin (@martouille_) on

Bring your date on a trip to Asia by taking them out to Jatoba or Toyo in Montreal! These two restaurants are delicious and your date will be amazed by your taste!

Jatoba has fabulous food while Toyo makes the food right in front of your eyes! It's fun and romantic.

15. Take Your Date Wine Tasting

A photo posted by Lets Taste Wine! (@tasteofsomm) on

Now, if you really want to impress your date with some romance, I suggest taking them wine tasting! Take a little field trip to Vignoble Bouche Art located in Bouchard Island and impress your date with your wine knowledge!

16. Take Your Date To A Terasse

A photo posted by | Victoria ~ ? ~ SSK | (@_vrouthier) on

There is no better way to be romantic than to take your special someone to a romantic Montreal terasse! My personal favourite that always works is Terasse Nelligan. It has a gorgeous view of the Basilica and trust me, it is as romantic as it gets!

Personally, I adore their fish tacos and delightful sangria! So head down to Old Montreal and make that date romantic!

17. Take Your Date To A Rooftop Garden

A photo posted by Charles-Édouard Dorion (@charlesedouarddorion) on

Pamper that special someone and bring them to the Bonaventure Hotel for a gorgeous meal on their rooftop garden! It is absolutely to die for and it's SO romantic. Honestly, it's my favourite idea!

18. Take Your Date To Watch The Sun Set

A photo posted by S A B R I N A (@thelionfish) on

If you are looking for the perfect romantic and intimate date, then I suggest taking that special someone to watch the sunset on Mount Royal. The view is breath taking and why not make it extra special with some snacks and candles to romanticise the mood!

Mount Royal is a crowd favourite and I can assure you that your date won't be disappointed!

19. Take Your Date To Paris

A photo posted by Jaime Damak (@jesuisunemaman) on

Well, I don't expect you to actually take your date to Paris, but dinner at Europea may feel like you are spending money on a trip there! It may be expensive but it is very sophisticated and romantic. So if you want to buy your dates heart with authentic food, then Europea is the place to be!

20. Take Your Date Out For Champagne

A photo posted by Sabrina (@iamsabrinasa) on

We all know how fancy and romantic wine is, but let's not forget about champagne! La Champagnerie is a perfect place to taste test some fancy wine with that special someone. It's romantic and a real show stopper!

21. Take Your Date Out For Brunch On A Boat

A photo posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Bonnie Alegre ? (@hadalegre) on

Montreal has magical views especially from the waters that surround it, so why not take that special someone on a romantic boat ride! Personally, I find Le Bateau Mouche to be a very romantic place for a great brunch. You will impress your date and have a wonderful time for yourself.

22. Take Your Date To A Cooking Class

A photo posted by Virginie ? (@virginie2v) on

Have a fun and sweet time with that special someone by taking them to a wonderful cooking class in Montreal. You will taste each other's creations and ultimately have a great time! I suggest tying Chef En Vous for a fun and tasty time.

23. Make Your Date A Candlelit Picnic And Go Stargazing

A photo posted by Let's Elope Perth! (@picnics_by_design) on

Montreal has multiple parks that are all perfect destinations for a candlelit dinner and to then lie down and go stargazing. I suggest setting your date up at Jarry Park. It's a magnificent park to set up a blanket and candles for that romantic dinner under the stars.

24. To Your Date To A Drive-In Movie

A photo posted by Wesley Steinke (@landcruiser_wes) on

Head down to Montreal's only drive-in movie theatre located in Saint-Eustache for some old school romance. It's a great way to enjoy your date's company and to have some good old laughs! It's romantic especially if you set up your truck as a temporary bed.

25. Take Your Date Chocolate Tasting

A photo posted by Divine Chocolatier Inc. (@divinechocolatier) on

Mmm mmm good! I would love to go on a romantic date that involves tasting chocolate and even making some! I mean chocolate is anybodies best friend and it is super romantic to have each other taste test chocolates by feeding them to one another.

I suggest hitting up Divine Chocolatier Inc. where you can make, learn, and eat chocolate! It's tasty for all and a great romantic destination for that special someone in Montreal. It's located right near the Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts so combine this idea with number 7!

26. Take Your Date Horseback Riding

A photo posted by Abigail Elaine (@mysistersdaughter) on

Why not take your date on a magically horseback riding trip to the Saint Lazare Ranch. It is about 40 minutes from Montreal and it's a great place for a romantic start!

It's fun for everyone and you can even request to set of that classy candlelit picnic at the end of your ride, like I mentioned in number 23!

27. Take Your Date To The Spa

A photo posted by @sabrinamedinski on

When all else fails, go the typical way and take that special someone out on a spa date at one of Montreal's luxurious spas! I suggest doing this typical idea but at a less typical place.

Instead, be more secluded and head down to Spa Le Finlandais! It is romantic and very modern. It is most romantic during a sunset and also at night with all the lights that turn on. So impress that special someone with relaxation and sophistication!

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